$42 Million Slot Machine Win But New York Casino Claims Malfunction?

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$42 Million Slot Machine Win But New York Casino Claims Malfunction?

Katrina Bookman called it a mega jackpot, a lifetime experience she will live to remember. The women believed to have been cheered on by the casino personnel and the customers at the Resorts World New York Casino after the win, came to a sudden disappointment when the casino representative claimed a system malfunction.

New York Casino Claims Malfunction After $42 Million Slot Machine Win?

Bookman took a selfie beside the casino slot machine as evidence of her short-lived victory flashing her multi-dollar smile. Furthermore, This malfunction claims raises reactions. Also, it makes people wonder about their integrity issues. Moreover, this is among the gamblers who saw her unrevealed reality right at the scene of the incident. As a result, the casino escorts Bookman from the house by security personnel. After that, they tell her the next day for a decision. She made her way back home with an urge to get her winnings the following day only to be told she had won nothing but a steak dinner.

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The NY Gaming commission also stated that the machine had malfunctioned and the winnings were all voided. Alan Ripka, an attorney to Katrina Bookman made some allegations that the house didn’t want to pay his client despite a fair winning. Bookman and her attorney showed a lot of dissatisfaction from the casino management and the NYC gaming commissioners.

The Sphixz Machine

Interestingly, they both believe that she should have won the maximum. However, the sphinx machine does not allow the win. Furthermore, the rough estimate is $6,500 according to the management. On the very incident, her voice cracks as she remembers the overnight joy.

Indeed, She narrates how she plans to use the money. Bookman had already earmarked a portion of the amount to purchase a barbershop for her son, some for her own investments and a sizeable amount of the winnings for charitable work in her community. Her sense of goodwill and supportive nature was backed up by her efforts to beat all the odds in raising four kids solely as a survivor of foster care. Remember, Click here to read about the Manhattan Slots Mobile Casino Online. Also, check out the video below. Ultimately, you can find some games you can play.

Most importantly, the massive $42.9 million jackpot reduces to a mere $2.25. Ultimately, is what she claims by the commission. The slot machine that had scrolled to reveal the so-called unfeasible win’ was pulled from the floor for maintenance and repair services. WABC reported that the machine was later installed back to the system after the update and was more than ready for play.

Katrina Bookman

Bookman claimed to be in the process of filing a case and ready to sue the casino due to lack of trust, dishonesty, and incompetence in service provision to its esteemed customers. She strongly believed that the winning and the system was fair, only the casino management and the gaming commission were the one unfair’.

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New York Casino Player Wins $42 Million Dollar Progressive Jackpot But Resorts World NYC Casino Claims Malfunction?
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New York Casino Player Wins $42 Million Dollar Progressive Jackpot But Resorts World NYC Casino Claims Malfunction?
$42 Million Winner took a selfie beside the Resorts World NY Casino Slot Machine As Evidence Of Short Victory Flashing Her Multi Dollar Smile
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