3 Card Poker Rules, Odds & Strategies

When it comes to playing poker, whether online or from land-based casinos, 3 card poker is the most popular. Of course, almost all types of poker are. According to gaming experts, poker, particularly three card poker, is the most profitable. This variation is to both the house and the player. As the gambler places more money, thus winning, the house also benefits.

3 Card Poker Rules And Strategy

This calculation is not only done by gaming experts. The same report confirmed by individual operators. They look at the overall performance of all casino games.

Ancient Game Reinvented

The first time this game came out was way back in 1994. However, it did not have a patent until three years later in 1997. Derek Webb was the figure behind the innovation. In his original vision, all he wanted 3 card poker to have was the same excitement that poker game has. Also, Webb wanted the game to have the speed of other casino games.

What Innovator Achieved

In the end, this newest innovation had achieved three major things. One of the things that this poker game came with that is impressive to date is the easy understanding of its game rules.

You should know that many gamers tend to avoid any casino game that is known to have stringent rules. They’d instead go for a game with low payouts than an online casino game with a high payout that has very difficult rules.

The second thing that accompanied this innovation was the lofty payouts. 3 card poker is one of the table games that is known not for its gameplay but for what winners walk away.
3 card poker

It has large payouts that are bound to attract a large number of players. This makes it easy for many players including those that have never played poker before to give it a try.

The third and perhaps most crucial achievement was that it had a nice house edge. There is nothing as good to a business person as knowing that a particular commodity is fetching a lot.

With a useful and practical house edge, it is definite that casino operators would be interested in offering it. Yes, they still do.

Operators will not offer a game if it doesn’t guarantee equal or a higher share of revenue. In most cases, if the game is more of player oriented, operators tend to avoid it. If they don’t, they ensure it works in their favor.

Rules Of Playing 3 Card Poker

The rules for playing this game are pretty much simple. With only two modes of play, you can imagine how easy it is for players to grasp. There is the Ante and the Play.

In all these, the player is competing against the dealer. There is a pair Plus Wager and pay the player on a pay scale basis. But it has to be a pair or better on the side of the player.

However, it is important to point out that the Pair Plus and the Ante options are not available in all casinos. In some though, the Ante is a must!

Here is a list of some hand ranks you must beware of:

• Straight flush has a probability of 0.22%.
• Three of a kind has odds of 0.24%.
• Straight has 3.26%.
The Flush has 4.96%.

• Pair (two cards with the same rank) has 16.94%.
High Card Flush has 74.39% probability.

Looking at the list above, it is evident that playing 3 card poker is lucrative to many players who are lucky.Top



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