Play Double Deck Blackjack | DDB Rules, Strategy, Pros & Cons

Double Deck Blackjack (DDB)

The number of decks used in a Blackjack game is, in essence, a rule unto itself, and it affects the game’s House Edge.The more decks a Blackjack game has, the higher the House Edge will be against the player, to signify that there will be a smaller return to player in the event that all other conditions are equal. In this online gambling guide, we will discuss Double Deck Blackjack, and the following:

  1. Play Double Deck Games
  2. Card Counting
  3. Video
  4. Rules
  5. Doubling
  6. Splitting
  7. FAQ

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Card Counting

In the case of card counting, multiple decks can be a good and bad thing. For example, sometimes the person with an advantage will win more often against fewer decks. But other times, people will notice that you are using this strategy and they will stop letting you play against them.Despite the fact that it is incorrect, there are still pit bosses who believe, ‘A six (or eight) deck game cannot be counted.’

Whether you play single-deck or double deck, you can count on them. However, for the basic strategy player, double deck games provide fewer chances than single-deck games to make decisions based on the “Deck Composition,” and it is for this reason that double deck has a bigger house edge.

When we compare the rules of double-deck variants, I will use a ‘Control Game,’ which will have the following regulations: a. It must be defended on both sides, with attackers emerging from behind at least three points after each period closer to goal (keep in mind that this is subject to change).

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Online Casino Rules

Double Deck Blackjack Game Rules

When the dealer gets a soft 17, they hit. Additionally, you can double after a split and double anytime. Also, a player can resplit twice on 4 cards. However, players cannot re-split on aces. Interestingly, players cannot hit or split on aces. The dealer can peak. Lastly, blackjack pays 3:2.

The House Edge with Basic Strategy is 0.39702 percent when compared to single-deck with the identical setup of rules, while the single deck game has a House Edge of 0.12144 percent for a difference of 0.26928 percent in comparison to double-deck gaming.

This is not only because hands/decisions in a single-deck game are more powerful as a result of the effect-of-removal (cards coming out of the deck), but also because there are certain plays that happen as a result of effect-of-removal in a single deck game that do not occur in a double deck game. In a single-deck blackjack game, you can make two to beat one (for example, doubling an eight against a dealer showing five/six in a single deck). You would not perform this action in a double deck game.

Vegas Blackjack

More About The Rules

The opportunity to play deck composition strategy does not exist in the same way that single-deck Blackjack does.Deck composition strategy is what card counters do, but they may accomplish it with games of many decks and are doing more than just making judgments based on the number of cards that have come out/are showing in one hand.In single-deck Blackjack, such moves are far less frequent than they are in double-deck Blackjack at live casinos for the experienced player.

Four Card Stud

Soft 17 On A Double Deck Game

The first rule change we’ll look at is whether or not a dealer hits or stands on soft-17, which is any hand that adds up to seventeen with the Ace counting as eleven. In other words, A-6 would be a Soft-17, A-2-4 is another example, and A-2-2-2 is one more example. Because the impact of a card, such as a deuce, being taken off the chance of getting another deuce is greater in a double-deck game than it is in a single-deck game (and even more so in games with larger decks), these hands appear somewhat more frequently.

Our control game rules assume that the Dealer Hits on a total of soft-17, but it is more beneficial for the player if the dealer stands. When the dealer stands on a hand, it can be hard to win. But if you hit the Soft-17, then there are more chances that the dealer will have Hard-17 or better.

For instance, if the dealer causes an A-6 and a Soft-17 by drawing two cards from the deck, here are the possibilities for the following card:

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The dealer takes his hand to 18-21 with the aid of an Ace, two, three or four. The four, of course, gives the dealer a unbeatable twenty-one that can only be matched for a push if it matches the player’s total.


The dealer draws a 10-card that results in a Hard seventeen, which is what the dealer would have had even if he stood on soft-seventeen.


The dealer draws a five, six, seven, eight, or nine to complete the hand and busting is now feasible since the hand is incomplete.Even if the player plays perfect strategy based on the rules, assuming he plays flawlessly and following the rules, he will have a hand that wins (or pushes) seventeen frequently enough to warrant taking this chance.

But, aren’t there more “bad” cards (39 versus 31) than “good” cards? What gives?

The correct response is that the, ‘Good Cards,’ create a hand that is superior to what the dealer had if forced to stand on the Soft-17, while the, ‘Bad Cards,’ are not always a death sentence for the dealer.The dealer can choose to draw a five to a Soft-17, which gives the dealer a hand total of 12 and allows the dealer to draw another 9 for a combined total of 21.

And you’ll notice that, with Basic Strategy, which is based on our control game and switches to forcing the dealer to stand on Soft-17, the house edge is reduced to 0.20416 percent, or a difference of 0.18656 percent in favor of the player.

Pontoon Blackjack

Doubling On Any Two Cards

The doubling rule follows, some casinos allow a player to double on any two cards the player chooses, while others just allow doubling on hand totals of 9-11 and yet others only allow it on hand totals of 10-11. Soft 9-11 hands do not otherwise total 9-11 in the double deck game, which means that a player might double on them.

Two 13s give you a total of 5, while two 19s give 7. There is no difference in the meaning between tens and hundreds because both are just tens with an extra digit (for example, 10 = ten). In other words, whatever the game is that has a zero for its lowest soft hand value (such as baccarat). All of these plays, with the exception of the soft nineteen (which would also be a hard nine), would be gone if the player could not double on anything.

The control game allows us to double on Any Two cards, but if we change it to doubling only on 9-11 and keep all other conditions the same (eliminating all soft doubles except one), the house edge rises to 0.51298 percent, which is a difference of 0.12226 percent compared to being able to double on almost anything.

Furthermore, if the player could double only on 10-11, the situation of doubling a hard nine against a dealer showing a 2-6 would be removed. If this were to happen, the House Edge would rise to 0.62725%, or 0.23653 percent more than in our control game in which the player can double on anything.

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When To Split?

We’ll now look at doubling, as well as the two together: whether or not a player can double after a split.

A player should split 8-8 if the dealer has a card that is not an Ace. Do this for both hands to form two new hands. Then, if the player gets dealt 4 on one of those hands, they can split again and make another two hands.The player may use the option to re-split four hands at a time, which is known as “Re-Splitting.” This procedure is referred to as “Re-Splitting,” and it’s an advantageous rule for the gambler.

There are certain Blackjack variants that allow unlimited re-splits, although doing so is exceedingly uncommon.

We design this game to allow the player to split their cards up. You can split them two times, or three times, or four times.

If you are able to do this four times, it adds 0.00570% more of a house edge compared to only being able to split twice.

This is another restriction that we discussed more fully in the single-deck article. The house edge is impacted by this rule more significantly with each deck that is added.

Because of effect-of-removal, such as in a million deck shoe where getting 4-4, splitting, and drawing another four does not significantly decrease the possibility of drawing another four on the next card!

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Double After Splitting

The next issue to consider for the player is whether they are allowed to double-after-splitting, and there are several circumstances in which this becomes important! The player in this case is not able to double because 3-3 against a Dealer five, which is split, and the player draws either a six, seven or eight (depending on what the rules are for what a player can double on) is not an example of one in which the player would wish to double after splitting.

IWhen the player does not have the ability to double after splitting, the House Edge is increased by about 0.14534% to 0.53606%, as opposed to our control game’s 0.038%.

Finally, if the player can separate to several hands, that difference increases slightly because more hands equals increased potential double opportunities after splitting.

Split/Call is a great option to further improve your equity in the event you’re faced with an all-in situation. One of the advantages behind splitting is that it allows the player to not just get out of a poor hand, but also to transform a bad hand into a fantastic one that should be doubled down on!

Aces can only be split once in Blackjack, and the controls we are using for our casino game do not allow re-splitting of Aces.

Splitting aces is helpful to the player because, once split, aces may frequently not be hit upon or resplit, which means you’ll be stuck with a bad hand total of hard-12 if you split two aces and draw an A to one of the splint Aces. You lose if the dealer makes a hand.

If our control game allowed for the resplitting of Aces, the house edge would be reduced to 0.33758 percent, a difference of 0.05314 percent from the control game’s house edge.

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Hit On Aces That Have Been Split

The next question we’ll look at is whether a player can hit on Aces that have been split. We’ll return to the scenario wherein the player may not resplit the aces because we don’t have control over it in our game.

The player’s ability to hit Aces that have been split is a significant advantage since it allows the player to take advantage of splitting Aces without having to worry about being stuck on a poor (12-16) hand that can’t win unless the dealer busts.

If the dealer shows a bad card, however, the player may desire to reach such a hand total even if he or she can hit.

What if the player is allowed to hit split Aces? The player will not be trapped in a hand with 12-16 cards after taking each of the split Aces hands.In reality, the player’s worst case scenario is that he or she ends up drawing another Ace (a “Hard 12”) because that is the only hand in which a third card (the hit) could potentially bust them.

Otherwise, every card in the split aces will either provide the player with a full hand or enable him to take a loss in order to improve his hand with little danger of busting.

USA Online Casino FAQ

Double Deck Blackjack Game FAQ

What is double deck blackjack?

The objective of Double-Deck Blackjack is to get a higher score than the dealer without going over 21, just like in any other Blackjack game. Only two 52-card decks are combined together at the start of each hand, unlike most other Blackjack games.

Is it better to play double deck blackjack?

The most important reason is that the frequency of two-card 21 is greater in reduced decks and you get paid extra on blackjacks. The dealer does not.If all else is equal, a two-deck game has a lower house edge than a six-deck game, but uneven rules may make six decks the superior game.

How do you pitch a double deck in blackjack?

The players may touch the cards in this version of blackjack, which is known as Pitch Blackjack. It’ll be played with two decks of standard 52-card decks. The hand or shoe will deal this game, with the player receiving their two cards face down.

Why do casinos use multiple decks in blackjack?

Blackjack was originally played at casinos using a single deck of cards, just as it is at home. Casinos switched to a multideck game with two decks combined in order to make card counting more difficult.

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