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How To Play Super 7

Among the few or many table games you have played, there is no doubt that it is very rare to find a multi-hand variant like Super 7 Blackjack. Many online games lovers super love it. In fact, we can’t speak enough about this latest variant of the traditional blackjack. It is also among a few blackjack variants that give players the opportunity to play up to 3 hands at a go. This as you well know means many chances of winning. There is even more! You will be surprised to learn that the game’s side bet gives legible players up to 5, 000! But for that to happen, you must be brave.

About Blackjack Super 7’s (Side Bet)

Blackjack Super Sevens offers a varied side bet. It’s an optional wager that you can make on the player’s first three cards. The Super Sevens side bet rules and variations for the Super Sevens side bet are outlined in full here.


The primary goal of Super Sevens side bet is to achieve sevens in the same suit or color or suit. In blackjack super 7s, the payout is 3:2. Also, the insurance pays 2:1, which differs from other versions. If subsequent cards are drawn, a natural 21 is capable of defeating any hand of 21. It’s also called a natural blackjack if the first two cards flashed are an ace and a ten.

A side betmay be made alongside the traditional blackjack rules. There are distinct areas on the blackjack table for making this wager/chip.If the 1st card dealt is a seven, the bet is paid out. A payout is increased if two consecutive sevens are held in hand. On the third card guarantee, you increase your house edge in this online blackjack game.


The rules are straightforward and uncomplicated. Players must deposit the chip in a designated area on the table in order to place this bet.In most casinos, the highest bet on Super Sevens is $1 or $5.

If the first card given to the player is a seven, it pays out. There are higher payouts if two or more sevens are dealt in succession.The payouts for a seven is 3:1, two unaligned sevens are 50:1, two suited sevens are 100:1, three unaligned sevens are 500:1 and three fitted sevens are 5,000:1.

The rules provide for card counting at some levels since all that is required is to count the sevens and non-sevens. However, it’s not a good idea to play this bet every hand.

Super, Lucky And Crazy Sevens

There are three variations, which are Super Sevens,Crazy Sevens, and Lucky Sevens.

Although the fundamental principles of the wager are essentially unaltered, the payout and house edge (based on the quantity of decks played in the game) vary somewhat. When you play Super 7 blackjack  and try other versions like crazy sevens and lucky sevens, you may notice the difference and discover that you like super seven side bet the best. However, a lot of online casinos players like a six deck game.

Learn How To Play

You should aim at having the upper hand over that of the dealer at all times! There is nothing short of that! This version of blackjack may not be the latest, but the fact is that it has some of the isolated features in the industry.

Time To Hit The Deck

As mentioned in the previous section, this table game is a bit different from the others. To confirm that, first, it uses some six different decks of cards. However, no matter the number of decks of card this game uses, you go to the game with an aim. Yours is to hit and hit and hit. While doing, this, you should have many points than the dealer. It is a good thing to mention that you need to get as close as possible to 21. But ensure you do not a bust (going over 21). That will mean you lose your bet to the dealer.

Playing With Live Dealers

When you score a blackjack, you will get 2x or 3x your bet. For the above to happen though, the live dealers must not have the same. So, it is advisable that you endeavor to have the upper hand compared to the dealers. Remember that if you and the dealer have the same number of points, neither of you wins. We refer to that as a push. In this case, though, you’ll get your stake back.


When you look at the gameplay it is pretty simple. You are only required to choose your chips, place them on the hand that you have chosen, and that marks the start.
Super 7 Blackjack
The beauty is that unlike many blackjack games, you can play this at your own pace. No hurry at all!

Side Bets

The best thing about this variant is its side bets. Take a look at them:

1. The first card, a 7 pays 3:1.
2. First 2 cards, a 7 of any suit pays 50:1.
3. First 2 cards, 7s (same suit) pays 100:1.
4. First 3 cards, 7s (any suit) pays 500:1.
5. First 3 cards, 7s (same suit) pays 5000:1.
6. The first card, not a 7 (you lose the bet).

After looking at the juicy side bets, it is evident that playing Super 7 Blackjack is truly not a waste of time but one of the money-minting table games.

More About Super Sevens

The Super Sevens side bet may get complicated, depending on a number of circumstances. Depending on the player’s hand in a six deck game with a third card guarantee, the payouts, probability, return, and combinations will differ at each stage.

The house advantage will also vary based on the number of decks in the game. As a result, with a three-card guarantee to players, the house edge with 4, 5, 6, and 8 decks is 15.92%, 13.25%, 11.40%, and 9.01% respectively.

More On Crazy Sevens

It’s the same game as Super Sevens, although the winnings and returns vary in a 6-deck game with a three-card guarantee to the player.The house advantage of Crazy Sevens for a 4,5,6 and 8 deck game is 10.09%, 7.97%, 6.54%, and 4.71%.

Lucky Sevens

The Super Sevens is a variant of the Lucky Sevens, which differs from it in that if the dealer has a blackjack, no third card is dealt.In live dealer blackjack games, the Lucky Sevens is a popular side bet. The house edge on 4, 5, 6, and 8 deck games using Lucky Sevens is 51.25%, 50.71%, 50.34%, and 49.88 percent, respectively.


What is Super 7 blackjack?

In blackjack, Super 7’s is a side bet that runs in parallel to the primary game action. This optional wager is based on the player’s first three cards.If the first card is a seven, the player wins if the subsequent cards are also sevens, and so on.

What are the Super 7 side bets in blackjack?

In blackjack, Super 7’s is a side wager that takes place in conjunction with the primary game play. This optional wager is based on the player’s first 2cards. If the first card is a seven, the player wins if the following cards are also seven or more; and if they are from the same suit and consecutive.

What are the payouts in Super 7 side bet?

The payout levels of the Super Sevens side bet are determined by the number of sevens in each hand and their suit. The payout ratio for one seven is 3:1.With a total of eight, the odds are 50:1. If both sevens in the stack are of the same suit, the payout is quadrupled to 100:1.

What is the house edge in Super 7’s?

Super Seven’s house edge ranges from 6.54 percent to 49.88 percent, depending on the cards dealt, the dealer’s blackjack, and the number of decks played in the game.The player’s return on investment is 6.54% when it’s a six-deck game, and the player is assured a third card, one after a split, and the dealer has blackjack.

Are Super Sevens side bets worth it?

The high house edge rate makes the Super Sevens wager worth it only if you aren’t phased by its hefty 81.6 percent return. Also, if the player is a seasoned blackjack player with expert knowledge, the Super Sevens side bet might not be a terrible choice.

Are Lucky 7s And Super Sevens The same?

The same assumptions are used for the Super Sevens and Lucky Sevens, however they differ in terms of payout and house edge. In live dealer blackjack games, a third card is not dealt to the player if the dealer has a blackjack in Lucky Sevens, which is a variant of the Super Seven side bet.

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