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golden gorilla slot

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Rival Gaming slots recently introduced a new adventure-based casino game called Golden Gorillas Slots, which allows players to win prizes if they can ace the game.

It features the jungle adventures of Tarzan, King Kong, and Jurassic Park. Some people may not be fully conversant with all the three adventure tales, and it is important to provide a context that people will relate with when the plot of Golden Gorillas is explained later. The context will be provided by a relevant plot snippet of each adventure tale.

In Tarzan, a feral child is raised by protective and affectionate great apes in the jungle.

Honest Review Of Golden Gorilla Slots

In Jurassic Park, the fictional islet of Isla Nublar is populated by cloned dinosaurs created by InGen Bioengineering company, whose security system fails allowing the dinosaurs to escape from their confinement in the Wildlife Park before going rogue and attacking people in the islet.

Finally, in King Kong, a giant ape is captured and transferred from its native home in Skull Island and brought to New York City where the ape can escape from its captors, and after that exhibits its wild instincts which drive it to wreak havoc on the city.

golden gorilla slot

Golden Gorillas is for those who fancy a casino game that rolls all the three jungle above adventure tales into one captivating and charged plot.

In the game, the player sets off to search for a legendary golden gorilla reputed to bestow extraordinary wealth to those who find it. This golden gorilla is modeled after the good protective gorilla that protects whatever is given upon it as featured in Tarzan.

However, the player can only find the golden gorilla by venturing through a thick and extremely dangerous jungle while evading, battling, and even taming predatory dinosaurs and wild gorillas.

The features and scenery of the jungle are clearly a fusion of the Wildlife Park of Jurassic Park and the African jungles of Tarzan. Jurassic Park provides the blueprint for the ferocious dinosaurs, while the wild gorillas resemble the great ape featured in King Kong.

The epic adventure game costs small, 0.01 coins per spin allows a player to begin hunting for the golden gorilla.

Likewise, the chances of acing the game are increased exponentially if the player can open and access more pathways in the maze-like jungle. Therefore, the Golden Gorilla slot is both cheap and easy to play.

Jungle Jaunt

Upon entry into the jungle, the player is presented with a nice 5 X 3 reel grid, which offers a maximum of 50 pathways that the player can use to transverse the thick vegetation.

Enjoy Playing Golden Gorilla Slots And Many Other Games

The player can send search parties into any one of the pathways available, but the player must be wary of dinosaurs, apes, snakes, tigers, and even double-crossing search party members who conspire to endanger the life of the girl most valued by the player. Top

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