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Lucky Ladies Blackjack Game Review


Lucky Ladies is perhaps one of the simplest Blackjack game around. At least this is from the horses’ mouths. It is so lovely to place bets on it. The developer, Galaxy Gaming, has done a commendable job. You cannot dispute that whether you are new into this or you’ve been here for long. With many games being developed each day, you can be sure that there isn’t repetition. All that developers are looking at is the improvement. Yes, they want to know where and what to improve.

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Beat The Live Dealer With Two Queens

Get the house edge and place side bets or play the base game at our online casinos with live dealer blackjack from Galaxy Gaming. Look at the pay table to see your odds of winning like
9 to 1,4 to 1 or 19 to 1 depending on what cards you receive and what the dealer receives. Check to see if a hearts pair and two queens have the same rank or which has a better payout.

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Online Casino Rules

Lucky Ladies Objective And Rules

The first two cards dealt are the basis of the Lucky Ladies side bet; that they will total 20 points, in any combination. In games with this wager, a specific area for such a bet will be provided, adjacent to the normal American blackjack wager (usually a little circle).The Lucky Ladies bet is a side wager that has no relationship to the main blackjack wager and is based only on our first two cards. The Lucky Ladies wager has no bearing on any other rules in relation to the real money blackjack game being played. If we have wagered on the Lucky Ladies, we only receive a bonus payout if our first two cards combine to make 20. We lose the side bet but keep our main wager and the game continues if they don’t total 21.
Lucky Lucky Blackjack Game Strategies
If you are a traditional blackjack fan, then you probably want to chance something. And in fact, there are things you look at and say, ‘I wish I had a chance.’


Now that Galaxy Gaming and many other developers for that matter have seen the loopholes, they have done something. Today, we have an excellent blackjack variation called Lucky Ladies. The Queen of Hearts is the particular card in this game.

Lucky Ladies is the name of this card game. Something is unique about the individual card.Play this game on the side bet; you should be watchful. These characters present sweet prizes. You don’t want to miss those prizes.

One thing again: do not forget that indeed they are lucky characters! That is the basis of any online casino games in the gambling world anyway.

As is the case with many table games, the objective is simple. A gamer should always strive to beat the dealer. Getting as close as possible to 21 should be the player’s pursuit.

In essence, those waiting to see that difference must learn to hold a bit. But it is certain that the layout is slightly different. The rest of the things for Lucky Ladies Blackjack might be similar.

Perhaps, the greatest difference is that this ‘hybrid’ of the traditional blackjack comes with a side bet. Although it might look a simple difference, it comes with lots of prizes. You’ll probably discover that if you capitalize on the side bets, you will land on big wins. That, of course, has to come as real money blackjack USA experience.
Lucky Ladies Casino Game Review | Play Blackjack Games Online

How Much Can You Make?

That is a good question at the right time. From the side bet, there are chances you will make 20 from the original two cards. But if you can match the Queen of Hearts with the dealer’s blackjack, you’ll scoop 1000x!

Lucky Ladies Blackjack Game

The Only Blackjack With Queens

Mention Queens, for those who have known blackjack. But with this Galaxy Gaming variation, this character is seemingly given prominence. The beauty is that matching it pays damn well.

Quite some people that have played this game agree this is the way to go. Choosing coin value is pretty simple. The available options are $1, $5, $25; $100 or even a whopping $500.

The good thing about this latest variation is that you can play the game on virtually every gadget. Whether it is a desktop, a laptop, Smartphone or even a tablet, you can all enjoy. Playing Lucky Ladies from an iPhone, for instance, is fun.Top

USA Online Casino FAQ


What are the odds of hitting lucky ladies?

Bet is placed 4.9% of the time according to Bet Win Rates. The expected return is 0.61 bets per 100 hands. This bet should be placed, regardless of whether or not the player has an edge. the Lucky Ladies side bet is one of the most popular blackjack bets.

What are the lucky ladies in blackjack?

A traditional Blackjack table features a side bet called “Lucky Ladies.” To win, the first two cards must equal “twenty” in any combination. Higher odds are paid for certain combinations of “twenty” .

What is the lucky ladys?

In both online and land-based casinos, Lucky Ladies is regarded as one of the most popular Blackjack side bets in the world. The primary game is Blackjack, but there is also a secondary bet that pays out at odds depending on whether or not the player’s first two cards total to 20.

What is the payout for Lucky Ladies blackjack?

The blackjack game resumes as usual at the end of the Lucky LadiesTM take or pay procedure. Each player receives a maximum payout of $25,000 per hand.

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