New York Lawmakers Act to Expand Slots at Jakes 58, Long Island Casino

Long Island Casino Jakes 58

Long Island Casino Jakes 58

Sometimes less is better when it comes to the number of slot machines at a casino hotel and resorts. Too full of a selection often produces a few machines that cannot live up to expectations on its daily win total. In the case of a New York casino, New York lawmakers are taking the complete opposite approach to increase revenue at this Long Island casino.

Will Jakes 58, The Long Island Casino Increase Number Of Slot Machines?

As reported on a local news site, the state is looking to triple the number of slot machines for one casino venue. Lawmakers in Albany are trying to increase the number of slots at Jake’s 58 Hotel & Casino in Islandia from 1000 to 3000. The bill to make the change was introduced this past weekend.

The two men behind the proposed legislation are state Sen. Jim Gaughran and Assemblyman Steve Stern. The rationale is that the increased revenue would benefit Suffolk County. The municipality is already struggling with a mounting deficit. Furthermore, It faces issues raising funds for water-quality improvement projects. Moreover, they need additional funds to support law enforcement.

Opposition to the measure has been varied. Some local residents say that the increased slots are not guaranteed to raise revenue. More machines could actually cause more problems than they are worth. Other opposition questioned the overall impact tripling the number of slots would have on these existing county problems. The current legislative session is set to close on Wednesday, June 26.

Some of the comments on the site in response to the initial news report were rather interesting. One local resident commented:

“I’m wondering how many guests/visitors Jakes 58’ has that they can afford to have so many more machines, without increasing its rooms, parking, employees etc,”

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One comment took a harder stance on gambling in favor of legal marijuana by stating:

“I find it ironic that local lawmakers will do all they can to support gambling, which is highly addictive, but are opposed to marijuana legalization.”

In response to the casino itself, there were two observations starting with:

“The whole layout of this place needs to be reconstructed and then maybe bring in something else.”

This was followed by:

“They should add roulette tables instead of electronic ones and free alcoholic drinks when you are gambling like AC (Atlantic City) has.”

Moving down the list of comments on this issue, a lively debate on parking ensued. To the comment of “maybe they should add parking!” another comment mentioned that Jakes’ does have valet parking. That sparked the following retort:

“And where are the valets going to park the cars should even a third of the increased number of machines’ worth of guests/visitors decide to show up at one time?”

Apparently, the initial comment was from a regular to the site. Further down the list of comments to the suggestion that the casino adds more parking was another sharp retort:

“He has no clue. He just blathers on to be relevant…”

It is hard to gauge how the local community in Suffolk County really feels about 2000 more slot machines on the floor at Jakes’ 58. However, it has definitely created a lively conversation on the matter. Now, check out this video of Jake’s 58.

• Source: Lawmakers push to triple amount of slot machines at Jake’s 58 From On June 17, 2019.

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