Betsoft Gaming Makes a Huge Splash With Latest Game Release Viking Voyage

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Betsoft viking voyage golden king free spins

BetSoft Gaming remains one of the more aggressive gaming software development companies when it comes to releasing new slot titles. It is also one of the top companies in the entire gaming industry when it comes to the quality of the actual games in its current portfolio.

As part of a news update on the company website, details of its latest game, Viking Voyage were released. The game revolves around a suspense-filled story derived from Scandinavian legend. It invites players to take up their axes and swords to join a historic raiding party on its travels.

Golden King Is The Main Character In Betsoft’s Viking Voyage Slot Machine

Starting on the eve of the next expedition, the primary character in the game is the Golden King. He has been anointed by the gods to fulfill the soothsayers’ prophecy. He is also tasked to travel into uncharted waters to discover vast amounts of wealth with his band of loyal warriors. The base game centers on preparations for the upcoming voyage. Players take their place on the longboats as they set sail in the midst of a rallying chant.

In gleaming armor from head to toe, the Golden King appears on reels one through four. With his innate warrior instinct, he can stand in for any other symbol. This includes the game’s scatter. With the King standing high on the longboat, he appears in full-height stacks. His booming battle cry can freeze one reel while the others respin. The shout can continue to echo even further across the icy water to trigger additional respins. This, in turn, can add some early treasure to the raider’s plunder.

The five total reels of Viking Voyage are filled with royals, runes, sigils and other symbols that deliver good fortune. Horned helmets, battle axes, golden goblets from past voyages along with guardians in the form of Odin’s ravens are featured on the paytable. The Golden King’s high-paying raiders include a furred grizzled elder, two hardened warriors and feisty shieldmaiden. These images are a perfect example of the crisp and colorful artwork found in a Betsoft production.

A final feature of Viking Voyage is a free spins game that adds even more suspense to the mix. It is tied to the two longboat symbols that appear on reels one and five. When one is present, the soundscape changes course with a faster pace of drum beats. When both symbols appear, the raiders will start their search for loot over the course of 15 free spins.

This game was built on SHIFT 2.0. This is the latest generation of the cross-platform development environment. It guarantees consistency of gameplay regardless of the application., whether it is desktop, laptop or mobile.

Annamaria Anastasi is Betsoft’s Marketing Director. She was quoted in this release as follows:

Viking Voyage offers players a deeper, more meaningful experience to other games with similar themes. From the artwork to the gameplay mechanics, every aspect of Viking Voyage is steeped in Scandinavian lore. And supported by the standard of cinematic gameplay that is unique to the best games in Betsoft’s SLOT3series.”

• Source: Uncharted Seas and Untold Treasures Await in Viking Voyage From On April 29, 2019.

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Betsoft Gaming Makes a Huge Splash With Latest Game Release Viking Voyage
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Betsoft Gaming Makes a Huge Splash With Latest Game Release Viking Voyage
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