Online Casino Gambling| Solution To The United States Debt?

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Could Online Casino Gambling Be A Solution To The United States Debt?

Is The United States Of America’s Government missing out on the jackpot? Politicians, business people and folks all over the U.S. have opinions about casino gambling like playing a slot machine or playing in a poker tournament. Internet Casino Gambling is legal in some states but appears illegal in others based on the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA).

Nevada and Denver are two have legalized playing casino games on the Internet. In 2013 New Jersey opened their doors to online casino gambling for their residents only. What states will be next? Check out the news article “Gamblers Predict The Next States That Will Legalize Online Casino Gambling“.

So, Online Casino Gambling| Solution To The United States Debt?

Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun have online casinos that are allegedly licensed through the state of New Jersey. This shows that there is a strong possibility of legalizing Internet gaming via “Internet Intrastate casino gambling”. Now let’s get back to the question “Could Online Casino Gambling Be A Solution To The United States Debt?” We have provided our readers with a great infographic that shows how Internet gambling can be a solution to solving the United States debt. Also, InfoGraphic is below.


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Is The United States Government Missing Out On The Big Casino Gambling Jackpot?

In the infographic, you can see the top five states with the largest debts. You can also see that the top five states that least debt bring in a large amount of tax revenue from land casino gambling, playing slots online and in some casinos sports betting. The state of Pennsylvania brings in over $360 million dollars in tax revenue from their Native American and commercial land casinos. Take a look at the video below of a slot game that you may be able to play for real money and Bitcoin.

An Explainer Video

Indeed, The infographic shows if the US Government legalized Internet gambling in all states. Furthermore, experts predict that the 50 states would bring in over 38 BILLION DOLLARS in mobile casino gambling revenue! That is a lot of money that the USA can put toward helping all of the folks without jobs as well as many other things.

What Would Happen If The United States Government Won The Progressive Jackpot?

First of all, our graphic designers did their own research. Furthermore, all sources of information are on the infographic. Moreover, we find approximately how much more the U.S. Government can do for its taxpayers. Also, let’s discuss the jobs it creates if all of The United States Of America legalized Internet casino gambling. As a result, it may help the employment rate. Additionally, this can help students pay off high-interest loans and do many more things to help the United States Of America advance in our technology research.


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