Winners New London At Copperwood Bar & Grille Reviews

Is It Time To Visit Winners New London At Copperwood Bar & Grille In Connecticut? The Winners New London at Copperwood Bar & Grill in Connecticut has street and self-parking for all her clients. Of all Connecticut casinos, you will find out that although there are no as many social amenities as those that are found in other hotels, you will get everything you need about all off track gaming events. The exact location of this off tracking venue is at 24 Eugene O’Neill Drive in New London Connecticut. If you are looking to bet horses online take a look at Intertops.

Copperwood Bar & Grill Menu is the one restaurant at the venue but ensures all visitors who check in fin their preferred means that are served at very affordable prices. For this same reason, it is easy to envision what you are going to encounter at the Winners New London at Copperwood Bar & Grill. Yes, you can think of a well, furnished room or large rooms with interior décor to give the building a modern look and fitted with several flat screens that enable players to follow their bets as well as see how the results affect their decisions.

The venue is just two blocks from the famous New London Union Station. When you think of the neighborhood, you will be more than willing to visit the place regularly.

A very nice, clean and conducive neighborhood where you will find murals from giant whales as well as artistes especially local musicians gracing various walls in tall buildings, is what Winners New London at Copperwood Bar & Grill presents you with.

There are also some 25 big screens that present to all available members the very best of thoroughbred, greyhound and harness racing. The beauty is that at the end of the day, winners will be presented with their various prizes. And it is good to remember that both the business and action are regulated and monitored by the relevant authority in Connecticut thus legal.

Gaming at Winners New London

Winners New London at Copperwood Bar & Grill is the ideal place for all your off tracking sports action. You do not have to worry whether you will find parking for your car or cab. As long as you are a visitor, you will always find ample parking for your car. The rest of the time here is for you to enjoy what brought you here, experiencing various off tracking events.

There is a lot action on ponies and greyhound races. When you visit the bigger betting room, you will realize that there is a flat screen TV wall. Besides, you will also see over 25 displays of live action that is taking place on thoroughbred and harness races. You can also place your various bets on greyhound tracks and jai-alai games at your discretion.
Winners New London At Copperwood Bar & Grille Reviews | Find Connecticut OTB
However, there is a condition you have to meet if you are interested in visiting Winners New London at Copperwood Bar & Grill. For you to be accepted, you must be at least 21 years of age. Of course, this is not a new regulation for almost all Connecticut casinos require this. If you want more information about this off track venue, call (860) 701 0712 or visit

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