Winners New Haven Sports Haven Bar & Grille Reviews

Winners New Haven Sports Haven Bar & Grille Reviews

You Do Not Have Any Reason Not To Visit Winners New Haven Sports Haven Bar & Grille! You can locate this newly renovated pari-mutuel off-track betting facility at 600 Long Wharf Drive, New Haven. Whether you come in your car or you have taken a taxi, you will be given space to self-park as long as you are on the premises. Intertops is a good Racebook that is also an off-track betting site where people can bet horses online.

You will also find two distinct restaurants that will serve your meals throughout the day. In fact, the two restaurants, Sports Haven Bar & Grille and Sports Haven Restaurant tend to help their clients with delicious ready meals. However, that does not rule out the possibility of you placing an order for your favorite dish that you did not find ready.

Winners New Haven Sports Haven Bar & Grille Review

The staff at the two restaurants is hospitable, humble and ready to serve you with any meal of your choice. Although Winners New haven – Sports Haven Bar & Grille is not among the big and famous Connecticut casinos online, there is no doubt that it is one of the most visited pari-mutuel and off-track venues in Connecticut.

Whatever thing you can think of when a sporting venue has just been renovated is precisely what is inside this off-track site. Yes, after the only concluded revamp, the venue’s operator decided to install some 250 giant screens inside the gambling hall that has been nicely painted with the modern décor.

With over 38, 000 square feet dedicated to gaming, you do not expect that this ample space would be left without any gaming equipment. That is why you can see the 250 High Definition screens strategically placed in ideal locations inside the gaming area to allow players to follow up their bets.

A lot has been done inside the Winners New haven – Sports Haven Bar & Grille to ensure that all gamers who check in will enjoy their different preferred games thus finding the real value of their time and money. This is possible with the four movie-sized screens that are mounted inside the hall allowing all present members to enjoy. After the main event, you may find it ideal to take a break while playing pool, shuffleboard, and football. All these are free of charge. You will also use this time to enjoy your favorite meal and drink from the New Haven sports bar.

Gaming At Winners New Haven Sports Haven Bar & Grille In Connecticut

Indeed, inside the Winners New Haven – Sports Haven Bar & Grille you’ll get a chance to play racebook, the like of which is only found in Las Vegas, an elite gaming platform that will allow gamers to see the true pleasure that emanates from playing racebook. With the over 250 giant screens that are placed on locations, which are visible to all present members, you will always want to come back at the facility for a more exquisite gaming experience.
Winners New Haven Sports Haven Bar & Grille Reviews | Find Connecticut OTB
You will also find hundreds of individual and group seats inside the hall, which is one of the reasons, many gamers from around flock at the Winners New Haven. For more information about Winners New Haven, call (203) 946 3100 or visit

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