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Do you like playing at your favorite online casino? Have you ever wondered if they accept EKONTO as a payment method? If so, then this is the online gambling guide for you! We will take a look at EKONTO and see how it can make your experience even better.In this gambling guide, we will discuss the following:

  1. Overview
  2. How It Works
  3. Deposits & Withdrawals
  4. Pros & Cons
  5. Summary
  6. FAQ

Apple Pay Deposits

One of the most popular ways to put money into a casino is by using a bank transfer. You have to trust a bank with your money. There is also the advantage that you are always playing with your own money and can’t borrow any debt. But can we make this idea even better?One thing is eKonto, an online savings account from the Raiffeisen Bank in Czech Republic. You can use it to make easy and direct payments to many merchants in the country, like some online casinos. Advantages of this account might be interesting for Czechs even if they have to open a new Raiffeisen account.

eKonto is a type of bank account also offered by Raiffeisen Bank in the Czech Republic. It has grown to be one of the most popular payment methods in the region.

Top Online Casinos Accepting EKONTO As A Payment Method


Box 24 Casino

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Box24 is one of the online casinos that allows you to use your ekonto account. When it comes to Internet banking, Box24 is one of the many online casinos that caters to players looking for better online payments like debit payment cards and direct banking. After you sign up for your online casino accounts through PlaySlots4RealMoney.com, you can claim huge casino bonuses when you use our no deposit bonus codes. Don’t take out your debit payment card or thing about a deposit method, play different games using free spins with our no deposit bonus codes.

Spartan Slots Casino

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Play responsibly at Spartan Slots casino, which does support ekonto payment order. Customers can choose payment options at these online casinos that accept ekonto. Once you add a valid email address and pick your payment option for withdrawals, you can claim free spins bonuses using our no deposit bonus codes. Remember for the best bonuses and benefits, sign up through our links and banners. If you want to choose a deposit amount, enter your account details in the banking option on your current account. Account holders and customers should be able to do ekonto transactions. Make sure you have an ID card, you will need to upload it to the casino on the Internet. Once you make sure there is no wrong information, you can use the services attached.

Bovada Casino

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An Overview

Apple Pay Deposits

eKonto is an online account for Raiffeisen Bank. It lets people buy things quickly and directly with their own bank accounts.You can use the payment method to buy things online. It is also good for making deposits on entertainment websites, and especially for real money gambling websites.

In order to use the eKonto’s advantages, you need three things. You need a current account, a debit card and a direct banking option.

The money transactions, deposits and purchases are done instantly. This means that the sensitive personal and banking details will not be revealed to third parties.


When customers use this service, they don’t need to worry about the process. It will happen quickly. People who are not sure of what to do can also use a pre-filled order that guarantees there will be no mistakes.

Win A Day Casino Banking Options

How Does It Work

neosurf casinos banking

Right now, the eKonto payment services are available in more than 120 branches of Raiffeisen Bank in Czech Republic. To use this service, you need to meet several requirements.

We give you security keys to use the great features on eKonto. There are three ways to pay online for this service.

neosurf casino banking

There are many ways to do banking. Internet banking, phone banking, mobile or PDA banking and more. There are three ways to make a purchase. You can use a debit card, or you can buy things from shops that sell them online and pay with your account.

When you buy something, the money is taken out of your bank account right away. This happens right away so you get the things that you bought.




eKONTO Account Deposits in Online Casinos

neosurf casino australia banking

The eKonto system is for people to put money in their casino account. You can go to the casino’s payment page and use the special button, but you will be redirected to your bank account.

After opening an account, you choose the amount of your deposit. You can also check and confirm it. The money will be transferred in real time to your casino account.


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From Your Bank Account To A Debit Or Credit Card?

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There is a way to deposit your money into an online casino. You can use a debit card or the MasterCard InternetCard to make your deposit. You can also use other Direct Banking options for instant payments.

The customers need to know that service fees depend on how they deposit their money, and also where they are depositing it.

Making Withdrawals From Online Casinos

You cannot withdraw money from an account by using eKonto. To learn about other ways to withdraw money, contact the online casino’s maintenance and ask what options are available after you make a deposit with eKonto.

The Pros

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In the Czech Republic, people like to use eKonto. It has many advantages, which make it more popular than other payment systems. Probably the biggest advantage is that money transfers and deposits are processed instantly and can be used right away. This is because the transactions happen in a secure environment of a trusted bank.


You don’t need to worry about sensitive information. The service is an assistant between customer and merchant/casino.

If you use your eKonto account more, you get rewards. These include special privileges, bonus offers and discounts.

The Cons


Although this payment method is not bad, it has some disadvantages. For example, this payment method is only available to Czech Republic residents who also have a bank account with Raiffeisen Bank.Customers may have to pay fees when they use some of the options in eKonto. They are also not allowed to withdraw their money from a casino account up to date.

Safe Online Gambling

Safety And Security

eKonto wants to make sure that their customers are safe. That is why all transactions are encrypted and the same safety measures as for regular Rajffeisen Bank transfers are applied.

People can feel safe with eKonto. The platform does not collect any personal or bank account data. This means that people do not need to worry about anything bad happening.


Currently, eKonto is the biggest and most popular payment platform in the Czech Republic. It not only offers a safe way to transfer money, make purchases or deposit funds into your casino account, but also provides a lot of great benefits for users. The way to pay is very secure. It is like any other bank transfer and all the safety measures that are used for other transfers are followed.

USA Online Casino FAQ


What Is eKonto?

eKonto is a bank account that Raiffeisen Bank offers for people to use online. It is a good way to pay.

What Are The Limitations?

This type of service is only available for people who live in the Czech Republic.

What Types Of Services Does eKONTO Offer?

A debit card, direct bank services, and the account itself are all included in an eKonto account.

Am I Able To Use KONTO TO Make Withdrawals?

No, you cannot.

What Fees Are There?

eKonto has services that have different prices. It is best to visit their site for a list.

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