North Carolina Arcade Game Room Robbed: Suspects Get Away

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Discover How This Unidentified Local Louisiana Casino Patron & Gambler Was Beaten And Robbed For His Casino Winnings

Last week, a small gaming venue in North Carolina was the scene of a heinous crime. Three suspects robbed the establishment, fatally shooting the owner in the process. At the moment, the criminals are still at large and the local police warns that they’re armed and dangerous. How did the suspects get away after robbing the North Carolina arcade game room?

North Carolina Arcade Game Room Robbery Ends in Fatal Shooting

The robbery took place on Wednesday at the Wagram’s Skill Game Room. The victim, who was killed during the holdup, is Ibrahim Mohamed-Ali Al-Wajih, aged 31. Per the local TV station WBTW, Al-Wajih was the owner and operator of the establishment.

The crime shook the whole community, unaccustomed to such things happening in the neighborhood. Captain Randy Dover from the Criminal Investigation Unit of Scotland County Sheriff’s Office described the situation as a horrible crime that shouldn’t have happened. He added that he can’t understand why someone would kill the person just for the money.

As officers arrived at the scene of the crime, they found Al-Wajih lying still on the floor and unresponsive. An Ambulance arrived at the site shortly after, but all they could do is pronounce the victim dead. The cause of death is not yet confirmed as police wait for the autopsy and official report from the medical examiner.

Coordinated Action of Three Suspects

The North Carolina gambling venue had video surveillance and reviewing the tapes helped police get a sense of what happened. There were three suspects. One of them lured the victim to one of the gaming machines, while the other pulled out a firearm and held the owner at a gunpoint. At the same time, the third robber emptied the cash register. The police did not specify the amount of money stolen. Per Sherrif’s Office, the owner of the game room struggled with the robbers while wounded. During the robbery, several players were at the game room and police questioned each of them to get their account of what happened.

The three suspects are not yet apprehended. Deputies released their photos hoping that the public will help in tracking them down. Most likely, the robbers fled the scene of the crime in a dark gray or black truck. Also, law enforcement is looking for any further video evidence from the surveillance system of the nearby buildings.

Sherrif’s Office Warns Local Businesses To Stay Wary

The Sherrif Office’s also warned other businesses in the area to be mindful of potential further holdups or thefts. Capt. Dover said that the belives that the criminals will strike again. He believes that Skill Game Room was carefully planned. Some of the other owners of gaming establishments in the area told police that they have noticed the same criminals scouting their casinos.

Wagram itself is a rather small town. Located 32 miles from Fort Bragg it counts only about 1,000 residents.

The police have asked citizens to report any information they may have about the robbery or the suspects to the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office Detective Division.

Funeral arrangements for the late Ibrahim Mohamed-Ali Al-Wajih will be handled by Purcell Funeral Home. More details are yet to be announced.

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Rich Caesar

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