Catawba Casino In North Carolina Benefits From Catawba Indian Nation Lands Act?

Catawba Indian Tribe Ready To Break Ground For Charlotte Casino

Catawba Indian Tribe Ready To Break Ground For Charlotte Casino

The casino offering in North Carolina will be expanded thanks to the new legislation passed by the Biden administration. The Catawba Tribe will be the major benefactor of the new regulations.We have been covering the Catawba Indian Tribe since July 2020. We told you when they were breaking ground.  In March 2021,  we told readers that the Catawba Two Kings Casino Resort wanted to launch last summer.

New Federal Law Confirms the Operation of Catawba-Owned Casino

Following a years-long dispute between the tribes, the operation of the North Carolina casino owned by the South Carolina-based Catawba Indian Nation is now confirmed by federal law. The Catawba Indian Nation Lands Act signed by President Joe Biden was signed on Monday. Moreover, it’s a part of wider legislation. More specifically, it mainly dealing with the authorization of military spending.

US Congress Passes The Catawba Indian Nation Lands Act

Now, with a new piece of legislation in place, the Catawba Nation can develop its casino operation in the state. Furthermore, they plan development of the Catawba Two Kings Casino to cost an estimated $273 million. Moreover, it’s supposes to secure 2,600 jobs in the area and provide a significant source of revenue for the tribe. Above all, the tribe already has a temporary operation running just off Interstate 85 in Kings Mountain. More specifically, it is 35 miles to the West from Charlotte NC.

Previous Efforts From Catawba Indian Nation In South Carolina

Indeed, Catawba Nation’s previous efforts to develop a casino property in their home state of South Carolina have been unsuccessful. At least, when it comes to forms of gambling other than bingo. So, the tribe members turn to the neighboring North Carolina.  As a result, they concentrate their efforts on building a casino and resort there.

Interestingly, They cite historical and ancestral ties to the land in the state. Furthermore, these rights grant them rights to own a casino in North Carolina. Almost two years ago, in 2020, the U.S. Interior Department agreed to put 17 acres of land in Cleveland County into the project’s trust.

Video: Floor Speech In Support of H.R. 1619, the Catawba Indian Nation Lands Act

In January, Gov. Roy Cooper signed an agreement on revenue sharing with the Catawba Nation which cleared the way for the tribe to start the development of a Las Vegas-style casino and resort in Kings Mountain.

Right now, North Carolina has two operational casinos. Both, are run by the Cherokee Tribe in the southwestern part of the state. The federal legislation approves on Monday. Ultimately, this puts an end to a long-running dispute between Cherokee and Catawba tribes. Interestingly, Cherokee nation sues Catawba in front of the federal court over their right to develop casinos in North Carolina.

Several Stages of the Casino Project

Indeed, The preliminary gambling facility opens on July 1. Furthermore, It features 500 gaming machines. Ultimately, this is where North Carolina gamblers can get a first taste of what Catawba Tribe is about to bring them. Moreover, the goal was to have this property operational.  While, tribe leaders prepare the construction of the full phases of the casino.

On October 1, the tribe announces that in cooperation with facility consultant Delaware North they will double the number of machines in the preliminary facility to accommodate the increasing number of customers. Furthermore, the expanded version opened to the public on December 15. Moreover, they add several new types of gambling machines. This includes electronic casino tables for roulette, blackjack, and craps. The pre-launch casino averaged about 2,500 daily visitors which would make it almost a million per year.

The construction of the first full phase of the casino should start on January 4. It will be the first of three stages of the full Catawba Two Kings Casino.

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