Las Vegas Casinos Look At 2018 With Hopes, Look For Ways To Draw More Millennials

Las Vegas Casinos Look At 2018 With Hopes

Las Vegas Casinos Look At 2018 With Hopes To Attract Mllennials With Virtual Reality. As 2017 comes to a close, Las Vegas facilities have a story to tell. The year has its ups and downs. It closes nicely with a few setbacks that will remain in the minds of many. The worst part of the year is the October 1, Las Vegas shooting. Above all, this is what the media calls ‘Mandalay Bay massacre’. This tragic incident by a lone attacker leaves 58 people dead. Those with injuries are 546.

Las Vegas Casinos Looks To At 2018 With Hopes Drawing In Millennials

Apart from that unfortunate incident, the market is good. But operators are looking back to where they fail. They do not want to make the same mistakes again. For instance, all the injuries at the Mandalay Bay Resort are filing claims. Responsible insurance companies will pay. But we all know where all that culminates to. There are other petty but gave challenges here and there. Sin City is finishing the year grappling with the Brave New World marketing in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 2016, the first commercially available Virtual Reality is set. Shortly after they launch, nothing much comes forth. Things remain the same all year long. But in 2017, things change. Las Vegas casinos start realizing some fruits. The first of such VR is Zombie Survival. Also, This is an immersive VR that opens in September. The venue is MGM’s Palace. The VR gives millennials a chance to experience exclusive gaming like never before. Caesars on their part gets the best of the VR. It uses this system to sell a city. Doing so is easy. The VR at the The Linq Hotel is phenomenal.

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It allows one to soar like an eagle that flies above the ‘wonders or architecture’. It is easy to think of it as if you are walking on a rope. A string that is up high but you are walking comfortably. You have no fear of falling to the ground.

Las Vegas Casinos Look At 2018 With Hopes

Las Vegas Casinos Look For Better Technology

As technology continues to grow, what do you expect? More Las Vegas facilities are going to embrace the use of this technology. After all, do you expect a resort that wants to stay afloat turn a blind eye? That will not happen in Las Vegas. Many of the hotels are learning from their failures. If there is something they are not able to do in 2017, they will come in 2018. You will expect a facility like Mandalay Bay learn many lessons on security checkpoints in 2018 and beyond. Nobody will like to appear before a court of justice to answer questions on the dead. There are chances that operators will continue to use audience drawing commercials.

Many people still remember the iconic slogan. It is back on TV screens. It will continue rocking in 2018 and maybe beyond. The iconic slogan reads, ‘What happens here stays here.’ This time, you can translate it into several languages. The aim is for it to reach as many people as possible. That will be possible as long as the best hotels on the Las Vegas Strip try to make changes. Only then will you expect a different 2018.

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