Quebec Casino Lottery Winners Enroll In Virtual Reality Therapy

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In a bid to combat bullying, Jasmine Roy Foundation in collaboration with Loto-Quebec has organized an innovation dubbed Virtual Reality Therapy that will help Quebec Casino Lottery winners of the Quebec Lottery. An ongoing study reveals that every single day, people dream of the intriguing use of virtual reality. What is unfortunate is that the medium usually goes beyond the basic use of virtual therapy.

It has spread into journalism, a form of it that is extremely immersive, healthcare, engineering, storytelling, art and education among other faculties. But to protect Quebec Lottery Winners from such bullish behavior, the two companies have initiated that artistic innovation.

Quebec Casino Lottery Winners Enroll In Virtual Reality Therapy
The virtual reality therapy that will take not more than 8 minutes of immersive experience is an intelligent innovation that has been created to replace the current counseling program that has not been seen by experts to be effective. Coincidentally, the virtual reality therapy is only available to lottery winners of some $25, 000 and above. According to the organizers, more than 1, 500 such Quebec Casino lottery winners have been targeted each year.

The Aftermath Of Winning

While it is a good experience to win big prizes, there are some things that winners cannot evade even if they desired to. For instance, it is not easy to walk away with some $20, 000 alone whereas your friends, who always walk with you to a local gaming facility have lost, while on your part, you are smiling to the bank.

Apart from those pushy friends, there are other significant people in the life of the winners. Such other people include relatives, colleagues in the office or even business friends and associates. Do not also forget that there are other famous people such as casino staff who always show favors and of course the legal team that works out the money.

On this, LeCompte said that there are people who will always come to the limelight, some of whom you could never expect. LeCompte said, “Among the difficult situations Quebec lottery winners and other winners, in general, find themselves in is they are part of some other people’s families. Do not be surprised to learn that when people come to a winner saying, ‘Congratulations!’ after saying those sweet words, it is when they start saying, that they have dreamt of owning a condo in Las Vegas, Florida or elsewhere.” Although winners are not forced to take up the Virtual Reality therapy, LeCompte says that no single Quebec lottery winner is obliged to take it up. It is only available to winners who will be willing.

However, LeCompte says that it is a good program since it is a comprehensive tool that is aimed at ‘sensitizing all winners on the effects of winning a lottery’ thus preparing them from [plunging into unnecessary pain after gain.

LeCompte agrees that by winning a jackpot, many people’s lives are changed for better. However, they go on to say that there are impending challenges that come with winning forcing gamers to make financial and social decisions, which at times fair badly.

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Quebec Casino Lottery Winners Enroll In Virtual Reality Therapy
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Quebec Casino Lottery Winners Enroll In Virtual Reality Therapy
Virtual Reality Therapy Is A Must For Quebec Casino Lottery Winners.Quebec Casino Lottery Winners Enroll In Virtual Reality Therapy.
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