80 Ball Bingo

80 Ball Bingo is a great game for the folks that may find 75 Ball Bingo to be small, however, if you like to play online bingo for real money with the most balls the 90 ball variation may be a good fit for you. We are going to explain how to play 80 ball bingo but have listed below the best sites to play 80 ball bingo that is also USA online casinos where you can play online slots for real money.

Best USA Internet Casino Sites To Play Real Money 80 Ball Bingo

Rank Casino Rating Bonus Review
1 Bingo For Money Casino $3,000 Review
2 Instant Bingo Casino $2017 Review
3 South Beach Bingo $3000 Review
4 Vics Bingo $3000 Review
5 CyberBingo Casino $3000 Review
6 BingoHall Casino $3000 Review
7 BingoCanada Casino $3000 Review
Use our recommended USA online bingo sites to play any variation of real money games like 80 Ball Bingo, 30 Ball Bingo, the 75 ball variation and / or the 90 ball variation. All of the best real money Internet sites and halls that we listed above accept major credit cards and debit cards from people that reside in the United States of America, Canada and all across the globe.

80 Ball Bingo

Learn How To Play 80 Ball Bingo Online For Real Money

The 80-ball bingo card features sixteen squares whereas the 90-ball bingo and the 75-ball bingo cards have different number of squares. Every column has different colors such as silver, red, blue, and yellow. This colors and the patterns depend on what USA online slots casino you are playing the game. The reason there are colors on the cards for this variation is to help out the real money online bingo players spot the numbers faster.

The people that play slots for real money and 80 ball bingo may not know the history behind this variation. 80-ball bingo was originally brought about by traditional bingo halls and rooms before people playing for real money online.

The 80-Ball Bingo Card

Finally, USA slots casino players begin to play the 80 ball variation. Also, they can use an App or go on the Internet. Furthermore, purchase the number of cards you want to play. Hence, ensure you do this prior before the game starts.

Above all, this difference is very similar 75 ball bingo. Because the match starts, you will see five rows that feature sixteen numbers. Most importantly, they add up to 80 numbers in total. Hence, the name of the game. Most noteworthy, the following information depends on which room or hall the customers are playing.

The Red Group has the numbers 1-20, the yellow group has the numbers 21-40, the blue group contains the numbers 41-59, and lastly, the silver group includes the numbers 60-80. This variation is one of the most popular to play but the speed game is betting in our opinion.

There are many variations of the game. Coverall and blackout games are great variants. Head to a Coverall room to experience a Blackout tournament.

During the Coverall tournament, you will see that the house covers some of the cards in black. Hence the name “Blackout.” The game is like the ninety ball variation, which the houses call speed bingo.

Coverall tournaments have guaranteed cash prizes. The winnings are on top of your other money. For example, you play an online slot machine and win $1,000. Your previous balance was $45, which makes you current balance $1,045.

The Coverall tournaments have guaranteed cash prizes up to $3,000. If you win $3,000, your new balance will be $4,045. That is good for one day of fun, isn’t it?


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