Chinese Roulette Free | Rules, Strategies And How To Play Table Games

Chinese Roulette Free


There are two major types of roulette. American and European Roulette. American roulette has a wheel which has two zeroes and a high house edge. European roulette has a single zero and offers payouts. China is the most lucrative gaming market in the world. With that, it has come up with its version of the game. Chinese roulette is like American and European roulette. There are some important differences.

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What’s Your Sign?

At the core of it all, Chinese roulette is like European roulette. The wheel has got 37 pockets, and the payout on all the bets is fair for a 36-pocket layout. This means there is a single extra result giving an advantage to the casino.

The betting layout is different. This gives a different feel and looks to the game.

Learn How To Win At Chinese Roulette

The 12 Chinese zodiac signs replace the numbers. These are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Therefore, every one of these animals occupies three consequent spaces on the wheel.

There are no other designations to mark the individual spaces with an animal sign. All the three offer same results. The last spot on the wheel, given to the 0, is 8. Because according to Chinese culture, eight the luckiest number.

Players in a roulette game place their bets before a spin. There are large spaces in the betting area, and this allows you to place any bet you choose to.
Chinese Roulette Free
Unlike traditional forms, there is no separation between inside and outside bets. The bets can be on anything and any amount. You should take care not to go below the minimum or above the maximum.

Here is a list of the possible wagers.

• Straight – bet on a single animal sign and pays 11-1.
• 8- covers one pocket on the wheel. Pays 35-1.
• Split- covers two adjoining animals. It is a win when the ball lands on either. Pays 5-1.
• Square- Place chips at the intersection of any 4 signs. Spin a win is when the associated animals next, pays 2-1.
• Seasons- has 4 spots, spring, summer, autumn and winter covered by three animals. Pays 3-1.
• Elements- There are many options. Besides that, there is fire, earth, air, and water. All elements are all associated with three signs which cover them for the next spin. Most importantly, it pays 3-1.
• Rows- each covers 4 zodiac signs. Therefore, it pays 2-1
• Positive/negative- same to red/black. Covers six signs or half the wheel. Therefore it pays even money.
• Basket- covers 8 and 2. Pay players 4-1, In case of a win.

After placing the bets, you hit the spin trigger for the next round. There are buttons to make the play easier. Therefore, you can clear any of the piles of chips using the single clear button or reset using clear all bets option.

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