Arkansas Referendum on Casino Gambling is a Go

Arkansas Referendum on Casino Gambling is a Go | Casino News

Arkansas Referendum on Casino Gambling is a Go | Casino News
While many voters across the country were immersed in campaigns for politicians leading up to Election Day on Tuesday, residents in Arkansas also had to weigh-in of the future of casino gambling across the state. In a comprehensive state referendum vote covering multiple aspects of Arkansas casinos, the measure went on to pass with 54 percent of the votes cast in favor of the proposed expansion.

Arkansas voters have passed Issue 4 which was actually a constitutional amendment covering the future of real money casino gambling in the state.

How Does The Arkansas Referendum Mean Casino Gambling is a Go?

The main components of this amendment calls for the state to issue four casino licenses. The specifics include one license each in the following four counties; Crittenden, Garland, Pope and Jefferson. The license in Crittenden has been earmarked for Southland Racing Corporation and the one in Garland will go to Oaklawn Jockey Club.

There are different processes. First of all, they need to determine the type of gaming options for Arkansas casinos. After that, they will assign Regulatory issues. These issues are for the Arkansas Racing Commission. However, they are also for the 4 Arkansas casino locations. The measure also calls for the state’s legislative body to enact laws and appropriate funding for the racing commission.

Another key step in the process of bringing casino gambling to Jefferson and Pope counties is to establish a set of requirements for issuing these two casino gaming licenses. One of the requirements is that the operator of these two Arkansas casinos must conduct on-site gaming for as long as they hold one of the two licenses.

The Arkansas Racing Commission Has Requirements

First of all, The Department of Human Services has requirements for The Arkansas Racing Commission. It appears the ARC develops and conducts compulsive gambling disorder education programs. As a result, the state’s Department of Human Services to creates rules. More specifically, the rules will govern these compulsive gambling disorder programs.

Did you know the state of Arkansas will establish tax rates? Obviously, they have tax rates. However, they develop specific tax rates for real money gambling. As a result, this sets parameters for tax revenue distribution. Furthermore, this applies to casino resorts. Also, it applies to racinos.

A few of the other provisions in this gambling amendment include:

–The ability for casinos to operate on a continual basis every day of the year.
–Permit the shipment of casino gaming machines and devices to each location.
–Allow all four Arkansas casinos to serve alcohol. They can serve alcohol during operating hours regardless of any local county laws. All alcohol must be purchased from a licensed state wholesaler.
–Supersede any state laws that may currently be in effect that conflict with the provisions of this amendment.

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