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A first-time visit to any online gambling website will prove tough in regards to choosing what casino games to play. Online casinos offer quite an extensive range of all available online casino games. Your choice would probably be easier if you have played such games over the years and thus gained a vast gambling experience. Otherwise, deciding on which game to will remain challenging.
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Some factors guide your choice of whatever casino game. These factors are subjective and vary widely from individual to individual. Most of the favorite online casino games online include a brief description that at least sheds some light on what the game is all about. Before delving deeper into the mathematics of the best choice, it would be expedient to discuss some of the top online entertainments most enjoyed visited by gamblers. Find out the answers to frequently asked questions like Which Casino Games Have The Best Odds?

Without a shadow of the doubt, Online Slot machines are the leading choice in online gambling industry. Most probably you have been to some land-based USA real money. The first thing you must have noticed is the huge variety of colorful and noisy slots tempting players with their blinking lights.

Playing slots is pretty way much easy. Whether a novice or experienced gambler, young or old, you can’t go wrong with slots. You simply need to pull a lever and press the button, quite simple rules. And on top of this, the payouts are high you can make a preferred minimum bet per spin. The average cost per spin at many online games is unbelievably just 1 cent. With this little investment, you are capable of fabulous winnings, even jackpots of millions of dollars!

Online Casino Games | Play The Best Online Casino Games

Slots have quite a variety of options to choose from. Try one of the multiple themes and plots on slots. All these are well designed with inviting lights, promises of big winnings, and the regular appearance of symbols that create social tension and makes adrenaline rush through your blood. This will do quite good with lovers of hype but there are table games and specialty games.

Black jack: Cards, Cards, Cards

This is also commonly known as twenty-one. Unlike a physical card game, this online blackjack games version involves a player and dealer, not a player competing against other players. You can play one or more decks of 52 cards, depending on your level of expertise, and the website you are using.

The more the decks, the harder the card counting.Different sites specify what number of decks you should use. Your aim will be to beat the dealer three main ways: First and foremost, get 21 points on the player’s first two cards without a dealer blackjack;The second option is to reach a final score higher than the dealer without exceeding 21; Lastly, you can let the dealer draw additional cards until their hand exceeds 21.

This game has since gained worldwide fame and stands the most widely played casino banking game in the world. However, Blackjack has many rule variations, but the idea remains the same. Other games that have borrowed significantly from online blackjack include Spanish 21 and pontoon. Also, it has become the key theme for many movies and TV programs.

This is the only online casino game in which the player can secure a 0-2% edge over the dealer. This is popularly known as house edge. The unique card counting strategy makes this possible.

Learn The Different Types Of Blackjack

1. 21 Burn Blackjack.
2. American Blackjack Turbo.
3. Atlantic City Blackjack.

4. Blackjack Switch.
5.Buster Blackjack.
6. Deal Or No Deal Blackjack.
7. European Blackjack.

More Types Of Blackjack

8. Lucky Ladies.
9. European Blackjack Turbo.
10. Match Play 21.
11. Mike Tyson Blackjack..
12. Lucky Lucky Blackjack.
14. Perfect Pairs Blackjack.
15. Multi Hand Bonus Blackjack.
16. Pirate 21 Blackjack.
17. 21 +3 Top 3 Blackjack.
18. Pontoon.
19. Side Bet Blackjack.

20. Spanish 21 Blackjack.
21. Suit Em Up Blackjack.
22. Deal Or No Deal Blackjack.
23.Super 7 Blackjack.
24. Vegas Blackjack.

Poker: The Most Difficult Game

Is that just right? They say the more you play these games, the more the desire to delve into more challenging games. A hardworking novice would most definitely not play the same games year after year. For advanced gamblers, Poker is the best fit for you, as tight as it is, though not saying that it is unable to be played.

There exist multiple variations, the most popular nowadays is Texas Hold ‘Em. Millions of dollars are out there to be won. However, your success in poker solely lies on your level of experience and skills.

The rules are easy to grasp but becoming a professional may prove an uphill task. There is evidently no luck when it comes to poker. This is the reason why lots of seasoned players are endeared to it. The simple desire for engaging their brains and skills to make a big win makes this the best choice for them.

Roulette: The Queen Among Online Games

With Roulette, you have the privilege of winning big by making small bets, to the tune of 35:1. A $100 bet per spin may earn you a whopping $3500!Certainly, every game worldwide is familiar with the roulette wheel. This is common in many land-based Casinos throughout the US.

Craps: Best Winning Chances

Maybe the most fascinating and unique part of craps is the simulation of a real-time physical gaming, generally accompanied with shouting, clapping, jeering, and hooraying from the crowds surrounding the table. This sets you in heightened emotions and the most desired adrenaline rushes.

Betting and throwing dice by different players proceed simultaneously, thus creating a spirit of camaraderie that is not common in most casino games. This real setting has made the game a perfect choice for those whose emotions are usually high, and are seeking real entertainment from playing the games. This is not for those who like remaining passive whenever playing table game. Lots of energy is engaged when playing such a game, both mental and physical.

Play online casino games for real money

Most of all, with craps, you have a high possibility of winning, Luck, of course, must favor you, unlike in Poker. With just some peanuts in your account, you can bet for hours on end. There are over 100 types of bets to choose from. This must be what keeps thousands of people sank deep into craps for so many hours a day.

Video poker: One of the Most Popular Online Casino Games

Like the traditional poker, this game needs you to engage your whole intellectuality. It uniquely features several smart video poker strategies that both make it attractive and increases your chances of winning. Most sites offer at least ten varieties of real money pokers to choose from, including Deuces Wild, Double Bonus, Double Double Bonus, Bonus Poker, Jacks or Better with its several online poker variations, Tens or Better and Joker’s Wild.

One thing game developers need to look into is multi-line video pokers.

Baccarat: Easy Rules and High Pays

This is another simple card game for lovers of such. The basic idea is comparing cards between two hands, one for the player and the other for the banker, to predict which one has a higher combination. Each comparison yields three possible outcomes, namely player, banker or tie, depending on which one gets the highest number of scores. This simple strategy gives the player a high probability of making big wins.

Three popular variations of the game include the North American baccarat, chummy and baccarat banquet.

Keno: Special Type of Pleasure

This is one of the many llottery-like specialty game available on many online gaming websites, of course with quite simple rules.

Players choose numbers from 1 to 80. 20 numbers are then selected at random typically using a random number generator. The keno player is then paid according to the number of matches between what he chose and the numbers randomly selected by the random number generator. Many variations of this basic outlay exist, but the principle remains the same.

What Online Casino Game Do I Choose?

From the above listed, what game would you choose? Most newbies ponder over this for long because of the numerous options out there. I would suggest, if you are an absolute beginner, try the fruit machines. These feature enough simple rules and a great variety of options to select. Moreover, with little investment, you can always win big. Three-reel slot machines are considered the easiest to play, but also Five-reel slots are that hard.

However, only luck counts here. You don’t need brains to play these games. No matter how smart you are, you remain at the mercies of luck. This may be one significant disadvantage that may lead you to try out other online casino games.

I bet you’ll land on Video Poker (Poker may still be way too advanced for you). Here you’ll actively engage your brains to carve out a strategy that will see you win. The better your strategy, the more the likelihood of making the gain.

Ensure You Choose Te Right Online Casino Game For You

Blackjack likewise requires the player to use his brains to beat the dealer. Following the optimal strategy gives you a real chance to beat the casino. However, this is more advanced than slots and video poker and requires more skills, responsibility, and self-discipline. You can also customize it completely to suit your needs. This makes it unique from all other online casino games.

As you get more experience and your skills improve, you can comfortably proceed to the likes of poker and craps, which feature both real entertainment and generous payouts.

Don’t be limited to these. There is the whole variety of games out there to explore. Depending on your likes and drive, I would not mind you exploring more complex games with non-standard rules and advanced features. Before the getting into the real match, it’s always advisable to test them first in Demo mode. This will shield you from unexpected losses, which are common whenever you are trying a game for the first time.

Demo Modes

Almost any online casino game is available in free trial mode or rather demo mode. Newbies are always tempted to deposit cash as soon as they sign up for an account. For the simple reason of not having mastered the rules, you are most likely to get into early losses. Demo mode suffices at the beginning unless you are already experienced.

Unfortunately, a number of online casino games never offer demo modes. They require real money bets. Likewise, live casino games don’t provide demo modes. These games involve playing with a real dealer on the other end. These are professionals who normally don’t have the time to practice with novices. Their rates differ but they can sometimes be quite expensive.

Why Demo Mode Is Useful

The most obvious benefit of the demo mode is the fact that it enables the casino player first learn the rules of the game in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. This will many times spike the interest of the player into playing the actual game. Demos normally don’t have time restrictions. Thus you can spend as long as you want to learn. When you advance to the actual game, you are well equipped with enough strategies to at least make a win.

Free Online Casino Games

Unlike at land-based casinos, some online casinos are free. You can start playing without committing any finances. This is a marketing strategy by online casino owners and developers. They realize that once a player tries out a game and is satisfied with the outcome, and is convinced he can win, they are more likely to make deposits and start playing seriously. Without this opportunity, most visitors will never register to their site. They will instead diligently search and find other sites and platforms where free games are available. This makes many casino owners offer their games free without any limitation.

This is beneficial to the player. One thing is that it is impossible to lose. Also, there is no risk of getting addicted to gambling because the money element is not there. The desire to reap more and more cash is what glues players to the casino site for hours on end. As with the demo modes, the player is also able to slowly learn the rules and regulations of the game, without the risk of loss when making bad moves. This said free online casino games could be tried by both novices and experienced gamblers.

Major Advantages

One major advantage is that the player can never win real money. Playing free games will be forever for pure entertainment and passing the time. This is what drives game players into now making deposits to earn real money. Some get into gambling with the intention of making the decent living.

In a nut shell, with online Casino games, there are numerous possibilities, skill-wise, time wise, money wise. One thing you have to remember is that the more bets you make, the higher your chances of winning big.

Online Casino Games

When you grew up, you found people of your age, or older visiting local gaming centers probably made of brick and mortar to enjoy themselves by playing various games.

Although days have moved and many things have taken place, there is no doubt that still very many people even visit gaming facilities to enjoy various casino games for real money casinos.

What You Should Know About Casino Games

But it is also right to point out that some things have changed so much that now, it is easy to say that even the gaming industry mainly when playing online casino games has become very easy.

So, that may beg the questions, what are casino games? Where can you find casino games? What are some of the casino games and perhaps the most crucial issue, who is eligible of playing casino games?

All these are an essential question, and the sooner you get the right answers for these concerns, the better for you because your quest for real money casinos is entirely depended on knowing what you are placing your money on. It also depends on where you can find it and whether or not you are eligible of even accessing leave alone putting your money on it.

Casino games are games played in a casino using chips whose outcome is random. They can also be performed online.
But even before we look at individual questions and try to answer them, it is important to note that today, unlike in the past when the only place you could find casino games was in a certain centralized place, there are many ways of playing online casino games right in the comfort of your home.

Types Of Casino Games Available

There are three types of casino games; table games, electronic games and random number games. Some gaming machines are played by single individuals, for example, slot machines and pachinko do not necessarily require casino employees to be involved.

However, others strictly required that should be a casino dealer, evidently a member of staff who is well versed with various casino games together with their rules to be on the act to witness how the game is played.

Random number games involve selection of random numbers generated either by computer or other gaming equipment. Random number games, on the other hand, can be played on a table like roulette or by purchasing paper tickets, for example, keno or bingo.

Gaming machines include;

1. Slot machine
2. Video Poker
3. Video lottery terminal
4. Pachinko

Most commonly known random numbers are bingo and keno. But these are not the only types of games that are available because we haven’t talked about table games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and craps that command a huge following from all walks of lives.

House Advantage

Casinos apparently have a built-in advantage with the odds stacked in such a way that the favor lies with the house. This is commonly known as the house edge or house advantage. In simple terms, while there is some profit that goes to the player, evidently not all but the one that is lucky, quite a lot of money is left to the business, which in this case is the casino.

That is why, in the practical sense, a player can place their money on a given casino game for letting us say three months without really getting any significant win or any win at all.

For the three or so months, there are hundreds of other players who have suffered the same loss. However, at some point during this period, a winner or two may win some money, which is considered a vast amount such as $18, 000 jackpot. But did you know that this is measured by the house? Yes, the amount that has gone to the house or left the business is far much than that.

Play Skill Games For Better Payouts

If translated to numbers it is the average profit of a casino gained from players bet. For instance for every dollar a player bets, 5% goes back to the casino. House edge usually will tell you how much a casino will win. The house edge also varies with the game. The longer you play, the closer the losses approach the house edge

There are some casinos in which the decision solely lies with the player, in such a case the game is referred to as a random with a tactical element. With considerable skill, it is possible to minimize the house advantage. The skill requires years of training and unprecedented accuracy and memory.

It is however almost impossible for a player to eliminate house advantage. The player, on the other hand, is at a disadvantage when the casino fails to pay the actual payout expected during a game

Real money casinos are an online venture whereby a player can play from the comfort of their home online. The games are usually similar to those in a casino. To play you deposit money using a credit card or e-wallets and you’re set to play a game of your choice. Sign up is free and members are eligible for promotions.

Types Of Poker Games

Poker is the only game of skill in which the competition is between the players and not the house. Types of online poker;
1.Texas Holdem

2.High Card Flush.
3. 4 Card Poker.
4.Caribbean Draw Poker.
5. Bet On Poker.
6. Caribbean Hold em Poker.
7. Caribbean Stud Poker.
8. Casino Hold Em.
9. Emperor’s Challenge Pai Gow.
10. 4 Card Frenzy.
11. 4 Card Stud.
12. Let It Ride.
14. Oasis Poker..

More Types Of Poker Games

15. Poker 3 Heads Up Hold’em.
16. Red Dog.
17.Ride’m Poker.
18. 3 card poker.
19. Texas Hold’em Switch.
20. swap the flop
21. Texas Shootout.
22. 3 card prime.
23. triple edge poker.
24. ultimate Texas Holdem poker.
25. World Poker Tour Heads-Up Hold’em.

Enjoy Omaha And Other Online Casino Games

26. Seven card stud
27. Razz
28. Five card draw
29. Omaha Hi-Lo
30. 2-7 triple draw
31. Horse
32. Badugi
33. Irish Poker
34. Pai Gow

Games That Require Skill

Games requiring skill elements such as real money blackjack online or Spanish 21 defines house edge/advantage as the house advantage from optimal play. A perfect basic strategy would cut the casinos edge to 0.5%, and this almost makes it impossible to have power by counting card.

Standard deviation is used to quantify luck in casino games. For example in European or American Roulette, the standard deviation can be calculated by the binomial distribution where:


N is some played rounds, p is the probability of winning, q is a probability of losing. Binomial distribution assumes one as a winning result and 0 for loss. The lowest standard deviation is all casinos is usually for gai pow poker. The payout size increases with an increase in payout potential. With the increase in rounds also increases expected loss hence it is possible for a player to win for prolonged periods.

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