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European Blackjack Turbo enjoys a global popularity even though everyone plays by different rules.
Another version called the European Blackjack Turboexists. European Blackjack turbo presents itself to be an unassuming and easy to use interface which makes it the most appropriate way to get into the brand of 21.

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Even if you are a pro in American blackjack, you still need a refresher before you can get to enjoy European blackjack turbo. Even though the basic rules are the same, there are slight differences to this particular table game.

The game is played using a shoe made of eight standard decks of cards. At the beginning of every round, you will be needed to place a bet for every hand you want to play.
To begin the hand, you are dealt two cards face up to the player and the dealer also receives one card face up. There is, however, no hole card for the dealer.

Learn How To Play European Blackjack Turbo Online

The online casino game aims to beat the dealer by making a hand that is 21 or as close to that as possible, but without going over.

With every card, the point value differs. Numbered cards worth is the number printed on them. Face cards are 10.
While aces are worth 11, there are moments when they can be worth just one if they would make a hand be over 21.

A player’s wager starting hand is an ace and a 10-point card. This naturally gives a 21 or blackjack. The hand beats everything, except for dealer blackjack.

If this is the case, the hands push. Blackjacks payouts are 3-2 odds. There is an exception when the dealer shows an ace or a ten. In this case, the payout only occurs when the dealer receives second card and checks for real money blackjacks.

With an ace, the player gets an insurance bet offer. The bet is worth half the initial wager and has 2-1 payout odds supposing the dealer finishes their blackjack.
European Blackjack Turbo
The player then has the chance to play out their hand. A hand with less than 21 can be played in different ways depending on their current state.

Available options to the player are to stand, hit, double down or split.

Hard Hands:

• Double with nine against 2-6.
• Double with 10 or 12 against 2-9.
• Hit on all scores 11 or less.
• 12-16 stand against a dealer 6 or less, hit 7 or more.
• Stand on 17 or more.

Soft Hands:

• Hit 12-15.
• Double 16-18 against dealers 2-6. Otherwise hit.
• Stand on 19 or higher.


• Never split a 4, 5, or 10 cards.
• Split aces and 8s against everything other than a dealer ace.
• For all different pairs, split only against a dealer 2-6.

If not splitting, play the hand usually. And it is best not to take insurance when offered. European Blackjack Turbo is a fantastic version of the world’s widely played casino table game. With the above features, it is very accessible and easy to play.Top

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