Police Find Underground Illegal Hawaii Casino With Rigged Slot Machines?

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Police Find Underground Illegal Hawaii Casino With Rigged Slot Machines

Police Find Underground Illegal Hawaii Casino With Rigged Slot Machines

Illegal gambling is on the rise in Hawaii and the police are doing everything in their power to fight it and shut down underground game rooms that keep popping up. Were the slot machines rigged that police found in the underground Illegal Hawaii Casino?

Police Raids Underground Illegal Hawaii Casino in Liliha?

In their latest action, Honolulu Police Department raided an illegal game room in Liliha on Tuesday night. During the raid, the officers seized 16 gambling machines and large amounts of cash. They have also apprehended a 44-year-old woman, suspected of running the operation. The members of the Narcotics/Vice Division acted on a search warrant based on a tip of unlawful gambling going on at the establishment at 1466 Liliha Street. According to the police statement, during the action, Narcotics/Vice officers had assistance from the Specialized Services Division.

The woman was arrested just after 9:20 p.m. and charged with the possession of illegal gambling devices and promoting gambling in the second degree. At the moment, she’s released and out of jail, after posting the $4,000 bail.

Hawaii Authorities Struggle to Take Down Illegal Gambling Operations

According to the reports from Oahu, there are dozens of illicit gaming rooms all over the island that the police are keeping tabs on. They’re usually located in warehouses, homes, or abandoned storefronts. The backrooms providing access to table games and slot machines are becoming rather common all over Honolulu. However, there’s often not much the police can do about them. While gambling is still illegal in Hawaii in any form, authorities don’t have many tools at their disposal to fight it.

The Investigation Of The Illegal Casino In Hawaii Can Take Weeks

Investigation of just one illegal game room can take weeks of police work. This is necessary to gather all the evidence needed for the judge to issue a search warrant. And, even when the police raids the place, the operators often get away with just a slap on the wrist. The state law declares that owning or even using gambling machines is legal unless money exchanges hands.

This makes it hard for the police to act preventively and stop the flow of the gaming machines to the state. In most cases, officers are forced to sit down and wait for the illegal financial activity to take place. From time to time, they manage to take down a gambling room or two. However, that hardly puts a dent in the illegal operations considering how many illegal gaming rooms there are on the island.

Are Underground And Illegal Hawaii Casinos On The Rise?

Indeed, the number of illegal gaming establishments as well as the raids against them have been on the rise. During last year, Honolulu Police Department shuts down 50 game rooms. Furthermore, they also arrest 31 people in the process. The year before, in 2020, the authorities close 41 game rooms and brought 28 people to justice. Moreover, the majority of machines are in the Kalihi area. Also, West Oahu and Pearl City follow closely.

The Question Of Legalizing Gambling In Hawaii Comes Up?

The rise of illegal gaming once again raises the question of legalizing gambling in the state. At the moment, Hawaii is the only state in the country, next to Utah, where all forms of gambling are banned.

Source: Police seize 16 gambling machines, arrest woman in Liliha raid from Staradvertiser.com.

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