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How 80 Ball Bingo Works

There are different types of bingo. 80 ball bingo is one type. It is different from 90-ball and 75-ball, but if you like those, you will probably like 80 ball bingo too. When you first see the 80-ball game, you will notice that it is different from all the other types of bingo games. It is brightly colored and more fun to play, because there are four chances to win!

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Play 80 ball bingo or the most popular bingo styles at bingo rooms that offer online gaming services. In addition to 80 ball bingo, you can enjoy vertical bingo, and shutterboard bingo at live halls.


  • Rival Gaming Software
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  • Large Variety Of Games
  • USA Players Welcome
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Play 80 ball bingo for free or with real money at the online bingo sites we list. Claim a free bonus on the house. Play such services and hopefully score a specific pattern like a cross pattern on a single line. If you like it here, claim your welcome bonus and get your account number. They accept players from Great Britain, UK and all over the world.

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This online bingo site does a lot more than just offer online gaming services. Enjoy all types of games, like chain reactors, specialty games and most other bingo games. Virtual global digital services owns and operates this leading UK bingo halls that has the most popular bingo styles like vertical bingo and 80 ball bingo.Use our Bingo Hall no deposit bonus codes (NOW CLOSED) to play this variation.

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About The 80 Ball Bingo Game

This is a classic bingo game that is well known in bingo clubs. People play this game during interval periods. The 80 ball bingo game is also known as ‘Shutter Bingo’ because when played in a bingo hall, a player covers the number on their ticket with a shutter board.Even though it is popular, 80 Ball Bingo is not as commonly played as other types of fairly similar bingo games, such as  90 ball bingo 30 Ball Bingo, or 75 ball bingo.

From Halls To Internet

Real money slots no download no registration instant playMaking online bingo available in different variations will be beneficial to the site, as players often enjoy having different options to choose from. Playing 80 ball games will make players feel like they are playing the classic bingo hall game. There are several reasons why online players might like to play 80-ball bingo. Some people might like it because it is a fast and exciting game. Other people might be used to playing this version of the game in bingo halls and would love to see it online too!

Learn About The The 80 Ball Bingo Grid

The grid is a square that is divided into 16 squares. There are 4 columns, and each column has a different color: White, Blue, Yellow and Red.Free slots no download no registration instant play

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How This Bingo Games Works

Each ticket you purchase will have an ID number at the bottom. This number is used so that the computer knows when someone has won bingo online. Once you have bought your tickets and the game has started, the caller will say the color before announcing the number at US Bingo halls.

For example, if you’re playing 80 ball bingo in a bingo hall, then you will have to mark your numbers by closing the shutter boards.If you’re playing the online version, the shutter boards will close all of your windows on your 80-ball bingo board automatically. The shutters will only close if you have a winning number that has been announced by the caller.

Some versions of the 80 ball bingo give cash to the first person who completes a line. This is based on the numbers that have been announced.

There are other prizes, like two lines and three lines, but the highest cash amount goes to the person who gets a full house.

A complete house winner is one who gets all four lines on their ticket/board, which equals all sixteen numbers.

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How Does The 80-Ball Bingo Board Or Ticket Look

The player is waiting to win the top line/row across prize. But there are many different ways this game can be played. The most common way to play it is by winning 1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines and then finally the full house. I am calling the game a ticket, because some bingo sites call them tickets, but in bingo halls the game is normally played on boards.

So I will call them tickets/boards, so that online players and offline members don’t get confused.

The First Line Prize

To win the first line prize, all you have to do is be the first player to get any line on your ticket. This can be horizontally, diagonally or across the ticket. If you are the first player to do this, you will win the 1 line cash prize. There are two types of bingo games offered in the hall: the usual game and the four corner game.

The four corner game is where you can win a prize if you get bingo in all four corners of your card. Keep reading to find out more about this exciting game!

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A 80-Ball Bingo Winning Board Or Ticket

A four corner pattern (four middle squares) is when a player wins by completing the four numbers in the first column and last column.If you complete the four squares in each corner, you will win a prize. If you complete the four squares in the middle, you will also win a prize. These patterns are also called 1 line (vertical lines).

80 Ball 2 Line Patterns

There are different winning combinations for the Two Line 80-ball game. This is different from the ‘1 Line’ game. In order to win the big prize, players have to complete ‘Two Lines.’ If you can be the first to get two lines on your ticket or board, you will win the prize. The patterns are all the same, so it’s just a matter of finding the right spot.

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80 Ball Full House Game

In order to win the full house or 4 line pattern prizes, a player must be the first to complete all 16 numbers on their ticket/board.This winning combination is different from the others. To win the cash prize, players will need to cover all squares on the ticket/board. This game normally pays out more money than any of the other patterns in this 80-ball bingo game unlike most other bingo games at UK bingo halls.



80 ball bingo is a good game to play. It is colorful and players have four chances of winning. 80 ball bingo is exciting, fun, and fast. We will make sure that everyone playing has a good time.Some people may not like it, but you won’t know until you try it. We like it and could have played it for hours if we hadn’t had to go.

USA Online Casino FAQ


Is there an 80 bingo?

The 80-ball game is also called ‘Shutter Bingo.’ When you play this game in a bingo hall, you cover your numbers with a little shutter board. But this doesn’t happen in the online version. It’s still fun to know though!

How Much Can I Win Playing 80-Ball Bingo?

The prizes and payouts for bingo can change a lot. There are many things that can affect the size of the prize pot. Some of the main things that can make prizes bigger or smaller are:

Can You Win Twice In One 80-Ball Game?

This can vary depending on the site you are playing 80 ball bingo on. As mentioned before, the format can vary from site to site, so it’s always best to check the rules of that particular provider before you play.

Some sites offer one chance to win with just one pattern. Other sites have a more traditional approach where you have to complete 1 or 2 lines and then a full house format.

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