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Casinos & Gambling In Oregon Guide (2024)

Are you looking to spend some time in Indian casinos in Oregon, and are wondering what options are there near your city? Or do you want to play some online casino games? In both cases we got you covered as in this article we’ll examine all the gambling options in Oregon in detail.

All of the casino resorts in Oregon look alike, and only a few have grown larger than your usual Indian lodge resort – but it’s the smaller ones that provide the experience that you might be looking for.

In any case, on this page you’ll find all the information regarding gambling and casinos in Oregon, which includes:

Casinos & Gambling in Oregon– An Overview

There are nine land-based Indian casinos scattered across the state, with five in or near the Pacific coast. Some casinos attract huge numbers of visitors each year while some that are further inland seem to have financial problems.
Whatever city in Oregon you’re residing in, there will be a casino resort on Indian land nearby.

As far as Oregon online gambling goes, you’re free to sign up with any of the casinos we promote here. They are reputable offshore casinos that accept Oregon players and that are your only option for gambling online, since the state of Oregon doesn’t issue online gambling licences to local operators.

Casinos In Oregon

Casinos in Oregon are usually resorts with lodges, no high-rise buildings or luxury. Here, it’s more of a relaxed atmosphere, often on the waterfront. These casinos make for a unique experience. All of them are owned by Indian tribes, so if you want an Indian gaming experience, Oregon is the place.
We’ll briefly list all nine casinos in Oregon here, rank them by size of casino floor, and then say a few words about each one.

Casinos In Portland Oregon

There are no casinos in Portland, Oregon, but fortunately there are two very large and popular casino resorts nearby. We’ll list them in the Salem and Newport sections. Both are just west of Portland.

Spirit Mountain Casino is a hugely popular tourist attraction that’s located just between Lincoln City and Salem, and it the closest casino to Portland.

Chinook Winds Casino Resort is also very large and it’s located on the waterfront, in Lincoln City, so it offers something special too.

Both of these casinos have rooms so they make for good weekend getaways. If you’re in Portland and want to get away with your family – or away from it – for the weekend, you’ll visit one of these two casinos.

Casinos In Bend Oregon

There is a notable casino that’s just north of the city of Bend and that is practically the only casino with a central Oregon location. It’s a small one but it caters to a large geographical area.

Note that the Kah-Nee-Ta resort that closed in 2012 is due to reopen in 2023, but without the casino, that was relocated in 2012 as the casino we’re mentioning here. But even after the relocation it has financial problems as not too many people visit it.

Indian Head Casino Warm Springs

The Warm Springs Reservation is home to the Indian Head casino, a small casino with not too many real money slots, but it’s definitely got a certain charm. While the other casinos grew large, this one remained small, both in terms of size and visit numbers, so that alone has a certain appeal. The casino is 100 miles east of Portland.

Address: 3236 US 26, Warm Springs, OR 97761
Gambling space: 20,000 sqft
Games: 500 slot machines, blackjack, video poker
Hotel: hotels nearby
Amenities: Cottonwood Restaurant, 18-hole golf course, full-service spa, gym, sauna, pool

Casinos In Newport Oregon

When you think of casinos in Newport, Oregon or casinos in Lincoln City, Oregon, there’s only one name that pops up – the Chinook Winds Casino. The Spirit Mountain Casino is also nearby, though it’s nearer to Salem so we’ll list it under Salem casinos.

Chinook Winds Casino Resort

The Chinook Winds Casino may seem like it’s in a remote location as it’s in Lincoln City and close to Newport, a bit too far away from Salem or Portland, but it is in fact a resort that is visited from players all over Oregon and from other states. This is a large facility with everything you might need for a family getaway. Note that the casino isn’t open 24/7 but only 8 AM to 4 AM.

Address: 1777 NW 44th Street, Lincoln City, OR 97637
Gambling space: 157,000 sqft
Games: 1,100 slot machines, table games, sports betting, bingo, keno
Hotel: 227 rooms (81 suites)
Amenities: 9 bars and restaurants, live entertainment, golf, fitness, play area for kids, arcade

Casinos In Salem Oregon

While there are no casinos in Salem as such, there is one very notable casino that’s just west of the city and that has been around since 1995 so everyone knows it.

Spirit Mountain Casino

This is a large facility with lots of rooms, and lots of slots. While the Spirit Mountain Casino isn’t the largest by gaming space, it managed to squeeze in 2,000 slots as well as many table games. It is among the busiest tourist attractions in Oregon, as it draws over three million visitors per year.

Address: 27100 SW Salmon River Hwy, Grand Ronde, OR 97347
Gambling space: 90,000 sqft
Games: 2,000 slot machines, table games
Hotel: 254 rooms (14 suites)
Amenities: 5 bars and restaurants, live entertainment

Casinos In Coos Bay Oregon

There are two casinos located in Coos Bay, and they’re roughly a mile apart from each other, separated by John Toptis Park.

The Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park

Located in Coos Bay, The Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park is a fun little waterfront getaway where you can gamble on 700 slot machines. If you’re in Coos Bay you have probably already visited, and if you’re anywhere in the area, you probably want to pay a visit sooner or later.

Address: 3291 Tremont Ave, North Bend, OR 97459
Gambling space: 40,000 sqft
Games: 700 slot machines, table games, sports betting
Hotel: 200 waterfront rooms
Amenities: Five bars and restaurants, live entertainment, pool, spa, fitness room, heated outdoor patio

Three Rivers Casino Coos Bay

Not to be mistaken with the Three Rivers Casino location in Florence that is 50 miles north, this casino is situated at the heart of Coos Bay. It’s a small casino that still has everything you might need – if your needs aren’t that luxurious. You’ll get to gamble, eat something, and get some daily promotions. This is a small and friendly tribal casino, you’ll probably enjoy the atmosphere. As long as you don’t demand luxury, you’ll be fine. The bar has seven giant TV screens with all sports. The casino was opened in May 2015.

Note that the Florence location is a much larger casino, with 90,000 sqft of gaming space and 700 slots, so you might just want to make that 1-hour drive north.
Address: 1297 Ocean Blvd NW, Coos Bay, OR 97420
Gambling space: 15,000 sqft
Games: 250 slot machines
Hotel: n/a
Amenities: Cafe 1297 – the full service restaurant and sports bar.

Three Rivers Casino Florence

We’re including the Florence casino in the list of Coos Bay casinos because this is the largest casino in the area, and it has a hotel. So it’s a good choice for a weekend getaway. The casino was opened in 2004.

Address: 5647 OR-126, Florence, OR 97439
Gambling space: 90,000 sqft
Games: 700 slot machines
Hotel: 93 rooms
Amenities: Three restaurants and bars, golf course

Real Money Online Casinos & Gambling in Oregon

The state of Oregon doesn’t regulate online gambling, so no one can apply for a license, not even the tribal land-based casinos that might want to have an online presence.

Fortunately, we scanned the available options and are bringing you the best online casinos that are offshore and that have no issues with accepting Oregon players.

Visit these casinos through our links and you’ll get the best bonuses and deals, including no deposit bonuses. The games you’ll get to play will also be better than the land-based options you’ll get in tribal casinos.

Gambling Law in Oregon

Oregon is one of those states that allow land-based casino gambling exclusively on tribal lands. There are nine casinos in Oregon, all run by Indian tribes.

Permitted games include slots, video poker, live poker, electronic table games, blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, Pai Gow, Three Card Poker, Four Card Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. Taxes are only paid on table games.

Slots and video poker fall under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act exemption because of the state’s video lottery.
Poker is available in card clubs, most of which are located in and around Portland.

Off-track horse race betting is legal online. Portland Meadows is the only live track, and there are 10 taverns that offer off-track betting.

Online sports betting is legal through the state lottery. DraftKings is currently the only licensed online sportsbook in Oregon.

Best Bonuses For Oregon Online Casinos

On this page you’ll find the best bonuses for Oregon online casinos. We’re bringing you the best exclusive bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and generally the best deals – as long as you follow our links when signing up.

The legal age for gambling in Oregon is 21 for slots, blackjack, craps, roulette and poker. It’s 18 for bingo, raffles and the state lottery.

Is Gambling Taxed in Oregon?

The only gambling tax to speak of in Oregon is the tax on lottery winnings above $1,500. If you happen to win more than $1,500 on the Oregon State Lottery, 8% will be withheld. This does not apply to other gambling wins.

However, all gambling winnings are fully taxable and must be reported on your tax return. You must file Form 1040 and include all of your winnings from lotteries, raffles, horse races and casinos. Include cash winnings and fair market value of other prizes. You may deduct losses, but no more than the amount of the gambling income.

Oregon income tax rates, as we’re sure you already know, vary from 4.75% to 9.90%. There are also jurisdictions that collect local income taxes.

Oregon Casinos – FAQs

How many casinos are there in Oregon?

There are nine casinos in the state of Oregon, and all are run by Indian tribes.

Which cities in Oregon have casinos?

Oregon casinos aren’t usually in cities, though Lincoln City, Florence and Coos Bay may be considered the lucky cities that do have casino resorts. That being said, Portland doesn’t have its own casinos but two great options are nearby.

What is the largest casino in the state of Oregon?

Chinook Winds Casino Resort in Lincoln City on the Pacific coast is the largest casino in Oregon with 157,000 sqft of gambling space. It caters to Portland, Salem and Newport.

Yes, but only on tribal lands. This is why all the Oregon casinos are ran by Indian tribes.

Can I play at online casinos from Oregon?

Of course. While online gambling isn’t regulated in the state of Oregon so there’s no way for local operators to apply for a license, you can visit one of the offshore casinos that accept Oregon players.

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