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European Blackjack Turbo enjoys a global popularity even though everyone plays by different rules.
Another version called the European Blackjack Turbo exists. European Blackjack turbo presents itself to be an unassuming and easy to use interface which makes it the most appropriate way to get into the brand of 21.

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About European Blackjack Turbo

Not everyone plays by the same rules, despite the fact that blackjack is very popular all around the world. There are big differences in what players expect from this game depending on where they are from. Even though the basic game format is more or less the same, the details can be different depending on the casino you play in.

The distinction between American and European blackjack games is perhaps the most telling. Although these variants are all recognizable as the same type of game, there are enough rule changes that the strategies and feel are very different between them. If you do not know how to play real money blackjack in the European style, you can try SkillOnNet’s European Blackjack Turbo.This app is a faithful recreation of this style of play, presented in an easy-to-use interface, making it perfect for beginners.

Even if you are a pro in American blackjack, you still need a refresher before you can get to enjoy European blackjack turbo. Even though the basic rules are the same, there are slight differences to this particular table game.

The game is played using a shoe made of eight standard decks of cards. At the beginning of every round, you will be needed to place a bet for every hand you want to play.

To begin the hand, you are dealt two cards face up to the player and the dealer also receives one card face up. There is, however, no hole card for the dealer.

How The European Blackjack Variation Plays

Even if you’re a seasoned American video game player, European Blackjack Turbo may be a foreign language.While the fundamentals are similar, there are many irregularities that alter some of the aspects of game flow and what choices you have.

This game is played with the same shoe as previous editions. Each round begins with a wager made for each hand that you wish to play.In this version, the dealer begins each hand with two cards face up and one face down for the player, while he or she receives one card, also face up. There is not a hole card for the croupier in this variation – a symptom of a European table.

The goal of the black jack game is to win against the dealer by constructing a hand that totals as close to twenty-one points as possible without busting or going over 21. Each of the cards has a different point value: numbered cards have a face value of 10. Also, the face cards have a value of ten. Aces are an exception, since while they are usually worth eleven points.Also, they can be worth just one if they would otherwise take a hand above the maximum of 21.

The most profitable possible hand for the player is an ace and a 10-point card. This creates a blackjack, which beats all other hands except for the dealer’s blackjack. In most cases, blackjacks are paid out at 3-2 odds. Ultimately, the game play policy has different rules that American Blackjack Turbo. Furthermore, read our guide to see how the game play policy applies.

If the dealer has an ace or a ten, they will not give you any money until they get their second card. If the live dealer has an ace, you can also choose to make an insurance wager or insurance bet.This real money wager costs half of the amount of the initial bet, and pays out two times the amount should the dealer complete their blackjack later on (allowing the player to break even for the hand).

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The Next European Blackjack Turbo Steps

There are several things players can do after taking these initial steps. If your hand doesn’t have a score of 21 yet, you can play it in different ways, depending on the situation. European Blackjack Turbo players may want to select any of the following options:

The split option in European Blackjack Turbo at an online casino can only be taken if the player receives 2cards of the same rank in their initial hand. Should the gambler wants to do so, they may split those 2 cards into 2 separate hands, each of that must be played for one full wager. The player then has two separate hands, and each hand is played as a full wager. After you are dealt two cards, you can choose to either keep them or to split them into two different hands.

If you split them, then each hand will get another card. Aces can be split but then each hand will get only one more card. When you are done splitting, if you have more than two cards in any hand.A player must keep playing until they either stand or their hand has more than 21 points.

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If a player’s hand goes over 21, they lose all the money they bet on that hand.

After all players have either busted or stood with their hands, the dealer will take their turn. They will first draw and reveal a second card to complete their initial hand. If this creates a blackjack, the player with the blackjack wins. If there is no blackjack, then any outstanding black jacks will now pay out 3-2 odds. Currently, all of the insurance wager will also be resolved, paying out 2-1 if the dealer completed a natural 21.

The live croupier will always hit if they have sixteen or less. They will always stand if they have 17 or more. If the dealer’s hand goes over 21, then they (like the player) will bust and all of the remaining player bets will immediately pay out at even money odds.

The dealer stands. The dealer compares the gamblers hand to the croupiers hand.Once the player has a better score, then the player wins all bets on that hand. If the croupier has the higher score, then the player loses all bets on that hand. If they have the same score, then it is a push.

Different Strategies And Rules

European rules make the game different. The dealer doesn’t check for blackjack until the end of the hand. So the strategies are different than in American variants.

There are charts that can help you play the game correctly. The charts will tell you what to do in every possible situation.

The following set of rules will help you avoid making major mistakes when playing American Blackjack Turbo.

This should help you get closer to the optimal return in the game, which reduces the house edge by 0.58%.

There are two types of hands – “hard” and “soft.” A “hard” hand is a hand where the value of the cards is counted. A “soft” hand is basically a hand with an ace that counts as 11 points.

Learn How To Play European Blackjack Turbo Online

The online casino game aims to beat the dealer by making a hand that is 21 or as close to that as possible, but without going over.

With every card, the point value differs. Numbered cards worth is the number printed on them. Face cards are 10.
While aces are worth 11, there are moments when they can be worth just one if they would make a hand be over 21.

A player’s wager starting hand is an ace and a 10-point card. This naturally gives a 21 or blackjack. The hand beats everything, except for dealer blackjack.

If this is the case, the hands push. Blackjacks payouts are 3-2 odds. There is an exception when the dealer shows an ace or a ten. In this case, the payout only occurs when the dealer receives second card and checks for real money blackjacks.

With an ace, the player gets an insurance bet offer. The bet is worth half the initial wager and has 2-1 payout odds supposing the dealer finishes their blackjack.
European Blackjack Turbo
The player then has the chance to play out their hand. A hand with less than 21 can be played in different ways depending on their current state.

Available options to the player are to stand, hit, double down or split.

Hard Hands:

Soft Hands:


If not splitting, play the hand usually. And it is best not to take insurance when offered. European is very similiar to American blackjack Turbo. Furthermore, the European variant is a fantastic version of the world’s widely played casino table game. With the above features, it is very accessible and easy to play.Top

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