Killer Bees Attack Thai Lottery Player With Winning Ticket

Killer Bees Attack Thai Lottery Player With Winning Ticket

A Thai man who tried to know his luck from a swarm of bees is currently nursing severe wounds in hospital after his attempt to divine a winning lottery ticket failed.

The man, who hails from Khorat Province, which is in the northeastern part of Thailand, forgot that although there are many ways people successfully try to win the lottery, one of them is not in any way linked to visiting a swarm of bees in the name of divining the lucky ticket.

The man who is known by only one name, Jai, visited a nest of bees with the belief that they will help him know the winning lottery ticket. No one exactly knows how Jai would make that come true in the bid of making real money online casino gambling sites.

The only thing that the media knows by now is that he is nursing serious injuries in one hospital caused by a swarm of bees, which he tried to invade their privacy.

According to confirmed sources, the bees that Jai visited were not far from his homestead. In fact, the swarm of bees was reared inside Jai’s compound, at the rafters of his house.

Eyewitnesses, who comprise Jai’s neighbors, allege that at one point, a fellow gambler when visiting the jail asked what he was doing with the bees at his house rafters, to which Jai answered that they bring good fortune as well as prosperity to those that keep them.

He meant his words: last week, Jai went to the rafters, in a bid to seek the winning lottery ticket number from the bees, but instead of the bees revealing the winning lottery ticket as Jai thought. They answered with stings after bites, which left Jai unconscious and now he lies in the hospital bed warning anybody against rearing bees.

A local journal, Buriram Times reported that it was after Jai’s friend arrived in his home that Jai climbed the rafters to reach the bees in a bid to see if they will be able to tell the winning lottery ticket in Thailand.

Unfortunately, the bees are only trained by instinct that anything or any person in spite of who it is should always remain an enemy. That is what Jai proved to be before the swarm of bees kept in the rafters of his house.

Jai received approximately 80 stings that left him barely dead. When paramedics arrived, he lied down unconscious, but his friend who received a handful of stings fled to a nearby ticket.

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