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Welcome to the Big Break Slots Reviews.Have you ever put on your computer or mobile device and tried to play games online but encountered one major challenge? That has happened to many, and perhaps it will happen to you soon. The scenario is that you are set to play an online game like Big Break Slots but upon powering your gadget, you are perplexed to learn that there are some different characters.

 Big Break Slot Review

The Big Break slot from Microgaming is perfect for anyone crave adventure and excitement while also offering the opportunity to win large sums of money.This game features beaches, fruit, monkeys, and surfing– everything you could possibly want!

This vacation-inspired game has 5 reels and 15 paylines, plus amazing graphics that may bet you in a festive mood. For those that want an never-ending supply of entertainment, look no further than this online slot game.

With wilds, free spins, and bonus rounds on offer, you’ll be coming back for more again and again.

Create Your Lucky Break With Big Break Slots

If you’re looking for an entertaining and thrilling slot with a huge potential to win big credits, then Microgaming’s Big Break is the perfect choice! With its immersive gameplay and generous bonus features, it provides plenty of ways to rack up those wins. So what are you waiting for? Get spinning today on this high-octane title from one of the industry leaders in online gaming.

Take a virtual holiday with this exciting game! From the pristine beaches to scrumptious fruits, mischievous monkeys and enthralling surfing, you can experience it all on its 5 reels and 15 paylines. Its captivating design and graphics will transport you into an unforgettable festive mood.

For any diehard slot game enthusiast, this online experience offers a wealth of free spins, wilds and bonus rounds that will keep you entertained for hours.


 Big Break Slot Machine Graphics & Theme

Although the graphics quality of Big Break slot is not amazing, it does have a appealingly cartoonish aesthetic.This game’s symbols are all based on one of three themes: “fruits”, “monkeys”, or “surfing”.

The visuals in Big Break are attractive and the gameplay is quick, both of which surpass our standards.

Now we will discuss the big break features, wild symbols, all the monkey symbols, the two wild symbols, and much more. Luckily, if you get a winning combination of three of more scatters symbols, you bring home some cash.

Big Break Slots Features: Payouts And Symbols

  1. The main features of this video slot machine are as follows:
  2. The Big Break slot game features fifteen pay lines and five reels played on a 5Ă—3 grid.
  3. This slot machine has a low variance and an RTP rate of 95.29%.
  4. The game has 2 different wilds, as well as a scatter symbol.
  5. The free spins bonus round offers the chance to win 50x your total bet.
  6. Big Break slot features multiplier payments.

Big Break slot online includes ten symbols, five of which are animals. These symbols are exceedingly valuable, rewarding players between three and one thousand coins.

In addition, getting two of these symbols will land you a payout.The other symbols have lower payouts, and you must create a combination of three symbols to receive payment.

All of these values are multiplied by your stake. So, if you spin with a three coin bet and land five White Ape symbols, winning 1,000 coins, the final payout will be 3,000 coins (1 x 1,000 = 3). All of the symbol payouts have fixed values, so they will never change no matter how much you bet.

This means that if you play with the minimum amount, you will see the same numbers on the paytable as someone who bets more money.

The Bonus Feature

One of the bonus features is a multiplier that allows you to win bigger amounts. To have the best chance of winning, you should play with the maximum bet.

There are two wild symbols that can act as substitutes for other symbols.The first reel is displayed with the game’s logo, and it only substitutes animal symbols that are listed above.The other one, shown with a “Lucky Break” sign, also does this but additionally has one more feature.

The second wild symbol appears only on the fifth reel but, if used in a winning combination, it will double the payout.

Big Break Video Slot Bonus Game

The primary bonus feature in the game is known as “Surf’s Up”. The perk can be accessed by landing all 5 animal symbols on their corresponding reels at the same time.

You will get to play a “pick-me” mini-game when this happens.Choose any animal you want – each of these “surfers” will give you a different prize, based on the amount bet when they were triggered.

The specific multiplier number you get is completely random and can fall anywhere within these ranges.Your options are to pick the White Ape for a chance at the highest multiplier or go with Purple Ape for a guaranteed minimum of 6x multiplier.

The Yellow Ape offers the perfect balance of minimum and maximum limits.

If you want to play the bonus round of Big Break slot, you need to land a minimum of three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels which will give you 15 free spins.Although the “Surf’s Up” feature cannot be re-triggered during this round, you can still spin again while the bonus is in play.

Score winning combinations when you get the big break symbol placing the minimum bet. After that, you will trigger the lucky break free spins bonus game. Keep your eyes open for the lucky break symbol and get even more bonus rounds.

Free Spins Bonus Game

The main draw of the game is a unique feature entitled “Surf’s Up”. To activate this bonus, you must land all 5 animal symbols simultaneously across each reel. When activated, you’ll get to enjoy an exciting “pick-me” mini-game!Your chosen creature can be any species you desire — each of these “surfers” could give you a multiplier reward contingent on the initiating bet total!

With these options, you can select any multiplier number between the ranges provided—the chances are completely random. Do you feel lucky? If so, take a chance on the White Ape for an opportunity to win big with its highest possible multiplier! Or if reliability is more your style, pick Purple Ape and rest assured that it will guarantee at least 6x multipliers. The decision is yours!

As a straightforward approach, we suggest selecting the Yellow Ape – it appears to have the most desirable minimum and maximum limits.

With Big Break slot, the bonus round gives you 15 free spins when a minimum of three scatter symbols appear on the reels. Even while this bonus is in play, it’s possible to trigger more and more spins! However, during this time frame users are not able to activate the “Surf’s Up” feature that was previously mentioned.



How Do I Play Big Break Slots Online

That is exactly what will happen when you decide to play Big Breaks Slots, which is among Microgaming a casino that is enjoyed by many people throughout the world. Nobody can say with certainty what Microgaming was thinking about when it sort to unleash this 5-reel game with 15 pay lines. But looking at the vibrant graphics, quality features, and soothing sound effects, one would say that Microgaming had the client’s interest at heart.

This free online video slot is available for all eligible players. They are available in the sense that they can at least be in possession of a good gadget, maybe a desktop or any hand-held device that can connect them to the internet. Remember that this slot centers around the fun-filled life of a monkey. But there is something much more than that. There are fruits, which apparently form a large part of the life of an ordinary monkey.

How About A Coconut?

Most fruits that no one could ever think of are what a monkey will be looking for. Number one of the fruits that you expect to appear on the reels is the Coconut. When this fruit looks, you’re confident of receiving 5, 10, and 50x the amount you used on your bet. But so that to take place, as usual, you must match three, four or five of these fruits on any given reel.

The other fruit you’d expect to see on your screen’s reels is the Kiwi Fruit. In fact, the Kiwi fruit’s juice is very sweet. No wonder, it pays relatively high compared to the first fruit, the coconut fruit. As for this fruit, you would probably expect to garner 6, 30, and 100 x the amount you used on a single bet.

Other fruits that a gamer is supposed to focus on are the Mango. Remember that although the mango juice is thick and sweet, it pays as lesser amount when compared with both the Kiwi Fruit and the Coconut. If you happen to match three, four or even five of the Mango fruits, you are entitled to receive 5x, 15x, and 75x the amount you would have used on this bet.

Score A Papaya or Pawpaw Fruit

The Papaya or Pawpaw Fruit is next in line. This fruit that is known to be rich in Vitamins C will give a gamer 8, 40, and 120 times respectively. Bananas, one of the Monkey’s favorite fruit gives you 10x, 50x, and 150x your bet. Of course, there are some other quality fruits that pay as much as 5x, 50x, 250x, and 1000x for every bet you place. Your aim should be to target the highest paying fruits.

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