Winners Norwalk Reviews | Find Connecticut OTB

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Winners Norwalk Reviews | Find Connecticut OTB

Do You Have Some Time Monday Through Saturday? It’s Time To Visit Winners Norwalk in Connecticut! It might not be among the top Connecticut casinos, but there is ample reason to believe that this off track venue referred to as Winners Norwalk is the ideal place for you to visit. Bet horses online with real money or Bitcoin at Intertops . Before I give you the very review of this off-track betting venue, here is a quick view of some of the things you expect: You can locate it at 24 Burnell Boulevard in Norwalk Connecticut.

One of the reasons why you might find Winners Norwalk off-track betting venue to be the ideal place to do your gaming from is that it will not in any way interfere with your work schedule as well as Sunday, a day you may want to be with your family. There is an overview of the timings you should observe when you decide to visit Winners Norwalk:
Mondays the facility is open to the public from 11:30 am and closes at 10:00 pm.
On Tuesday, opening time is 11:30 am and stretches to 6:00 pm.
On Wednesday, the opening time is 11:30 am, and you may remain at the off-track venue until 10:00 pm and the same can be said of Thursday.

On Friday and Saturday, opening time is set at 11:30am, and you may remain in the Winners Norwalk until 11:00 pm.
You see! You have all the other time in the world to do other chores, first before 11:30 am from Monday through Saturday and the whole day Sunday.

Winners Norwalk Review

This newly renovated off-track betting venue is located right inside the Norwalk Mall thus the name Winners Norwalk. It is mandatory that if you want to be their visitor, you must attain the age of 18 years and above. Take a look at CT online casinos.

The betting area features enormous flat screens that give players a chance to see for themselves how the real action takes place. You are at liberty to place various betting on several off-track events going on in the world such as jai-alai action, greyhound, harness, and thoroughbred.

Winners Norwalk Reviews | Find Connecticut OTB
The beauty is that you will find different types of seating arrangements inside this sporting venue giving you a chance to choose the kind that is most preferred to you. Inside the venue, you will also find some vending machines where you can access different snacks and soft drinks as you continue with your gaming.

Winners Norwalk is open daily for some hours except on Sundays when it is completely closed. It is a good thing to note that results from different events that you’ve placed your bet on are broadcast live on the giant flat screens that are mounted on nearly every wall.

This is a deliberate move to enable all those who participated in any bet to see how their games develop. However, there is an individual-monitor seating area that will allow each player to see for themselves the results on what they have placed bets for.

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