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Gambling, like any other errand, is involving. Among the top challenges that players face is how to pay finally. They do not have issues with money. It is not like they do not have enough, but is the online casino accepting UPay Card? It may not be the exact card in question. But many punters may have a challenge like this. They prefer a certain online site because it stocks the games they love. The site may even offer some incentives.

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Top 5 Online Casinos That Accept UPayCard

There can be a free sign up bonuses, no deposit bonuses or even new member bonuses. There may be many promotions. The choice of the games may also be on top of the world. The challenge comes when paying. You find that the casino site you prefer does not support the only payment method you can access. It is embarrassing. Isn’t it? What do you do? Perhaps, the best thing you need to do is to check through. Ensure that the site you want to use accepts the mode of payment you can access. It can be that the only mode per now is UPay Card. What if the site does not accept it? It will be a waste of time. Learn how to set up your account in this video.

But you should not give up. If indeed the card is your preferred of the only method, do not worry. There are many UPayCard casinos. These are the casinos you should choose. It is true that there are many sites that accept the card. But you also need to understand that each site is different. Others may be so good while others come with their own baggage. You already have your baggage. Don’t you? What you need are UPay casinos that will give you the enjoyment you are looking for.

Here is a list of Top 5 UPayCard casinos that you can choose from:

Before we look at the top 5 list, it is important to point out that the list is not random. We look at many things to select the best five. After all, aren’t their many sites out there? How does a site appear on the top five list? There must be good reasons. So, what are the reasons?

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UPAYCard Casinos

1. These casinos give fast and safe payments via the UPay Card.
2. They offer the best selection of games. Yes, these sites stock different games from different high-end suppliers. So, you are not choosing a website that gives you an annoying experience. The other thing is that most games here come with progressive jackpots.
3. There are several promotions, bonuses, and freebies. There is no doubt you will love all these.
4. These sites offer excellent customer care service.

Now, here is the list of the Top 5 UPAY Card casinos

5. Slotocash – This casino will give you up to $350.
4. Uptown Aces- get up to $600 for taking part.
3. Uptown Pokies- after signing up, you stand a chance to win up to $750.
2. Las Vegas- as the name suggests, yours is to spin. As you do, you may win $1, 000.
1. Fair Go -this is our number one. The casino will reward you with a prize of $1, 600 for taking part.

So, the choice is yours. With your UPay Card, sign up with any of these casinos.

Overall, UPAY and the UPAY card are decent ways to bank online. They offer personal and business banking services and give ATM debit cards. Over the past year, they started accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. UPAY and the UPAY card claim to have transparent and clear fees for their customers. Furthermore, they allow you to use or create an account with Paypal, Visa, American Express (AMEX) and MasterCard. However, please confirm this information on their official website.

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UPAYCard Casinos
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