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Red Rake Gaming Software

Red Rake Gaming is a red website. This software developer is completely passionate about creating software. The company is sharp and aesthetic. Most importantly, this online casino software company does many things. It can produce many gaming products. But it is choosing to focus on slots. The developer also creates other casino games.

Red Rake Casino News

With this particular niche, many people wonder how this gaming company gets the ‘rake’ name. But you can learn a lot more from the company’s logo. It features a real rake. This is a communication that indeed, they have the legitimacy of the name. No matter what many people may say they deserve credit. The reason for giving the company thumbs high is because of dice, the 7s or even any other wagering signs. As you well know, many companies use such.
Red Rake Gaming

Important And Unique

Red Rake Gaming is showing the world that it is important to be unique. There is a lot more that will amaze about this gambling company. Apart from slots, which the company produces in plenty, there is more. RRG is releasing video poker. The company is releasing many titles that are specific to mobile users. Besides, the company is also developing video bingo. Very few companies in the world produce these online casino games.

They Have Some Of The Sharpest Pages

You will see some of the sleekest and sharp pages. These pages contain a lot of information about the services. What is more is that it is easy to navigate. The color is sharp as the company pronounces itself. The site’s basic language is in English. But you can also translate it into Spanish. With this ability, it means the gaming developer can reach a larger audience.

Their Site Is In Spanish And English

But, why Spanish? Well, it is the native language of those that are behind the development of this gaming company. While it is not necessary to do things this way, they are at liberty. Besides, it is one way of giving back to society. The original clients come from the Spanish language. It will be a bad thing to forget where one comes from. Because of this and any other reason, the developers decide that the site be translatable into Spanish.

Based In Spain

It is true that Spain does not belong to iGaming hot seats. But Red Rake is changing this into a reality. For now, there are a handful of gaming developers in Spain. They may have offices in different locations. But the fact is they are in Spain. The primary audience for this company is in Spain and other European countries. But RRG is also spreading out its wings outside of Valencia.

Free to Play Red Rake Gaming Slot Machines

1. 3 Butterflies.
2. 777 Colors.
3. Atlantis.
4. Caribbean Treasure.
5. Circus Wonders.
6. Crypt of the Vampires.
7. Eastern Goddesses.
8. Retro.
9. Siberian Wolf.
10. Super 10 Stars.
11. Wildcano.
12. Around the World.
14. Beauty Blooms.
16. Bon Appetit.

Famous Paintings, Frozen Charms & Burlesque

17. Cat’s Dreams.
18. Famous Landmarks.
19. Fun Park.
20. Cocktails Time.
21. Famous Couples.
22. Hawaii.
23. Marie Antoinette.
24. Mystic Japan.

Red Rake Gaming may come from a country that is not prominent in gaming, but the products are superb.

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