Gamblers Cash In As The Bitcoin Price Hits Over $10,000

Gamblers Cash In As The Price Of Bitcoin Hits Over $10,000

Bitcoin is a digital currency to reckon. It is no longer the $3, 000, $6, 000 or $9999. It is now over $10, 000! This is something nobody sees. It is happening now. Bitcoin casino industry is flourishing.

Every step is easy for the Bitcoin. That happens even when stakeholders think otherwise. Today, the price is rising fast.

Thanksgiving has a bearing with the performance. After many Americans celebrating, the digital currency gets energy. Before the weekend, the price is roughly $8, 000.

The Bitcoin Price Breaks The $10, 000 Barrier, Is There More To Come?

Saturday, there is an increase of $1000. This makes it $9, 000. But on Sunday, it hits $10, 000. This is a mystery! Many people are still in shock.

The increase in the price value is creating a profound interest. Today, very many investors are jumping into the game. Bitcoin miners are happy.

This is something nobody expects. You start the year with your account at $1, 000. Today, the price is at $10, 000. There are 30 days before the year ends. The time has a lot of activities.

The price of this digital currency will always rise. Some critics warn that this is ridiculous. They argue that the rise is abnormal. But is it true the rise is abnormal?

Remember there is mainstream adoption. This is creating a lot of interest. Many investors are now associating themselves with this digital currency.

Gamblers Cash In As The Price Of Bitcoin Hits Over $10,000
The rise is unstoppable. Trading volumes are rising each day. In only 24 hours, it is rising to over $5 billion.

Major Announcements Boost Growth

The rise of Bitcoin’s price value is not surprising. In this year alone, there are major announcements. This is not all. There is extensive coverage.

Many analysts speak a lot about the digital currency. This brings a huge growth in the price value. Many people are now accepting the use of Bitcoin.

Then there is the launch of Regulated Futures market. This is creating massive growth. More strong institutions are accepting the use of Bitcoin.

This year continues to be a good year for the Bitcoin. Japan’s allowing users to buy the bitcoin using the Yen is a good move.

It is now hard to say no to this cryptocurrency. For long, many people are opposing its growth. Not anymore! Banks are allowing people to buy the bitcoin.

Many other stakeholders are allowing its use. You can now use the bitcoin to play games. This is increasing Bitcoin casino industry. Miners are doing all they can to ensure their wallets are full.

Digital currency investors have reasons to smile. If you invest 100, 000 bitcoins, that is a lot of dollars.

The sudden growth over the Thanksgiving weekend is huge. You will attribute this to the attention that the media gives this digital currency.

The prospect of this digital currency is big. The announcement that Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) is coming in inspires hope. There is also the mention of Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE).

These two will definitely create a huge impact. Many people will soon run to investing. The Bitcoin casino industry will gain a lot.

Rich Caesar

Rich Caesar

Rich Caesar is our US gaming news correspondent for For the past six years, Rich has covered gaming markets in North America. Rich first joined in July 2014. Rich has written for a variety of gambling related publications over the years, and his work has been quoted in several industry magazines. He is always excited to bring a new perspective on what's happening in the gaming space. We look forward to what he writes for us next! Rich likes to keep updated with the worldwide gaming industry, and he takes special notice of anything new or that might be changing soon. Rich is originally from the United States but has spent many years living in different countries around the world. He loves anything outdoors and exploring, but he could also spend an entire day fishing on a boat without any difficulty. Currently, he lives in Canada.


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