Rolling Stack Blackjack

The Rolling Stack Blackjack game is a new twist on the traditional blackjack game. Rolling Stack uses cards that are shuffled after each hand, instead of shuffling at the beginning of each round. Rolling stacks allow for more wins per hand because they create an unknown outcome. Rolling stack games are now available to play with us!

Best Online Casinos To Play Rolling Stack Black Jack

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Let’s get tot the point. If you want to sit at a blackjack table and make a wager without going to las Vegas, sign up for this live dealer casino through Besides blackjack, you can enjoy several card game and even a dice game. In this case that the dealer wins, we give you strategies, basic rules and user contributions. The vast majority of players love to enjoy even money with the chance to score a winning hand. While the player loses sometimes, the expected value of the first two cards will be on her hand .

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Win Real Money Playing Blackjack Online

Rival Gaming is excited to announce the launch of a new blackjack game called Rolling Stack Black Jack. In this new version, you can win extra money by rolling stacks on your cards.Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just learning the ropes, this exciting new game has hours of enjoyment and big prizes for everyone who enjoys casino table games.

Rolling Stack Blackjack is a blackjack game with a side bet. The objective is to have one of the following two-card starting hands: Ace-King Suited, Straight Flush, Pair or Straight.If you have one of these hands, you can take your winnings or add them to your blackjack bet. Then you have the option to play Rolling Stack!

Pontoon Blackjack

Play This Blackjack Game Instant Play, Download Or On Mobile

This thrilling table game is accessible for anyone who loves playing table games on their phone or computer! Before every round, people must make a bet. They can make it for any amount. Then they get two cards and the game starts. When they see this card combination, it is an automatic win:

  • Ace-King
  • Suited Straight
  • Flush Pair
  • Straight

When the Rolling Stack bet is part of a win, players have two choices. They could collect the proceeds (winnings and original bet) or they could add it to their standard blackjack wager for the possibility of getting an even larger reward.

Rival Gaming’s Rolling Stack Black Jack offers a new exciting game with many more more ways to win big!

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When you play blackjack, you are competing against other people. You start with the same amount of money as everyone else and play the same number of hands. Whoever has the most chips at the end of that round advances to compete against other winners.The field of players starts big and ends with a few people. The last table has the best prize. You want to be on that table.The goal is to have more chips than your opponents when you are done.

You don’t need to have a lot of chips to advance in a tournament. For example, if you start the tournament with 5,000 chips and end up with only 500 at the end of the round, but all your opponents have less, then you will advance.Therefore, in tournament play, not only do you have to play your cards against the dealer’s upcard, but you also need to look at your opponents’ bankrolls so that you know how much they have.

This table compares what you already know – playing blackjack – to what you might not know, playing blackjack in a tournament.

Most tournaments are open to the public. Some tournaments are only for people who get invited. The entry fee is a payment that lets you play in the tournament and if you lose, then you can pay more money to enter again.

Match Play 21 Game Strategies


There are several types of tournaments, and they include the following:


In this tournament, you play only against the players at your table. If you win, you move on to the next round. The others are eliminated. You can pay a fee and play again if you want to.


In the tournament, you compete against other players. The goal is to win more chips than anyone else. The leader board shows how many chips people have.


This format was made to make blackjack tournaments more fun. It is where players are eliminated until there is one winner. The player with the lowest chip count after hands 8, 16, 25, and 30 are finished is eliminated.


In most tournaments, the chips are not worth money. But in live-money tournaments, the chips are worth real money. If you decide to bet all of your chips in a live-money tournament, that is your own money you are putting on the table.


In these tournaments, people pay a small entry fee and they play games. They usually take less than a day. The prize pool is usually only $2,000 or less.


These tournaments have higher entry fees and take more than one day to finish. They usually have a prize pool of six figures. Casinos that offer major tournaments will hold them over a weekend, provide free or discounted rooms, and they may give you food and gifts.


These are tournaments that start when six people have joined. They are popular on the internet.

If you are new to tournaments, I don’t recommend the Live-Money tournaments or the non-elimination tourneys. You should instead consider playing in traditional elimination tournaments for small stakes (mini-tournaments) that are held in many casinos.Everyone may win a tournament; however, to improve your chances of winning, you must develop specialized tournament skills, which I’ll go through later.


In blackjack tournaments, you are competing against other people. You start with the same bankroll as everyone else. After playing a certain number of hands, the person who has the most chips will advance to play at other tables.

The winner of the final round will win most of the prizes. There are different formats, but the popular one is called elimination matches.

It is important to know how many chips you have. You can get the edge against your opponents by learning how to play them better.


When players play blackjack in a tournament is different from playing it at a casino. There are skills that help people do well in tournaments, which I will be talking about later on.

Here are three tips that will save you money and headaches when you enter a tournament. First is to make sure that you check with your friends to see if they are also playing in the tournament so you can split the cost of gas. But it’s also important to find out what time the game start.


Players have to pay a fee to play in a tournament. The best tournaments are the ones that give all of the tournament fees back out as prizes for the players. Sometimes, the casino will kick in some extra money for more prizes.Tournaments where the prize pool is more than the entry fee are good. Tournaments where the prize pool is less than the entry fee are bad.Casinos might not pay out as much, but they give you prizes. So when deciding where to play, make sure you ask the tournament director about how much of your entrance fee will be returned to the prize pool.


When you enter a tournament, make sure that you know what the rules are. Otherwise, you might make a mistake and not be able to play as well as you should.

If you are playing in a tournament, you can find the rules. Read them before playing.Take the time to familiarize yourself with the regulations so you know what the betting limitations are, whether or not each player’s bankroll is taken into account a few hands prior to the final hand, how many hands are played, how many players advance, whether surrender is permissible, and in the case of elimination hands, which ones they are.


In a blackjack tournament, players can lose or be disqualified if they violate two rules. The first is making a “string bet.” Players need to let the chips fall one by one into their betting spot when they make this type of bet.

In a blackjack tournament, you cannot have more than the amount of chips you want to bet outside your betting spot. So before you start, make sure that you stack the chips in the right place and then slide them into your betting spot.

If you add another chip to your betting spot, the chips that you add will be given back. The first chip that hits the felt in the betting spot counts. I have seen players lose their last hand because they do not know this rule. You also want to avoid talking to observers when it’s your final round.

In most tournaments, players are not allowed to speak. This is to make sure that the players will focus on the game and not be distracted. The player who breaks this rule will be removed from the tournament room.

There are some skills needed to do well in tournaments. These are:

1) Knowledge of the game and its rules

2) The ability to think fast and make decisions quickly

3) Good eyesight

4) A good memory for things like cards, land drops, etc.


  1. Keeping track of how much money people have. You can’t bet if you don’t know how much they have.
  2. Betting high means that if everyone bets the same amount, you will have the most chips. But it also means that if everyone loses their chips, you might not win anything. Betting low is a good strategy because then if everyone loses their chips you will still have the most.
  3. There are many ways to bet when you you play blackjack. Sometimes, you want the same number of cards as your opponents. Other times, you want to make it different from them or even make a smaller bet. You can use this when you’re not sure what to do with your hand in the game.
  4. To be able to think about what would happen if you won, lost, or had a push.
  5. There are different ways to win a game of poker. One way is to lock the other person out of the game so they can’t win no matter what cards they get.
  6. Make sure you understand the importance of the betting position. For instance, the betting position may be betting first in an elimination hand. However, in other cases, it may be on the final hand. If that is the case, it can put you at a disadvantage compared to betting last.
  7. When and how to deviate from the basic playing strategy is another subject that needs careful consideration.

Buying chips from a casino is a first step. Then you can practice counting them at home. Count the same kind of chips. Stack them and count how much you have in each stack.Players who know what the count is in blackjack have an advantage in tournaments. Here are some other skills you need to learn for tournaments.


The person who bets first on each hand of a tournament changes. The first player will put the button (a card that shows which team they belong to) in front of them. After the game is over, the dealer will move the button one spot to the left.

The player who bets first on the first hand is determined by a random draw. Once the person betting first is picked, you need to decide what your position will be for the last hand. If you bet first and get it right, do more betting in order to get ahead of the other players.

Players who bet first are at a disadvantage. They see the bets made by their opponents.

If a player busts out during the round, the button position will change.


If you are behind the leader, it is best to make one or two big bets instead of small ones. Wait for the button to pass you before making your bet. Also, if you have enough chips, then double down or pair split by betting larger amounts of money.


The way to catch up to the leader is to bet opposite of what he bets. If he bets small, you should bet big. The other way is if you are behind and it’s past the midpoint of the tournament, then make large bets.


If you and your opponent bet the same amount of money and you lose, he can take over from behind.


If the leader has more chips than you, try to make your bet equal to theirs. If they do not have as many chips as you, then go for a low bet.


If many people bet all their chips on the last game or you think they will if they bet after you, then don’t put in all your chips. If the dealer beats the table, you can win because you didn’t put in all your chips while your opponents busted out.


If you want to make a bet and you do not have enough money, then bet half of your money. If you get a pair, then you can split it. This is different than doubling down because if you double down and lose, then all of your money is gone.


If you need to bet more on the last hand to have more chips than someone, you should double down. (I once won by doubling down on a 20 and drawing an ace; not likely but it was the only way for me to get more money in the game if we both won our last hands.)


If you are not sure how much to bet, there is an old saying that says: “When in doubt, put it out.” This means to bet the maximum. (But there are exceptions.)


In every blackjack tournament I have played, I kept notes. Here are some mistakes that players made that caught my attention. You can read what I wrote to get a better idea of the kind of mistakes you could capitalize on.


Here’s what happened. The person with the most money was in the last hand of the round, and had $15,000. But everyone else only had $5,000 in chips.The leader bet last, and everyone else who had bet ahead of her went all in. The excitement of everyone betting their entire bankroll made the leader also bet $5,000. This was a mistake because the leader’s bankroll was more than 2.5 times greater than it needed to be for this hand.If you have the best hand and bet last, then you won’t lose. You just need to bet $5,000 to ensure that if someone has a good hand, they cannot beat you.


The leader had a slim lead of $1,000 on the other player. The other player bet all his chips on one hand and the leader who bet last made the right decision by betting $4,500. Now, as long as the leader has the same outcome as the chaser, then they can’t lose. But what happened was that this didn’t work. The chaser had a 15 against a dealer’s card of 7 and he stayed. The leader also had a 12 and he followed basic strategy and hit it too. Wrong! In this case, you should not play your hand based on what the dealer shows, but rather on what the other person has done.


In this tournament, if you have more than $2,500 in chips (about half of the max bet), you only need to bet $2,500. If you have the same card as the person chasing, then your team will win.If you are on the very last hand and have a big lead, do a quick calculation to see if you can bet just enough so that if you win and your opponents win, you will have about $2,500 more. I saw two times where the table leader had a chance to get this lead but they didn’t bet enough.


In this tournament, most players went all-in on the last hand. In some cases, that is a good bet to make. If people who bet before you do go for the high (meaning they bet big and hope they will win) then you should take the low. Playing “low” means that you hold back one more chip than the other players. If you win, then you will be the winner of the game. The dealer usually wins more than they lose. So if everyone goes high, think about going low.


In tournament play, the player who needs the swing to win will stand. If they have a 17, they should stand. They should not have a 18 because then the leader will win. In a round of blackjack, you can’t win if the dealer has 17 through 21. If the dealer busts, then you can’t win either. In order to be able to win a round of blackjack, you need at least two more points than the other player. .


At first, the skills of a tournament may seem too hard. But there are many good resources that can help you. One of these is from my friend Kenneth Smith who is probably one of the best players in this type of game in the world.Ken is a bad person and I don’t like him. He tells me about his strategies for tournaments and he has written two books about it.If one of your opponents has read Ken’s books, you will be at a disadvantage. You can find Ken’s books in the library. The second book is about how to play in tournaments. It also has strategies for another game like craps, baccarat, keno and horse racing handicapping.Other resources include the book Play to Win by Kenny Einiger, articles about tournament strategy on, and articles and message boards on (hosted by Ken Smith).


We’ve been in business for over a decade and we know what it takes to make sure you have the best time possible when playing our games. Our team of experts has created an innovative new game, Rolling Stack Blackjack that is unlike any other blackjack game out there! When you play with us, you will never be bored or feel like your luck ran out because every hand is different. The cards are shuffled after each round so no one can predict what’s going to happen next. Sign up for our newsletter today and get exclusive bonuses just for being on the VIP list!

Rolling Stack Black Jack
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Rolling Stack Black Jack
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