Mystery of Eldorado Makes Its Debut for Endorphina

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mystery of eldorado sir walter raleigh Endorphina game
Gaming software development companies have been releasing new titles at a record pace in 2019. Continued demand in expanding markets is driving this torrid pace. As one gaming giant tries to outdo the other, avid real money slot players are the biggest winners in this competition.
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One of those gaming giants is Endorphina. The Mystery of Eldorado should be an automatic crowd pleaser in regulated markets where this new game will be available. Eldorado presents the perfect backdrop for treasure seekers. This game is highly interactive to raise the level of gameplay excitement to a whole new level.

Watch The Youtube Video For The Mystery of Eldorado From Endorphina

If you are going on a treasure hunt, it also helps to have an actual explorer by your side. The principal character in the game is Sir Walter Raleigh. He is presented as a reckless tough guy. Out for a good time, he becomes the ultimate hunter for vast treasures. He interacts with Queen Elizabeth in an effort to enhance the fun. The loveable rogue also leaves notes on her windows using a real diamond to scratch a message. The setting for the game is the XVI century.

As part of the adventure, Sir Walter Raleigh does embark on a trip to America. He is driven by the myth of vast treasures in a land known as El Dorado. Along the way, history tells us that Raleigh’s ships searched for gold along the Amazon River. The golden mines in that region were not discovered until 200 years later. The area where the gold was eventually found acts as the Temple in The Mystery of Eldorado. The Temple is the highest-valued symbol in the game. It also offers the highest payouts.

The game is an intriguing 10-line and five-reel online slot inspired by the real hunt for gold. The El Dorado region is located deep into the tropical South American rainforest. The Mystery of Eldorado proves that the gold does exist. Players that are willing to risk the most to find it have the most to gain. Increased risk is directly related to increased rewards.

As part of the game’s recent rollout, Endorphina produced a highly colorful video as a marketing platform. Antique elevators known as ‘paternosters’ were incorporated. They played the role of live slots. Game characters along with game symbols also appeared in the slot. This correlation between a modern house of mystical Prague and the world of gaming is centered on good fortune.

Jan Urbanec is the CEO of Endorphina and the concept of the game was explained as follows:

“As a kid, I was fascinated by the story of Spanish Conquistadors- the explorers of the New World. So I was delighted when our development team came up with the concept of Eldorado. That portrays one of the most iconic legends connected to these true adventurers. This actually inspired me to travel to the Amazon myself.”

Located in Prague, Endorphina is a B2B software provider working directly with some of the most successful platforms and operators in the igaming industry today.

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Mystery of Eldorado Makes Its Debut for Endorphina
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Mystery of Eldorado Makes Its Debut for Endorphina
Learn How Sir Walter Raleigh Contributes To The Latest Online Slot Machine Mystery of Eldorado As It Makes Its Debut for Endorphina.
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