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Perfect Pairs Blackjack


Have you ever wondered what sort of table game perfect pairs blackjack is? Well, let’s back up a little. Blackjack obviously is a great game and is one of the most recognizable names in any casino setting. The game limits you by the fact that there is no way for players to win big immediately.

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Learn About Perfect Pairs Blackjack

While this is okay, wouldn’t it be better if there are times you get to win big? Or even bag the jackpot?

As a result, so many tables now include side bets which players can choose whether or not to play. And out of this, there is a popularly known real money blackjack version that is perfect pairs blackjack. It is a bonus game with huge payouts in case a player gets dealt with similar cards at the start of a hand.

About Perfect Pairs

Blackjack is fantastic, and it has become one of the most well-known alternatives in casinos throughout the world. However, if there’s one downfall to the game, it’s that it doesn’t include a method for players to win large prizes right away, like as with slot machines with progressions. Even if you have the best odds and a fun game, sometimes all you want is to strike it rich.

That is why many tables now include side bets that may be played along with the basic hands if desired. One of the most popular variations is Perfect Pairs Blackjack, a bonus game in which players can earn substantial winnings if they receive matching cards to begin the hand.

How To


How To Play Perfect Pairs Black Jack

Blackjack Perfect pairs is an optional side bet. Play the side bet on every hand you participate in at a blackjack table that offers a wager. If you desire to play, all you have to do is place your wager. Usually, they set the minimum bet at $1, which may be less than the minimum situated on the main online casino game.

It is essential that you remember that you can play a side bet only if you make the standard bet. This strategy means you cannot play as an independent game on its own. After making a bet, the dealers the first two cards in hand are what matters. Your objective is to get two cards of the same rank, for example, two kings. Any two of the same cards will pay out, but having two cards with the same color offers a better payment.

What Is A Perfect Pair?

A perfect pair of two identical cards like two jacks of diamond pays the best. Exact table payouts vary depending on which casino you play. This example is the payout that you can expect from an online casino:

Indeed, a side bet at a blackjack table is called Perfect Pairs may be played (or not) on each hand. If you wish to wager on this wager, simply put down a certain amount of money before starting the hand; this bet frequently has a $1 minimum, which is less than the main game’s minimum.However, keep in mind that you must make a regular bet in order to play the side bet; it cannot be played as a stand-alone game.

Once you’ve placed your wager, the first two cards dealt to you in your hand are all that matter. The goal is to obtain two cards of equal value, such as two kings.The best pay is achieved by having two cards of the same rank; however, having two cards of the identical color pays even more. The ideal payout is achieved when you have two cards of the same rank, but having two cards of equal value, for instance as 2 jacks of diamonds, pays out considerably better.


The precise pay table varies depending on the casino you play at. The following are typical payout percentages seen at many online casinos:

A Perfect Pair payouts 25-1, while a colored pair pays out 12-1. That said, a non-colored pair pays out 6-1.



  1.   A perfect pair pays 25-1.
  2.   Colored pair pays 12-1.
  3.  Non-colored pair pays 6-1.



Online Casino Strategy

No Perfect Pair Strategy

The few side bets give a better chance to come up with a strategy, and this is the exception. Your winnings are determined based on the cards you are dealt with and nothing else.
Perfect Pairs Blackjack Game
Winning at perfect pairs blackjack, like many other table games is solely a game of chance. If you intend always to get the best hand, it is advisable to avoid this game. Depending on the payout table used, the house edge lies between 2 percent and 8 percent and this is higher than blackjack.

Why You Should Play

It is convenient if you are after having fun in a casino, this is the game for you. For small investments, you can add more actions to blackjack, and this will increase your potential to win big payouts on every hand.

As far as side bets are concerned, perfect pairs blackjack is the best of all table games. Combined with the other incredible odds available the house edge is not entirely unbelievable. Better yet, if they are combined with the blackjack odds the payout is even better.

What are the real odds of getting perfect pairs? 

There are seven cards in the dealer’s shoe that can make the player a pair out of the 415 cards in a game employing eight decks of cards for example.

You can look forward to receiving 59 letters out of a possible 60. That’s 1 in 59 odds that the card you want will come up. When compared to the 30:1 payout available, it’s easy to see why this is more of a recreational wager than the sort of side bet that serious probability players like to take.

Other Types Of blackjack

Blackjack variations such as Perfect Pairs Blackjack are among the most popular blackjack games available today. Learn more about some of the other well-known kinds of blackjack.


Perfect Pairs may be found at our list of online casinos that offer 6/1 on mixed pairs. They also have awesome sign-up bonuses, that comes with just a small wagering requirement.

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Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos

Understand Perfect Pairs Side Bets

The game of European Blackjack with the most fans is undoubtedly The Best Pairs. It’s similar to regular European Blackjack, except that it has several side bets. Depending on the outcome of their cards, players can win special pots – and the dealer’s as well.

As we take a much closer look at Perfect Pairs wagers to see whether it’s worth putting your money on.

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How Perfect Pairs Bets Work Online

Perfect Pairs Blackjack is similar to European Blackjack. Gamblers get dealt two cards face up, with the dealer receiving one up and one down. The goal is to obtain additional cards (“hit”) until you reach 21, or as near to it as possible without going bust.

You “stand” if you decide to stop receiving cards. If you match or exceed the dealer’s total, you win.

The player puts in a bet and may also make an optional Insurance bet of 3/2 at the start of each hand. If the blackjack dealer wins with a natural 21, you win 2/1 on your Insurance wager.

Perfect Pairs differs from other matching games in that you may wager on side bets as well. The player’s first two cards determine the payout. For a win, you’re in excellent position if you get dealt a pair.

Tech Tips to Win Real Money Playing Slot Machines | Strategies For Winning Guide

Perfect Pairs Tips And Strategy 

When you play Perfect Pairs European Blackjack, it’s crucial to comprehend how many cards are accessible.

A pair of decks is used in most online Perfect Pairs games. As a result, the chances of you striking two cards identical (a “perfect pair”) are greater than those shown in the payouts.Even if a shoe has six or eight decks, the probability of being dealt two cards of the same value is in the thousands.

There are also side bets available in Perfect Pairs. If you’re going to put up a little money, the Mixed Pair bet is probably your best bet. This gives you one or two more cards in the shoe to shoot for.

When playing Perfect Pairs, the best blackjack strategy is crucial. So, understanding when to “hit” and “stand” is essential.

For example, splitting high pairs in online blackjack is frequently a good idea. However, if you have a side bet depending on the outcome of your hand, this isn’t always feasible.

Alternative Side Bets 

Side bets may be found in a number of blackjack casino games. In certain cases, the overall game is different as well.

Blackjack Switch | Rules, Strategies And Black Jack Casinos

  Blackjack Switch:

In blackjack, players receive additional payments on a variety of side bets. The player is dealt two hands beginning with the start of the game. When they are dealt a pair at the start of a hand, the side bet pays 5/1.

After the flop, pairs are separated. Players who receive two pairs win $8 per chip. The side bet is worth 40/1 if the player gets quads (four cards of the same type).

In Blackjack Switch, like in European Blackjack, players may Insurance and double down.

Online Blackjack

Super Fun 21:

The “joy” of standard blackjack is taken to new heights in this variant.

The gameplay is identical to European Blackjack, but there are higher prizes for achieving a blackjack with two diamonds (2/1), making 21 with five cards or less (2/1), and making 20 with fewer than six cards (1/1).

Safety Protocols For Casino Tables Benefit Savvy Blackjack Players That Have The Ability To Count Cards

Double Attack Blackjack:

In terms of side bet action, Double Attack Blackjack has more than most versions. The higher the payout, the more unlikely the outcome. The “Bust It” wager is the Double Attack Blackjack main attraction.

If the dealer busts with 3 cards (and exactly three), the player wins the side bet. There are bets on a variety of topics, including whether the dealer’s up card is a picture card (3/1) or if he or she busts with a nine (6/1) or seven (10/1).

If the dealer busts with 8-8-8 of the same color, the player can win a 50/1 payout.

USA Online Casino FAQ


Should you play perfect pairs in blackjack?

As a result, the chances of you having two cards matching (a “perfect pair”) are greater than those provided by the payouts at 30/1.The chances of being dealt two cards the same when a shoe has 6-8 decks are in the thousands. The side bets in Perfect Pairs provide another dimension to the game.

What are the odds of a perfect pair?

There is a 1.69% chance of winning 30 units if you play the game “Perfect Pair.” This means that there is a 7/415 chance of getting a perfect pair.

How does perfect pair work?

The type of side bets that need the players’ cards are known as Perfect Pairs. When the blackjack player’s first 2 dealt cards are a pair, this side bet is won.When 2 cards have the same numerical value or face value for face cards (e.g., 7♦7♥, A♣A♣, A♠A♣), they are said to be a pair.

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