Can You Win Money On Caesars Slots App? (Updated 2024)

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If you’re considering playing the Caesars Slots game for Android, one of thousands of slot games available on Google Play and definitely one of the more popular ones, you need to read this article first.

Here we will explain if you can win real money on Caesars Slots or just play with the 50,000 free coins that you get when you download the game. The answer probably won’t be the one you’re looking for, but we’ll explain in detail how and where you can win real money for playing slots with a Caesar theme.

It is also possible you landed on this page because you were searching for Caesars casino, slots with a Caesar theme, or any other variation of Caesar that’s related to gambling. This is why we’ll touch briefly on all of those things, making sure that your gambling-related interest in the era of Caesar is fulfilled on this page. We’ll start with the main thing, the Caesars Slots app.

So, Can you win real money on Caesars Slots?” Luckily for you, the answer is yes!


What is Caesars Slots and where to play

Caesars Slots: Casino Games is a fake money casino in form of a downloadable Android or iPhone app. It is also available for Windows devices. The app has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store, with a video ad promising huge wins and even a $777 Amazon gift card. There are over 700k reviews with an average grade of 4.5.

The app owes its popularity to the promises it makes, and it has lots of slots that can be played. The main thing people are trying to do here is to reach a higher level and get more coins in order to meet the demands for getting paid.

People spend real money to try to level up by buying more coins and getting more EXP, and have a goal such as having to reach a certain level by a certain date. That makes them buy upgrades and coins, spending their own real money in the process.

Apparently, the promise of Caesars Slots is that you will win some real money if you manage to clear the objective you’re presented with, but if you look at some Reddit threads or this one you’ll find that people are usually having lots of problems actually getting paid.

In short, Caesars Slots is a fake casino that attempts – and succeeds – to have people try to chase the prize. It is one of thousands of unregulated games on Google Play that pose as casinos or slot games but for which no RTP value is ever published and that aren’t provably fair – because they’re not actually slots. They’re harmless games that look like the real thing.

The problem here is that you’re asked to spend your own money on a game that you do not know the rules for. It’s gambling without it technically being gambling, and it’s a losing proposition.

Caesars Slots is obviously borrowing on the popularity of Caesars Palace, which is a real land-based casino, and on the general popularity of Caesar, ancient Rome and Roman gods as a theme that’s commonly used in land-based and online slot machines.

How do people win real money then?

The only way to win real money by playing slots games, more precisely those with an ancient Rome theme, is to visit a real online casino that carries real slot games that are independently audited for provable fairness.

You won’t win anything by downloading Caesars Slots from Google Play. You’ll deposit some $10 or $18 on a promise that you’ll win money when you reach a certain level, but then you’ll see that leveling up is so painfully slow that it’s impossible. You’ll lose your money – all of it.

Instead, follow our advice on this page and play the real slot games. They don’t promise a win, but the rules are strict and verifiable, and you know exactly how much you can win if you’re lucky. With these games, you have an actual chance to win and win big.

Also, you can use a welcome bonus at our select casinos to boost your cash and to play with more money, which means you get more spins and therefore more attempts at hitting the big win.

Win Real Money with Caesar Slots

Can You Win Real Money On Caesars Slots?


To win real money on Caesar slots – here we’re talking about the Roman empire themed online slots that pay real money – you’ll have to visit a real online casino that offers a no deposit bonus and that has slots with this theme.

If you were enticed by the Caesar Slots App offer of possibly winning some money without making an investment, well, you can’t win real money there and they will ask you to make a deposit anyway.

It is therefore far better to deposit to a real casino, because you can actually win real money. Also, you can get a no deposit bonus so in that case you don’t have to make a deposit at all.

Don’t play Android or iPhone gambling games because these have various ways to trick you into playing and thinking you’ll win real money. You won’t. The only way to win real money is to gamble at an actual casino.

Caesar themed slots

Caesar’s Empire (RTG, 2011) – Realtime Gaming (RTG) is probably the most popular US-facing slot game developer, with more hit titles than any other game maker. They have a way of making a slot game be so fun to play, and Caesar’s Empire is no different. This is a classic slot with huge scatter payouts and a rewarding free spins game.

Ave Caesar (Leander Games, 2018) – This is one of the modern takes on the Caesar theme, by Leander Games, and it’s a superb online slot that you must try out. The graphics and music are excellent, and there are symbols that pay 300x your bet, even more. The Caesar Wild pays 1000x if you land five of them!

Hail Caesar (Rival, 2022) – This is a rare modern release by Rival, and they chose the Caesar theme. It’s one of the best Rival slots to play as it has RTP of 95.40% and an amazing gameplay experience with 25 paylines. The game has low variance so you can play it without much risk for your bankroll, yet the 5x win multiplier can help you reach the maximum win of 625x your bet if you land a board full of the best symbol.

Caesar (Mobilots, 2019) – This is a superb slot with a Caesar theme in which the x5 win multipliers improve an already generous paytable. There’s a free spins bonus round that’s the highlight of this game. You can play for $0.05 to $150 per spin.

Coliseum Cash (Slot Factory, 2018) – This game features a 5-reel 15-payline layout. Your reels are set within a temple, flanked by huge statues, creating a Roman empire contemporary theme. Symbols include helmets, grapes and Romans.

Rome Warrior (BF Games, 2017) – In this game you’ll feel like a gladiator in the Roman arena. It features a 5-reel setup with 243 ways to win. You can win up to 10 free spins and there are stacked symbols that help you win more.

caesars slots app


Other slot themes similar to Caesar

If you were tempted by the Caesar theme, you’ll probably love ancient Greece and the Greek mythology, as well as the ancient Egypt theme that usually has Egyptian mythology and Cleopatra – a Caesar contemporary. This is, in fact, one of the most popular slot themes ever.

Cleopatra II (IGT, 2021) – This is a hugely popular sequel to the original game, Cleopatra, that started the trend and was the first game to be released with this theme. It features 5 reels and 20 paylines, and a bonus round in which you can earn free spins with a multiplier. You probably won’t be able to find this on offshore US-facing casinos, but here are two games that you will find easily:

Cleopatra’s Gold (RTG, 2014) – Still the favorite in the US, Cleopatra’s Gold by Realtime Gaming is a trend setter. This medium variance game has 20 fixed paylines, free spins, multipliers, Wilds and Scatters. There are also other games by RTG, Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold and Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe.

Cleopatra’s Coins (Rival, 2006) – An oldie but goldie, Cleopatra’s Coins features various bonuses including a free spins bonus round with special expanding symbols.

caesars slots free coins

Casinos with a Caesar theme

Obviously the most popular casino with this theme is Caesars Palace. It is a real land-based casino and it also has a popular online version that you can gamble real money on if you’re in one of the states where this casino has a license to operate.

There might be some other casinos that borrow the Roman empire theme for their casino business, you’ll find some of them on this website. This is a very popular theme as it radiates decadency, wealth and VIP treatment. The only reason why you don’t see more such casinos is that Caesars Palace practically owns the theme.

Caesars Slots Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you get real rewards on Caesars Slots?

While Playtika, the developer behind Caesars Slots promises real money wins through leveling up and through the loyalty program, it seems more like a gamification that never delivers on the promise.

Is Caesars Palace real money?

Caesars Palace, on the contrary, is a real casino that lets you play with real money and win real money.

How do you win at Caesars Slots?

You don’t, really. While the promise of a real money win is certainly there, this is a scam that’s designed to have you deposit money in hope of winning some more money. You won’t get it.

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