888 Dragons Slots

888 Dragons Slots

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3D, Asian, Las Vegas Style Casino Slot Games, Penny Slots, video slot
5 Reels
20 Payline Progressive Slots Jackpot Machines
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888 Dragons Slots or Triple Eight for that matter is a video slot that is so much loved especially in the eastern lands. This is especially true in China where it is believed that the number 8 repeated three times makes it possible for a player to get the first prize. This has made it possible for many people to believe that when their phone numbers, addresses, and any ticket number leads to the bearers considered lucky.

How To Win At 888 Dragons Slots Online

Whether this is true or not, it is all a matter of pure belief. With the 888 Dragons Slots, you have to be in the real game for you to start counting any win. Besides, you’ll only consider yourself lucky after you’ve hit the jackpot or won a bonus.

That is why, in China, you will find numerous dragons embedded in their mythology, which depicts several aquatic creatures such as turtles, and various types of fish. However, they usually focus on the snakes’ family particularly the ones with four legs.

What The Dragon 888 Slots Symbolize

The Chinese Dragon or the dragon symbol is a perfect emblem of strength, power, and most importantly luck that is considered to resonate with online gambling. Perhaps, that is why even former emperors used the Dragon as a sign of imperial power and might.

It is this blueprint that the 888 Dragons Slots was designed. It combined the ancient Chinese mythology, with the lucky number of 888 to create a beautiful 3-reel video slot. The result of this straightforward and elaborate video slot is a swift win to all players.

Notable Features

If you want to win and reap the best from your little or much money that you’ve put on the 888 Dragons Slots, it is high time you knew the secret. The slot has a lucky pay line that every player must be keen to find.

Interestingly, it is not hard for anyone vigilant enough to notice the luckiest pay line, which becomes invisible virtually on all three reels.

But not all gamers should expect much wins. This is so because of the number of players seeking to play 888 Dragon Slots each day.

Currently, the player turnout for the video slot is over 96.84 percent. This will ultimately make it impossible to have many people achieving big wins. However, if you consider yourself lucky, do not be worried: you might land big wins.

The 888 Dragon Slot Machine Has Big Wins

All can play 888 Dragon Slots because with only $0.01 you are capable of placing you bet and you’ll be on your way to garnering big wins. The highest you can use is rough $5.83.

So, it is up to you, but the first step should be to choose the number of coins you would like to place on each line. You will need to start with one all the way to 10 with a small value difference between the coins you choose.

Unfortunately, you do not expect any free spins when playing 888 Dragon Slots. Besides, there are no any bonuses either. Top

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