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Alaska Casinos

Alaska is a gorgeous state with a lot of tourism focusing on its natural environment. It is “isolated” from the mainland of the United States and is positioned near the north west corner of the continent, relatively close to the Arctic circle. There are technically no casinos in Alaska, but there are plenty of online alternatives for visitors to explore. However, if you count bingo halls and non-traditional Alaska casinos, you will find ten casinos with ninety-two slot machines. In this online gambling guide, we will discuss casinos in Anchorage and the following:

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Latest Alaska Casino News

Both oil and tourism are important contributors to the state’s economy, with each generating a significant amount of tax revenues for the state. As a result, the gambling industry in Alaska does not have the same level of “justification” as other states in the United States. Because it is one of the most conservative states in the country and has some of the tightest laws across the country, it is extremely unlikely that gambling rules will be relaxed in this state over time.

Alaska Casino Gambling

Alaska Online Gambling

Because of how stringent the state’s casino gambling rules are, I’m not going to sugarcoat it, but online gaming in any form is most likely unlawful. Why? Even the onshore tribal casinos only provide bingo and pull tabs, which means that any type of gambling is legal in Alaska. It isn’t, however, to suggest that Alaska is any different from other American states. Alaskan gambling regulations are old, vague, and to be honest rather doubtful if they apply in today’s world of the internet.

This is good news for the Player, who has little to no understanding of how betting on gaming works. Knowing this, it’s not surprising that no Player has ever been charged with gambling online. Operators have been fined in certain instances, but never the Players.

As a result, you’ll find that offshore online casinos in Alaska are eager and capable of taking clients. Because of its position as the 46th State in the United States, it is ranked just above West Virginia and behind North Dakota when it comes to playing at international online casinos. The state with the most wagers placed on offshore online casinos is California, which has a total of $180 million in bets.

Alaska Casinos Gambling Sites Online

Can I Gamble In Alaska?

In Alaska, most forms of gambling are prohibited. I.e., the legal sorts of gambling are minimal! There is no state lottery in Alaska, and citizens are not permitted to gamble on the national lottery. Gambling in Alaska is prohibited both in real and internet casinos, as well as sports betting online or via bookmakers. As a result, you can’t gamble in Alaska in comparison with surrounding US states. Find casinos near you.

Why isn’t there a shift in Alaskan gambling laws now that the federal ban has been lifted?

This is due to the fact that it is up to each individual state to develop a change to their state constitution, which can be difficult. No reform to anti-gambling legislation will occur without the support of the states’ residents.

Will The Be Change?

In 2019, we’ve seen a push for legislation and the entry of the gambling industry. There is significant political will to legalize card rooms, which include poker and other table games.

Gambling may help to boost tourism in the state by allowing gambling establishments, resorts, and other attractions to be part of the tourist experience. In order to prevent any unwanted consequences, House Bill 103 has been submitted for consideration in the House. Whether or not this legislation will pass is yet uncertain.


Bingo is legal in Alaska, but it can only be carried out by charitable and tribal organizations that have acquired a license from the Alaskan Gaming Commission.

There are over ten bingo halls in Alaska that are tiny to medium in size, and they’re all really enjoyable to play.

Offshore online bingo sites provide online bingo and real money poker.

Is It Legal To Play Online Slots In The USA?

Legality of Gambling in Alaska

Indeed, when it comes to Illegal gambling, we include:Free slots no download no registration instant play


revel casino lawsuit


Alaska Casinos

Although “Casinos” isn’t quite the right phrase to describe bingo or pull tabs’ gambling activity, the following is a list of “Casinos” in Alaska:Real money slots no download no registration instant play

Agate Pull Tabs

Find Agate Pull Tabs on 100 Main St, Sandy Point Drive in West Point, NE 68788. Furthermore, they offer twelve seats for players to play pull tab games.

Atka Ira Council Pull Tabs

Located in Atka Island, Alaska, they offer pull tab games only. Also, they have a four room hotel.

Crystal Cruises – Crystal Serenity

This cruise offers top-rated luxury lodgings and a stunning route to the glacier(s)! It’s reasonable to assume that most tourists aren’t on this trip for the gambling experience. Find them at the Port of Anchorage, in Anchorage, AK 99501.

Juneau Tlingit and Haida Tribal Bingo

Indeed, this bingo hall offers five hundred seats. Find them at 3235 Hospital Drive in Juneau, AK 99801.

Kake Tribal Heritage Bingo

Ultimately, this bingo hall has a hotel adjacent to it with a few hotel rooms. Find them at 541 Keku Road, in Kake, AK 99830.

Klawock IRA Pull Tab Shoppe

The Grand Traverse Band of Ojibwe runs a number of services to preserve the cultural values and history of the region, having been in operation since 1936. Find them at 403 Bayview Boulevard, Tongass National Forest, in Klawock, AK 99925.

MIC Gaming Hall

Find this bingo hall at Western Avenue, in Metlakatla, AK 99926.

Native Village of Barrow Pull Tabs

Ultimately, this bingo parlor has ninety bingo games and one electroic game. Find them on M.L.K. Jr Dr, in Winder, GA 30680.

Sitka Tribal Bingo

Find them at 456 Katlian Street in Sitka, AK.

Social Gaming

Gambling at one’s home is permitted, but it must be done in private. It cannot be done in broad view of others.

Indian Gaming Regulatory Act

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was passed by the US Congress on October 17, 1988, to regulate gaming on Native American reservations. IGRA establishes the National Indian Gaming Commission and the regulatory structure for Indian gaming in the United States. Find out about other regulatory requirements about Class II Gaming, Pull Tab Gaming and much more right here.

How Canada Moves to the Forefront in Gambling Industry Deals

Go to Canada

Alaska is one of only two states in the United States that does not border any other state, and thus it is sometimes known as the “isolation” state. Alaska, however, has borders with Canada, which is a significant advantage!If you live near enough to the border with Canada, why not have a look at the gaming options there?

USA Online Casino FAQ


Why is there no casinos in Alaska?

Alaskans, on the whole, have been hesitant to allow additional legal gambling; several statewide votes on the issue have failed, most recently in 2008.But one of the primary reasons why citizens rejected legal gambling was that, with our huge oil revenue, we didn’t require any extra cash.

Does Anchorage Alaska have a casino?

The Tudor Bingo Center is one of the most distinctive casinos in Anchorage, Alaska, as it has both slots and game tables along with bingo tables, which attract a sizable crowd of gamblers and gamers.

Are there tribal casinos in Alaska?

The only tribal gaming casino in the state is on the Annette Indian Reserve, on Metlakatla Island. Most gaming in Alaska, however, is not regulated by the state. It is therefore considered unlawful throughout the state.

Does Alaska have casinos?

Unfortunately, you will not find casinos in Alaska. That said, there are 2 Class II gaming establishments. Moreover, the Federal National Gaming Commission (NIGC) regulates them as per the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1986.

How many casinos are in Alaska?

While there are no actual casinos in Alaska, there are ten Class II gaming establishments. At these betting parlors, you can play bingo and pulltab casino games. Out of these ten wagering houses, they spread out throughout nine cities or towns.

What Is The Biggest Casino City in Alaska?

The Biggest Casino City in Alaska is the MIC Gaming Hall, also known as South Point Casino. At this betting parlor, you can play almost one hundred slots.  .

It appears that the state has opened up its restricted gambling laws. Furthermore, it seems that their Governor. Mike Dunleavy has made proposals. The state of Alaska wants more than just bingo and pull-tab games. Moreover, it appears that they want video lottery, sports wagering, scratch-off tickets, and keno.

How old do you have to be to gamble in Alaska?

It seems that the legal age for gambling in Alaska is eighteen. However, this may be limited to parimutuel contests. If someone wants to play bingo games and pull-tabs, it seems that the law age maybe nineteen. That said, we have heard that Alaskan residents have to be 21 to gamble on any of Alaska’s casino cruises.

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