Mahjong Exchange Game Strategies

Mahjong Exchange first came into the picture during the times of Qing dynasty. This is a favorite Eastern pastime that originated from China. Since it was invented, the game has always maintained its 144 characters and symbols. With the passage of time, quite some developers have tried to come up with different variations of this game. That is why there is a slight change in how you play the online casino game. Besides, different places and sites have come up their style of playing it. Nonetheless, when you look at it closely, you will not see any much difference. In fact, it even depends on whom you play.

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Ancient Game Turns Modern

When Microgaming decided to reinvent this game, it was certain that it would do radical changes. First, it was the idea of making it an online game. That of course was a great deal. Today, Play that ancient game whose primary aim is to determine which tile fits where. Select all the 34 tiles in any given round. What is more, when Microgaming remodeled this game, it looked like roulette. Because of this new change, there are numerous bets. All these bets can be made at a different time and have various odds and payouts. See that is why many of these characters resemble those on roulette.

Perhaps, the difference that comes into for with roulette is the gameplay. On Mahjong Exchange, there are varied options. This is not the case with ordinary roulette. But there is more.
In this game developed by Microgaming, a player has been given a degree of freedom. A player can change the results. It is possible to do so right before the winning choice is made known.

How To Choose Your Tile

Play the game on a game board. It is somehow similar to what you see on roulette. Additionally, there are a total of 34 tiles. All of the tiles face down. There are also two spots on the table game board. One is labeled 1 and another one labeled X.
Mahjong Exchange Game Strategies

Starting To Play

At the beginning of the game, the player drags a tile. The aim is for the player to ensure that the tile is dragged to spot ‘1’. Note that this is the last tile that will be revealed thus the winner!

After that, players are now allowed to place their bets. The bets offered are in the list below. Note that there are odds too:

• Single Tile Bet –a single tile that pays 33:1.
• Two-Tile Bet – a bet on two close tiles that pay 33:2.
• Tri Bet – covering three bets paying 11:1.
• Quad Bet – covering four spots in a square paying 33:4.
• Two Rows – two columns that are six spots paying 11:2.
• Columns – covers 11 spots on of out of three tiles paying 3:1.
• Suits – a portion of a column was paying 11:3.
• Honor – covers six honors paying 11:2.
• Major – covers six Major Icons paying 11:2.
• Minor – covering Minor spots or 21 tiles paying 11:7.
• Any Suit – covering Major and Minor spots (27 tiles) paying 11:9.

Whether you search for the roots of Mahjong Exchange or not, the new version is thrilling.Top



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