Dueling For Dollars Table Game


In real money gambling, there are specific titles that reign the day. Dueling for Dollars is truly one of these. However, if you ask others, they might not beware. On your part, you should know why such names are well-spoken than others. Today, as we speak, Galaxy Gaming is among the notables in the real money gaming industry.

If that is the case, you need to search for answers. It is good to know why Galaxy Gaming stands out. Is it because of the table games? Could it be because it has developed some games?

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Since it started its operation is 2006, the gaming company has been making big progress. It is not because of this reason that Galaxy Gaming has been in the news lately.

This time it is because of its Dueling for Dollars. This latest development by this gaming company is indeed a thing to reckon.

Remember that for many years, the game has been excellent. However, it needed an update. That is precisely what Galaxy Gaming has been tirelessly working.

But now that the game is out let us take our time to delve into it. For a moment, you’ll think it is one of the table games. When you give it a closer look, you’ll realize a big difference.


The following are the regulations for Dueling for Dollars. To aid clarity, bets and terms relating to the player who is participating in the game, such as “doubler,” are capitalized. Any number of standard 52-card playing cards may be used. The bets that are available are called Dealer,Player,Tie Plus and Combo.

Tie Bonus Wager

In the event that two cards are of equal rank, three cards will be burned and each party will receive another card. This is known as “going to war.” Don’t confuse this with casino war, it is a different game.

Aces are always high for Dealer and Player wagers, regardless of the value of the hand. If the Dealer has a higher-ranking card after the first two cards are dealt, both bets shall be paid 1 to 1.

The player bet is paid on a 1 to 1 ratio if the Player has the higher card in rank after the first two cards are dealt. If there is a tie between the Player and Dealer cards in rank, any player who bets on either may surrender and lose half his bet or go to War.

Dealer Wager

If the player elects to wage war, he must add to his Player or Dealer wager and bet equal to the original stake. When the player has the higher card in rank after all of the additional two cards are dealt in a War, then the Player bid is paid 1 to 2 and the Dealer bid loses. Should the Dealer has a higher card in rank after dealing in a War an additional two cards, the Dealer bet will be paid 1 to 2 on the total amount wagered and the Player bet will lose.

Combo Bet

If the Player and Dealer cards are equally strong after a War, both the Player and Dealer bets will win and be paid 1 to 2 based on the total amount wagered. The Tie Plus and Combo wagers will be paid according to the table below. The Aces can be either low or high when it comes to the Combo bet.

Side Bets / Bonus Bets

It features two premium bets: the Tie Bonus and the Combo Bet. The Tie Bonus wagers are taken or paid only after the main bet has been settled.

Tie Bonus

When a pair is formed on the first round of play by a player’s card and the dealer’s card, that player wins their Tie Bonus wager.Should you are using six decks, the triggering event for a suited pair tie is 20. If you get 10, that triggers an unsuited pair tie.

Combo Bonus

If the player’s card and the dealer’s card form a 2-card poker hand, the player wins their Combo Bonus wager. The Combo Bonus is taken or paid after the main bet and the Tie Bonus have been taken and paid. If you are using 6 decks, the triggering event for a straight flush is 5. 2 is the triggering event to get a Straight and you just need one to get a flush.

House Edge

Dueling for Dollars has a house edge of 2.88% for the main game. However, the house edge for a tie bet is 2.57%. Also, a combo bet has a house edge of 0.32% for dollars dueling.

Trigger The Fingers

The quick fix nature of this table game is evidently its top selling point. However, we’ll delve into that topic much later. For now, it is important to look at the very basics.

Much of our conversation, however, will be centered at the visual presentation of the table game. As you will see, Galaxy Gaming has done a great deal. We should appreciate.

The true casino tabletop is what has been brought to the fore. You will not miss a point you’re truly a gaming enthusiast. Anybody loving gambling should say yes to this innovation.
It seems that Galaxy Gaming used very simple touches.

Although the touches were simple, however, they were also intricate. That is how they gave birth to something substantive.
Dueling For Dollars Table Game
The imagery, animations and everything on the screen are awe-inspiring. You will realize that the developer has decided to use different colors.

You’d find green, white, red and gold. All these colors shine. They are so brilliant that anybody can enjoy watching the video. Playing will come after visual impressions’ attraction.

Again, it is a good thing to give a salute to Galaxy Gaming for the amazing work. Designing of the table game is truly out of this world. Isn’t this what you have been looking for?

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An Extra Edge

If that is what you are looking for, you’ll have it. With Dueling for Dollars, you can play instantly. This, of course, is in line with other games that have been developed by the same developer.

There are a few selections that you can also consider. They include Player’s Edge 21 as well as High Card Flush. All these will give the same feeling as that of Dueling for Dollars. Together, you will not only enjoy but also make big money.Top

Dueling For Dollars Table Game
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Dueling For Dollars Table Game
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