Learn The Different Types of Online Slot Machines

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These days a lot of people love to play online slot machines for real money. Needless to say, people get money with this option and that is why it is getting hugely popular as well. But if you are new to this kind of gaming, then you may get confused because there are a different types of slot machines available in the market and you can divide them into different categories or types. These categories can be based on multiple factors and in this page you will see some of the most common methods to categories slot machines into different types.

Learn The Different Types of Online Slot Machines | Animated Infographic

Explainer Video Shows Types Of Slot Machines

Denominations: Denomination or amount is one of the simplest possible methods to divide slot machines into different types. Some games will consider only dollars as the mode of payment, while some other takes the only penny. Other than this, some games may also accept different kind of denominations that gives you the freedom to choose one accordingly. If we talk about the most common denominations, then it will include dollars, quarters, pennies, nickels and high limits.

Discover Different Types of Online Slot Machines

A number of reels: In every nickel slot machine you see some symbols that spin and those symbols are known as reels. In earlier slot machines they used to be metal sheets, but now you see only a digital copy of that. That means you see video screens instead of metal reels.

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Old online slot machines for real money used to have three reels in it, but these day’s you can see much advance version that comes with 5 reels. These extra reels allow a player to have a bigger jackpot because the chances of winning a jackpot reduced with more reels. But when someone wins a jackpot, get a bigger prize as well. But these reels are not limited to only 5 reels because in some cases it can go up to 7 reels as well.

Animated Infographics To Illustrate Game Types

Game type: When we try to categorize slot machines, the game type can also be a good factor for that. Unlike previous time, these days slot machine is much more advance and it can have immersive sound and video in it and you can divide it accordingly. Other than this, you can also find different types of slot machines based on your specific location in the world. Talking about the main slot machine games types, it includes 3d slots, fruit chines, pokies, video slots, and classic slots.

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Class 2 and class 3 slot machines: Different authorities in the United States of America divides the slot machines into 2 main classes that include class 2 games and class 3 games. Most of the slot machines games that you see in popular gambling destination such as Las Vegas or Atlantic city are Class 3 games. And if we talk about class 2 slots, you can find them in smaller gambling places. Mostly in those states where only native tribes are allowed to operate a casino.

Las Vegas or Atlantic city are Class 3 Games

Class 3 machine is also known as Vegas-style slots and each outcome by reels is independent. That means result could be anything on the spin and losing or winning of the game remain possible for you. In this game, you either win or lose and you play against the house.

However class 2 slot machines are different because in this game you don’t play against the house, you play against other players. That means chances of winning a jackpot are higher in it just like a lottery. Here you must understand that the math behind this game is based on the bingo and in this there are always some win and loss for a certain number of games.

Progressive versus Flat top slot machines

There was a time when almost all the online slots used to have a top fixed jackpot. Such games were commonly known as flat top machines. They are still very common in many places. The prize money or jackpot amount was not much higher for the winner, but the chances of winning were much better for people compared to a progressive jackpot.

At the other hand, the progressive slot machine does not have any fixed jackpot price and its amount keep on increasing with time. That makes is a really huge jackpot for the winner and it could be like winning a lottery for the player. In this method, the game takes a small percentage of every bet and includes that in the jackpot until someone wins it. And when someone win a jackpot then this counting starts again.

Sub Categories

Here you must understand that progressive online slots have various sub-categories as well. That means some machine will have a separate jackpot for every machine while some other machines available in the local network can share a single jackpot. These second type of machines are very common in casinos.

Other than this, there is one more option that is a wide area progressive slot machine that can be common in multiple casinos. These could have the biggest jackpot because the number of contribution from players is really high and. You can consider Megabucks network as a good example of such machines because its price money starts with $10 million and it can go to $20 and even $30 million.

Land Casino Slots

Land-based versus online slots: Yes, the explains it all. Furthermore, you play the online slots games on the internet using your computer or any other similar device. These games work in the same manner as a class 3 or Vegas-style machine would work. However, all the money is there on the internet.

Needless to say, online slots have various advantages and disadvantages as well compared to their land-based counterparts. One of the biggest advantages of online option is that payout percentage is much higher. This is possible because the overhead cost of online casinos is much less and that is why they are much more affordable as well in terms of payout.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Talking about the disadvantage of online slot games, you need to wait to get your winning amount. Although you get the payment immediately into your casino account, it takes time to get into your account because you have to initiate the process of withdrawing the money. That will include the cashier department of the casino and your withdrawal process as well.

Tight versus Loose online slots machines

Indeed, You can understand this with the name itself. Listen, a loose slot machine pays you more often. Furthermore, tight games pay less. If you are a casual casino visitor, then it is almost impossible for you to know the payout percentage on any game. So, take your time to decide on a game. Also, find if it loose or tight by the RTP. However, if you want other’s opinion, then the internet has so many different forums, articles, and blogs that can tell you much more about it in detail.

Paylines: In traditional style slot machines there is only one payline. Furthermore, it remains into the center of three reels. However, some symbols have a fixed combination. As a result, these games do the payout well.

In newer games, there are multiple paylines for the five reels. Some patterns in these games are very complicated, yet the chances of winning get higher for players with every spin. Some machines may have 3 paylines, some may have 5 paylines and some could have 25 paylines. Other than this, there is also a new slot machine known as 243 and that does not have a payline concept at all. In this option they just check the winning symbol without any order and machine does the payout accordingly.

Modern slot machines can also have bonus games and extra wild symbols that can work in multiple ways. And that is the current situation of the industry, but one thing is certain that these slot machines will keep on increasing in the coming years.

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