Sheldon Adelson Backs Bill to Ban US Online Gambling

Sheldon Adelson has been in the online gambling news recently due to his latest support to back a bill to ban USA online gambling. As most of the people that live in the United States of America know there are already the U.S. facing online casino where you can play online slots for real money in New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada. However, with the 2016 United States presidential election coming up it appears that more people are coming out and either supporting gambling online from the United States. Also, helping introduce bills to ban Internet gaming from the U.S.

When Does Sheldon Adelson Back A Bill to Ban US Online Gambling?

Earlier this week a bill was reintroduced that would place a ban on Internet Poker and all types of online gambling. Furthermore, this includes playing mobile slots for real money. Sheldon Adelson is allegedly backing this bill based on an article that was written on the website on June 24, 2015.

Sheldon Adelson Backs Bill to Ban US Online Gambling

Currently, three politicians that want to get this bill to ban USA online gambling. Furthermore, they hope it restores “Restoration of America’s Wire Act”. Furthermore, it appears that many politicians feel the same. Moreover, they feel that on a government level that America’s Wire Act should be properly interpreted based on the fact is several decades old.

A Controversey?

There seems to be a lot of controversy about this issue, especially in the states where many people feel it is “legal to gamble online” based on the state laws, not the federal laws and guidelines. Some people seem to feel that the 2016 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was not implemented properly and it also appears that they would like clarity from the United States Government on its reading of the 1961 Wire Act.

Who Is Sheldon Adelson?

So, who is Sheldon Adelson? Well, Sheldon Gary Adelson was born on August 4, 1933, in Boston Massachusetts. Furthermore, he is a wealthy businessman that owns hotels, casinos, and resorts. Also, he owns newspapers, publications and contributes to politicians. Having said that, it appears Mr. Adelson make millions in Macau and Las Vegas.

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The Obama Administration

Indeed, the Obama Administration seems to take the heat for the lack of enforcement. Additionally, on its 2011 reading of the 1961 Wire Act. Ultimately, this results in “Black Friday”. However, some people feel that anyone in North Dakota can gamble.

Some people that play the best online slots for real money at USA Internet gambling casino sites feel it is hypocritical that Sheldon Adelson, who is the owner of the Sands Casino in Las Vegas Nevada wants to close down U.S. gaming sites.

How old is Sheldon Adelson Wife?

Sheldon Adelson marries Miriam Adelson, who is approximately 73 years old.

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Will Sheldon Adelson Back USA Internet Gambling Bill?
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