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Are you a gambler who prefers to play blackjack more than any other online casino games? Well, what do you love about playing blackjack that you can confidently relate to your friend that would probably convince them to desert what they are doing now for blackjack? As you may beware, there might be nothing that can make a player happier when playing table games than when a player realizes that the dealer has bust during gameplay.

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Best Online Casino To Play Buster Blackjack

At Bovada, you can play several variations of 21. Ultimately, this includes Buster Blackjack. However, you should check out their live dealer casino as they offer a lot of different variations like Spanish 21. Read More.

All You Need To Know About Buster Blackjack Online

But you should also know that there are moments, although rare when the dealer draws a face-up card to go over. These moments will always give everyone to relax and perhaps to celebrate. Little did you know that there are now ways in which the dealer will make everybody at the table even in the whole gaming floor or the casino room to celebrate even more. That is possible especially if the dealer’s hand goes beyond 21.

In fact, that is what is behind Buster Blackjack, a new online game developed by NYX Gaming, now available in many online sites that have incorporated the gaming company’s software.
It is good to remember that NYX Gaming has in the past couple of years been able to develop several blackjack variations that use the same rules.

Blackjack Advanced Strategy Chart

Blackjack buster bet odds

The exciting part of these games is that each of them has side bets that are attached. This idea of connecting a side bet to each game ensures that the game has its unique and distinctive flavor. You will also notice that there is a big difference with other games in the same category. In fact, it is not possible to realize whether you have won a side bet on Buster Blackjack unless you hit the end of the hand.

However, many gamers argue that this criterion used to determine whether you have won or not does not have much value because after all, it depends on whether or not the dealer busts. Besides, it is also dependent on the number of cards on a single hand.

Buster blackjack rules and payout

If you have played other games developed by NYX Gaming especially blackjack, you should not be overly worried. In fact, there is no difference between ‘Felt’ branded games that have been produced by the same developer.
But if you are new to NYX Gaming games, it is vital that you learn a few basics of playing Buster Blackjack. In fact, unless you know the rules of playing blackjack in general, it might be a task to grasp the idea behind Buster Blackjack.
Buster Blackjack | Play All Variations Of Online Black Jack Free
Nonetheless, you need to know that all the action takes place with a shoe that is created using six decks of playing cards without jokers.

Blackjack buster bet strategy

The cards dealt here are ‘shuffled’ after each hand. The first thing, which is perhaps different from other games, is that at the start, the player must place a wager on the marked area. Note that a player can place up to three hands at once, but that must be one for each. Remember though that you have an option of the side bet, which you can decide to place chips on the spot that is slightly above the central wagering area.

First of all, Buster Blacklist is a blackjack variant with the same number of cards in 21. Before you play for real money, you should study the pay table. After that, read the rules and discover the chances for players to win. Furthermore, you can start to make an exciting blackjack side bet that allows players to obtain the house edge. Ultimately, you should only use the buster blackjack side bet in certain situations.

Now, let’s talk about when you should hit on a soft 17. In standard 21, you usually double down on a soft 17 if the dealer has 2-6. However, in this variation, you have to calculate whether or not you want to bet if the dealer has the house edge. Ultimately, you need to calculate how many decks the dealer is using. Below is an illustration of the house odds based on the number of decks.

Number Of Decks – Hit On A Soft 17 – Stand on Soft 17

1. | 8.77% |6.89%
2. | 8.48% |6.51%
4 | 8.31% |6.29%
5 | 8.27% |6.25%
6 | 6.21% |8.25%
7. | 6.17% |8.22%

Now, following these rules should help your strategy based on the dealer s busted hand. Also, you should get a better idea how many cards in the dealer hand. As a result, you may be able to predict when the dealer busts.

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