Can I Use My Coinbase Debit/Credit Card To Make PayPal Casino Deposits?

Can You Use Coinbase Debit/Credit Card To Make PayPal Casino Deposits?

Winning real money playing the best online slots with crypto is much more fun when you can make easy and safe online casino deposits. The big issue over the last few years is using a debit/credit card to make deposits and withdrawals using PayPal. Above all, some folks have found that using other pre-paid debit/credit cards like Vanilla or GreenDot MoneyPak are most effective. However, many of our readers prefer linking their debit card from Coinbase [The Shift Card] to their PayPal account. Does this work all the time? No, we have received mixed reviews. However, we have heard some success stories. Also, you can read more feedback found here.

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Can I Use My Coinbase Debit/Credit Card To Make PayPal Casino Cashouts?

Well, yes and no. It’s not so cut and dry. First of all, if you live in the United States of America, it may depend on which state you live in. After Black Friday in 2011, PayPal pulls out of the United States gambling market. That said, there have been ways we have heard people getting around that. However, since Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies have become the most popular way to make casino deposits and withdrawals, we have heard good things about the Shift Card by Coinbase. Learn more about different online casino banking methods.


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How To The Coinbase Shift Card To Make PayPal Casino Deposits And Withdrawals?

First of all, if you find online casinos accepting Visa, you may be able to bypass PayPal. However, some people feel secure using Paypal. Basically, our readers have told us they sign up for a Coinbase account. After that, different people choose to buy Bitcoin and other cryptos by linking their account to their bank account and other options. Furthermore, once they bought Bitcoin and verified their address, they requested [The Shift Visa Card]. Moreover, it appears that people can use the Shift Visa Card By Coinbase the same way they use any other Visa debit/credit card. That said, a lot of people link their Coinbase Shift Card to their PayPal account to make online casino deposits and withdrawals.

In closing, we hope that you found this information helpful. Above all, we go out of our way to try to make everybody’s online casino experience the best it can be. Furthermore, the reason we write about online casino banking methods is we have heard some trouble from our readers.

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