Mike Tyson Roulette Game Strategies

You have obviously at some point heard of the great fighter, Mike Tyson. He is well known for his conquests and victories in the ring. But did you know there is a real money roulette game name for him? Actually there is one by the name Mike Tyson Roulette. Mike Tyson Blackjack is already a knock out hit!

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1 Ignition Casino $2000 Review
2 Bovada Casino $2000 Review
3 Juicy Stakes $1000 Review
Mike Tyson roulette is a table game created by Inspired Gaming, and it includes slot and blackjack, just to mention a few. The game is an extension of the popular online casino version of table game roulette. It does come with added twists added to the original rules.

Some the online casino games features include the Knockout Bonus round and more special bets; there is a certain level of excitement that Mike Tyson Roulette adds to the original.

The Grand Entrance

This is made quite obvious when you first load the game is how out of this world the animations and graphics are. The cut scenes are very well done, and the game usually runs smoothly with zero glitches or lags.

It is very straightforward and simple to place bets on Mike Tyson Roulette. Those who have played roulette before having the upper hand. If you’re new to it, worry not because there are some videos to guide you.

The bottom line is you get to choose a number or number combinations and then spin the wheel. If the ball lands on any of the numbers you had selected, you get paid depending on the odds of the bet.

Betting can start with as low as $1.00 every turn and goes up to $100.00. The choice of how much and when to bet is entirely up to the player. They type of the numbers to bet on is also entirely up to you. Ultimately, everything about the game, how you play, how much you play for is up to the player.

Technical Training

Mike Tyson roulette offers a knockout bonus. With this bonus you can place a minimum bet of 1.00 and no more than 5.00. If the ball happens to land on Mike Tyson when it stops spinning, you get an exciting bonus round. In this case, the payout is about 500.00.

The bonus round will take you to a screen which has four punching bags, and they each have different payout amounts.
You are tasked to punch the bag with the aim of knocking off some of the smaller amounts and remain with one of the available two 500.00. Following every punch, you can choose to take the payouts that fell off if you aren’t so sure of making it to the next round.

Mike Tyson roulette also has special bets like neighbor bets, lucky dips, scatter bets, all in, perfect bets and innovative punch. These are all additional features. Each automatically places a bet on the board in variations, so you don’t have to go and physically place it every time.
Mike Tyson Roulette Game

Boxing Themed Slots

Even though Mike Tyson Roulette has a lot of interesting features, it cannot be for everyone. There are boxing-themed options for those who prefer online slots.

The boxing-themed slots are the Mike Tyson Knockout slot, which has five reels and 20 pay lines and has a lot of exciting features. Boxing Pro by game interactive has five reels and 15 pay lines.

Regardless of whether you love roulette or not, Mike Tyson Roulette is a game worth trying. Be sure to enjoy it!Top

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