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Ever desired to gamble without having to risk too much? It is often said that gambling is a risky game. If you are aiming at avoiding too much risk, then keno is the specialty game you ought to try. It is a game which is easy to learn and play and requires absolutely no reasoning or strategy.

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Keno is a chance game similar to lotto in which one has to draw numbers that should correspond with the selected numbers on cards. Keno games are offered in most modern casinos, and it is also provided as a game by itself in some lottery games. In addition to casinos, Keno can also be found in restaurants, bars, and online. To win your number needs to be selected. Try Vegas Jackpot Keno.

Keno has in its structure some elements of bingo, póker and the game sure can be contagious. Real money keno games, as the name suggests, obviously involve money that is wagered during the game.

While playing a game of keno, the players are required to wager by choosing numbers ranging from one to eighty. After the players have placed their wages, 20 numbers are randomly selected either with a ball machine same as those used in lotteries and bingo or using a random number generator.

Every casino or venue tends to set its series of payout, commonly called pay tables. The payment is based on how many numbers were chosen. This depends on the player selection or the terminal picking the numbers precisely the number of matches out of the chosen and the wager.

There are several types of keno paytables depending on the casino. They have a more significant house edge than most of the games often found in the real money casino. The house range varies between 4 percent to more than 35 percent. On the other hand, the average house edge for a slot casino is less than five percent.

Keno History and Origin

Though Keno has francés or Latin roots, the game originated in China. There is a legend about the invention of the game-saving an ancient/old-time city at times of war. The widespread of its popularity helped in raising required funds to build the Great Wall of China.

The idea of utilizing lotteries in funding public institutions was unacceptable before late 19th century. There are no documentation of Chinese lottery before 1847 when the Portuguese government granted a license to lottery operators.
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Some believe that keno results in great cities were sent to the villages and hamlets using carrier pigeons, from where it gets its Chinese name baige piano which translates to white dove ticket. In China, the game is played using sheets printed in Chinese characters. This is usually the first 80 character of the thousand character classic from whence the cute characters were gotten.

Keno was eventually introduced to the west by the Chinese immigrants during their sail across the Pacific Ocean. Keno payouts depend on the numbers the player chooses and how many of those numbers, multiplied by the proportion of the player’s original wager to the base rate of the paytable. A great payout results from numerous numbers a player chooses. Payouts vary from casino to casino.

Where can I Get a Keno Bonus?

When it comes to finding an online keno bonus, almost every single online casino offers bonus promotions for keno and all specialty games. Furthermore, if you read the terms and conditions of every bonus, you may see the details in slots tournaments or when it comes to playing the slot machines. If you didn’t know, slots and keno carry almost the same house edge. Therefore, online casinos offer very similar keno and slot bonuses.


How Much Does It Cost to Play Online Keno?

When it comes to how much it costs to play Keno, it varies on what kind of keno game you are playing and at what bingo hall or online casino. Generally, keno is pretty cheap to play. Usually, you can buy into a keno game with a few cents. Ultimately, this allows you to get different cards for pennies, which is affordable. If you are new to playing online keno for real money, you may want to stay away from instant keno. Instant keno is very fast paced and you can go through a large bankroll quickly.

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