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Ireland has a beautiful culture, and many gaming providers have made Irish Themed Slot Machines. Some terminologies exist for many years, but when you trace their origin, it becomes a bit hard to relate to the current usage. Although the term ‘luck of the Irish’ has been used by virtually every online gambler or gambler for that matter, the origin of the name seems to have nothing with the way that term is currently used.

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That begs the question, what is the origin of the term ‘luck of the Irish’? What is the significance of the name to the modern generation of online gamblers? To answer those questions, it is good to look at a bit of the history that is behind the terminology. Maybe, that way, you might get the picture that may lead to you knowing why the new gambler is using this term.

It is possible that the term started way back in the early 19th century when the Irish-Americans were in a rush to find hidden gold and silver treasures thus when they found some of those precious metals, it was said to them that it was ‘luck of the Irish.’

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Today, when the term is used, it is evident that it is not because an Irish resident found luck, and even if the Irish did find success, it is not about silver or gold.

The term means that someone is simply luck or he/she is lucky to have won a bonus game, a free spin, a jackpot or any other prize in a particular online slot machine. Besides, most Irish themed slots are unique in a sense that starting with a natural green color, which seemingly is a brand color of most Irish themed slot machines, will make these Irish themed slots distinct.
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To that end, it is easy now to associate with Irish themed slots because looking at the color and presentation; it is easy to identify individual online slots with the Irish theme. Therefore, whether we’re talking about the country’s rolling green hills, leprechauns, leaf clovers or even fairies, there hundreds of available ideas that can be instantly recognizable to be used in Irish slots.

In fact, even if you’ve never stepped foot in Ireland, which not many people have done so anyway, there are quite a handful of attributes that are only reserved for Ireland and the people of Ireland. That is why indeed gaming companies have decided to set aside a category of games that they now call Irish themed slot machines.

Whether it is the green color, the gold we talked of earlier, shamrocks, the pots that are made of gold and St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday that is only known and celebrated by the Irish people, all these are a clear indication that indeed Irish themed slot machines is a real consideration.

Some of the popular games that employ the Irish themed slots theme include the Golden Shamrock that is produced by NetEnt. In this slot, you will be required to arrange bright green hats, pints of beers and other symbols that are only known to Irish culture. Other games are Pot O’Gold by NextGen, Shamrock Isle by Rival Gaming, Emerald Isle by NextGen and Irish Eyes 2 by NextGen.

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