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In the history of games, apart from slots, the family of blackjack games is growing fast. Gaming developers are stopping at nothing to bombard the player. That is why today, Match Play 21 is gaining popularity. There are more and more variants that are coming out on a daily basis. Many of these games are gamers’ favorites. Only a few need retouches. But this game Match Play 21 will surely stand the test of time.

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If you see a online casino game called Spanish 21 and another on called Match Play 21, they are the same thing. It is the same game but different names depending on where you are.
This game has come at a time gamers are looking for ways to enjoy it. Now, they can access several options than in the original version. But there is more.

If you are lucky enough, able to spot a lot of 7s on the same hand, you’ll win a jackpot!

How To Play Match 21

Do not forget that Match 21 is a variant of an original real money blackjack. Play the game with a shoe. This time, it is not the traditional 52 cards but 48 cards each.

However, in this game, there are no tens. Perhaps, this is the first table games you’ll read that does not have tens included.

At the beginning of each hand, the player makes a single bet. It is at this point that the player hands two cards. Both cards face up.

The dealer gives two cards. However, the dealer’s two cards face different directions: one facing up and the other down.

Each of the cards dealt has point values. Aces, for example, can have one or 11 points. As for the numbered points, each has its pip value. Face cards are valued at 10 points each.

The objective of this game as in many blackjacks is to have many points. It is up to the player to have many points more than the dealer as possible. Although the player must aim high, the points must never pass 21.
Match Play 21 Game Strategies
That does not mean that you cannot aim at 21. In fact, at 21, that is the highest score that will give the player many rewards. But beyond that even by one thus 22, the player loses immediately.

Starting Point

When starting out, the player kicks the campaign with an ace and face cards. The two cards have a natural 21 points. At this point, the player earns 3-2 automatic odds. This happens irrespective of whether or not the dealer has 21.
Towards the finish of the bet, if the player has 21 with five or more cards, he earns something more. The list below shows what the player will get with what number of cards:
• 21 with five cards: 3-2.
• 21 with six cards: 2-1.
• 21 with seven or more cards: 3-1.
It is also interesting to note that when the player has 21 and the dealer 21, the player remains the winner. That is why Match Play 21 or Spanish 21 has been called the ‘player’s game.’

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