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Astro Roulette is a variation of the table game about Astrology. There was a time in the history of man that almost everybody alive depended on astrology, the study of the stars with the belief that at least every person has a star that guides his or her life. Although some people are forfeiting the belief in astrology, still quite a number look after the stars with the hope that their star will help them know about the future.

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Perhaps, that is why those who believe in the ability of supernatural powers of telling about tomorrow or some other time in the future have turned to the world of astrology. In this belief, people hold that everyone has a star somewhere in the Milky Way that guides them.

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It is hard to tell whether all that is a mere belief or if there is some truth in that, knowing that sometimes, what you believe can merely happen thus authenticating the teaching. At the moment, we aim to look into Astro Roulette, a kind of table game whose basis on astrology.

It is true that the theme of astrology has been maintained on this game. However, you will realize that some basic things such as color, number and other things that you might be familiar with have long been removed thus a careful way to disguise the real money player.

The Age Of Libra, Aquarius Or Pisces

When you ask those who believe in astrology, they might recite all the signs mentioned above plus many more others. You can also bear me witness that daily newspapers publish each day on paper what each of the 12 signs of the zodiac has for those that whose lives depend on knowing what their day has for them.

It is no surprise then that anybody can aptly say that Astro Roulette is a game based on astrology even before they start playing on this online casino game.

The game, Astro Roulette is so close to most European and American tables, which have been people’s favorites for many years. They are an equivalent of a table with a single zero.
It is clear that the most notable difference is that there are 12 signs and some 37 spaces in Astro roulette online.

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One out of the 37 spaces is set aside for the infinity symbol whereas the other 36 remaining areas are spread evenly across all the 12 signs of the zodiac. Here are the names of the twelve signs: Taurus, Aries, Capricorn, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and finally Pisces. That then will mean there’re three pockets set aside for each sign.
Astro Roulette | Spin The Big Wheel For Money Online

Astro Roulette gives players the following complete options:

Infinity – This is where only one pocket is covered. The paying out is 35-1

Straight – it covers a sign that you’ll choose and the payout is 11-1.

Split – covers any two adjoining signs paying out 5-1.

Basket – it covers infinity and any other two signs, and the payout is 4-1

Seasons – covers Spring, Winter, Summer and Autumn paying 3-1.

Rows – it covers four signs paying 2-1.

Elements – covers Fire, Air, Water, and Earth and pays 3-1.
Positive/Negative – covers six zodiac signs. If you hit any of the six, you’ll win even money.

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