Will The Next New York Land Casino Be Based Out Of Staten Island?

Will The Next New York Land Casino Be Based Out Of Staten Island

Will The Next New York Land Casino Be Based Out Of Staten Island

The three Class III licenses for full casinos in the New York downstate region are probably the most coveted potential gambling operations in the entire world So, it’s no wonder that there has plenty of speculation as to who will get them and where the casinos should be located. The latest suggestion comes from Staten Island Borough President Vito Fossella who has invited the potential developers and the New York State Gaming Commission (NYSGC) to take a chance and develop one of the casinos in his part of the city.

Staten Island as a Potential Landing Spot for the New Casino

On Monday, Fossella held an official press conference where he proposed that his borough should be taken into consideration as a landing spot for the casino development once the licenses are awarded. He noted that Stated Island is currently one of the rare places in the whole area that’s being targeted for new casinos with no gambling offer of any kind. That should make this part of New York a desirable destination for whoever will be developing the new casino.

The press conference was confidently held at the Empire Outlets, a spot with the Manhattan skyline in the background and looking over the site of the failed New York Wheel project. This site is the exact spot where Fossella envisions the new casino. Building a casino and hotel complex here will not only allow visitors to gamble but provide a nice outing where they can enjoy the wonderful views. It’s a big advantage of this spot over the other proposed locations in the city which are mostly the sites of casinos and racetracks and none of them can offer this kind of amenities and enjoyable surroundings.

The Site of the New York Wheel as a Perfect Casino and Tourist Location

Fossella noted that he’s still to discuss his plan with the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) which is currently the owner of the site. In addition, no discussion has taken place so far with the Gaming Commission. The Borough President said that he hopes that this announcement will serve as an introduction to those conversations.

The New York Wheel project has been met with many obstacles and has seen several major investors pull out. After several delays, the project has been shut down as the initial cost estimate of $250 million was raised to nearly $1 billion. A part of Fossella’s plan is to build both eh casino and a smaller wheel at the site. A smaller wheel would be much more feasible and its construction could be completed in three-and-a-half years. Currently, the project is in the hands of CanAm Enterprises, which also shares a vision for building the wheel on a smaller scale. Fossella’s hope is that this site could become a tourist attraction similar to locations in Las Vegas.

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At this moment, Staten Island and the wheel site are just one of the several locations being considered, with a couple of them already garnering a serious buzz. The most attractive among those locations are Times Square, nearby Citi Field in Queens, on top of Saks Fifth Avenue in midtown, and the Water Club in Kips Bay. Some of the potential operators already have Class II casinos operating downstate. So for Staten Island to have any chance in this race, they would first have to find a major developer to partner up with.

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