Decentral Games Expands Nightlife Gaming Options

Decentral Games Expands Nightlife Gaming Options

Virtual entertainment comes in many different forms these days. Advanced technology and highly sophisticated software applications are leading the way. One entity occupying that virtual space is DAO Decentral Games.

The expansion continues into the metaverse nightlife space through the launch of an Atari-branded casino. The addition marks the third gambling venue for Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

The process involves the purchase of land in virtual worlds. A good example of these virtual worlds is Decentraland.

Once the space is acquired, a digital business can be opened. Through the use of brand assets from Atari, these games are designed to be “nostalgia-inducting.” This was the phase used in a recent press release from Decentral Games.

Virtual games can be played with the use of a wide range of tokens. A few examples given were:


  • DAI
  • ETH
  • MANA

There is a “gaming mining” program that can reward gamblers with the $DG token. This is the governance token from Decentral Games.

The company’s biggest expansion is taking place in the metaverse nightlife space at a very rapid pace. Towards the end of April, it announced the release of a digital replica of the iconic Amnesia Club.

To help celebrate the launch of the Atari Casino, DJ Dillon Francis was brought in. This concert reached 3,700 attendees vitually on a worldwide basis.

Decentraland made note of that event through the following tweet on Twitter:

“Were you one of the 3500 people who turned up for the @DillonFrancis live set? Celebrating the @decentralgames@atari Casino launch? An amazing event for the metaverse! Here’s to many more…”

The metaverse is a termed coined for the interlink between virtual worlds. This enables in-game economies. Lately, this has been a hot sector for speculators and builders. The NFT space has quickly gained traction in recent months.

Tim Sweeny is the founder of the highly popular iGame Fortnite. He has made note of this tech by stating it is “going places.”

The growth of this metaverse was aided by the coronavirus pandemic. As things shutdown in actual settings, virtual space began to open. This let brands develop a following online that remains as strong as ever.

Decentral Games Chief Marketing Officer Lee Lin Liew added the following comments:

“Lots of industries – entertainment, fashion – have been jumping on the bandwagon. Perhaps because they’ve been impacted by Covid. They realize that they can connect with their customers in this new way. It’s a new norm and a new market fit for us.”

The DAO is made up of users of the $DG token. This includes the casino ecosystem it maintains and governs. The gaming platform allows casino players to control its own system. This ensures that rules are followed. Any issues that may arise are resolved through the DAO.

Decentralized World is built around MANA. This is a blockchain token that is used for trading goods and services provided by users. This all takes place in the virtual space known as Decentraland.

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Decentral Games Expands Nightlife Gaming Options
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Decentral Games Expands Nightlife Gaming Options
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See How These Decentral Games Expands Nightlife Gaming Options With The All-New Atari Casino Online That Accepts DAO & MANA Cryptocurrencies.
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