Pennsylvania Online Casinos Go Live With NetEnt

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netent americas llc casinos in PA

The transition to online live casino gambling is big business in certain states these days. New Jersey led the charge with online sports betting and casino gambling. Now its neighboring state is closing the gap with Pennsylvania going live with its online real money gambling network.

PA has long been considered one of the most progressive states for casino gambling and now legal sports betting. Sweeping changes in state law back in late 2017 are finally leading to more online options for in-state players. After months of testing and a successful integration with outside providers, the regulated gambling market in PA has finally opened.One of the big players in this whole process was NetEnt.

When Do Pennsylvania Online Casinos Go Live With NetEnt Games?

NetEnt created NetEnt Americas LLC to promote its emerging presence in the US market. This subsidiary was granted an Interactive Gaming Manufacturer Conditional License in March. It was issued by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB). The state’s population is 13 million which is the fifth-largest in the US. This makes it the second large state to move forward with regulated online gambling. This follows a highly established network of land-based casino operations throughout the state.

Quickk Customer Signup For Casinos In PA

NetEnt was quick to sign customer agreements with several existing casinos in PA. It has spent the past five months preparing to go live with its portfolio of games through the online casino network.

Erik Nyman is the Managing Director of NetEnt Americas LLC. He was quoted as follows:

“I am very pleased that the market in Pennsylvania has now opened. We are one of the few online casino suppliers offering our games right from the start. And, I am convinced that our award-winning online casino games will be appreciated by players in Pennsylvania.”

The parent company NetEnt is a leading supplier of digital entertainment. Founded in 1996, it has developed and grown into one of the most innovative gaming companies in the world. It is also considered to be one of the most successful premium gaming solutions provider. Its top customers are some of the biggest and best online casino operators in today’s regulated markets spanning the globe.

NetEnt relishes its role as a true industry pioneer. It maintains its commitment driving the market with thrilling games. The company’s cutting-edge gaming platform powers these games. NetEnt is also committed to helping its customers stay ahead of the curve and their competition. It is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm as NET-B. It employs more than 900 people across Malta, Stockholm, Kiev, Krakow, Gothenburg, and Gibraltar.

The company’s recent expansion into the US market led to the formation of a business office in New Jersey. NetEnt plans to continually expand its presence as newly regulated markets begin to open in other states. The driving trend in the real money gambling industry is online casinos due to changing demographics. Younger gamers enjoy the online playing experience given their background in video games.

 Pennsylvania Online Casinos Go Live With NetEnt
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