Comic Book Themed Slot Machines

Have you ever played Comic Book Slots? Before the birth of movies whether black and white or the most improved 3D movies, comic books were there. They were the only way of getting thrilled especially after reading a moving story about a particular imaginary character.

To show how popular they are, look at the number of films that have been produced out f the books. Besides, there are now several online slot game versions that have been created from comic books. This has enabled different players to relate to some characters in the book. The characteristic given in the comic books gives a player an implication that affects the way the player sees the character even if the book was later made into slot machines based on comic books.

Best Online Slots with Comic Book Themes

To make matters even worse, it is interesting that what a person reads and learns from a comic book is what is later turned into a money-making thing when the same person plays comic book slots when he or she engages with some seriously nasty supervillains.

The beauty is that you will be making lots of money as you do that engagement. Better still, if it happens that you are lucky enough to beat an actually trounce even a single villain; you stand a chance of winning win lots of prizes. Also, there are bonus games and features to enjoy the whole day long.

The most popular online slots that is based on a comic book that is widely known by many people is Superman Las Son of Kryptonite. This slot is truly an icon when it comes to comic book themed slot machines.

Prizes on this slot come at a time when you can rescue Lois Lane, the sweetheart on this slot. Other awards will come on your way if you constantly safeguard the Daily Planet, locate where the most suitable phone boxes, which upon you finding, Clark Kent can then change them into a red and blue superhero outfit that for now is a brand.

Bonus games in this slot include Superman Wilds, Clark Wilds, and several others. But for you to stand out it is important to remove with immediate effect Kryptonite before it turns out to be something unwanted around your neck.

Comic Book Slots

Lady Bug Adventures is yet another latest online slot machine based on a comic book that you can try on. The slot is designed in a manner that allows you to see Lady Bug as a beautiful and soft school-going child during the day but changes into something big and bad during the dark hours of the night.

However, this systematic change of character is of a right course. The Lady Bug Superheroine at night does a job of purpose. One of her primary responsibilities is to clear of the city some of the nastiest messes that are brought by supervillains that no one would love to see anywhere near the city. There are Big prizes waiting for you if you can capture and kill this creepy crawlies.

Online Slots with Comic Book Themes |Comics Book Themed Slot Machines
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